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"HAHA, Public enemy of butthurt fannies. "


Wow. Where do I even start with this? I guess I'll take it quote by quote.

"Sorry, but gay people freak me out, the thought of two men kissing sickens me, just like bestiality or pedophilia (both of which are also found in nature)"

Ah yes. Twisting the nature argument to fit your world view is rather unbecoming. Whether something is natural or unnatural has no bearing on the ethics or the rights and wrongs within a modern democratic society wha... #70.2
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"If being gay is so normal u wouldn't need all these special events."

Works both ways. If being a gamer/trekker/brony is so normal, you wouldn't need all these conventions whatsoever.

I find this point of view interesting. You surely must give a bit of a damn if you're commenting on what you believe to be a flagrant display of homosexuality or else you would've never commented in the first place. I am not a fan of conventions in gen... #14.2
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The thing is with this guy is that he speaks his mind and he speaks to the fans, even the incredibly stupid ones. Be grateful that someone that has done some great things in the industry is sharing his opinion.

He is living the dream. Making the games that he wants to make and saying whatever he wants to say, regardless of the butthurt feelings that it might cause. #94
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Put it this way. If male fans of the My Little Pony show can have a conference or a "Bronycon"; what is the problem with gay gamers having a conference? Also, the article is mildly incendiary.

Quote from article: "Batman, Spiderman, Thor and The Hulk making out is not something I want to witness (or anyone should have to witness unless they want their childhood ruined), and I think the majority of gamers think this is too much as well."

S... #8
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Good job guys! All your responses to this "news" is delicious.

Embedded a video for y'all to see. #88
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Definitely shows the darker, seedier side of retro gaming and how anyone who is interested in collecting video games should be mindful of what they are getting themselves into.

Here's a link to the NeoGeo forum where the excrement has surely hit the fan.

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"A bigger boy told me to do it." is not an excuse. If you overprice your games, no-one will buy them and you will walk the merry road to bankruptcy. They have no-one to blame but themselves for the situation they currently find themselves in. #11.1.1
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What's worse is those fools took down Gamestation as well. As soon as Game took them over; gone were the days you could jump in and get a decent bargain and they began to over price for new games on launch day such as Fifa or COD. Why bother when you can get your launch game on launch day on Amazon cheaper than in retail stores? #11
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Okay. They are laying off SWTOR staff. The estimates of the development budget for the MMO is between $200-$300 million with marketing boosting it to up to $500 million. There is about a million subscribers, not counting all the various dead accounts that haven't been used. No matter how many people switch over to the Free2play model; there is no way that they will break even.

Yeah. It's not even a failure but an absolute catastrophe for EA. To deny this is to deny re... #7
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Money is tight now thanks to the economy. People just don't have the cash to buy games as much as they used to and will only wait for established games like GTA V or COD. #5
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To get a publisher like Square Enix on board is a big deal for Ouya. #4
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It isn't actually outwith the realms of possibility. XBL indie has got many clones of popular games like Minecraft and there is even a couple of Manic Miner clones as well. #2.2
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I wasn't very big on FF7 if I'm honest but I can understand why people really liked it because it was a game changer in terms of how JRPGS were represented. Whether or not that was a good thing is another story. #12
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"A legend is nothing but fiction. Someone tells it, someone else remembers, everybody passes it on."

Solid Snake

Considering that Solid Snake's name precedes him and he didn't buy into the mythos that surrounded his reputation; it's not that big of a stretch to surmise that Twin Snakes was an over exaggerated take on the events that took place. Hence, it can't be canon to the rest of the Metal Gear series since it's about a Solid... #39.1.1
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There is a reason why MGS: Twin Snakes is over the top. Does anyone remember this line Solid Snake said about himself "The reality is no match for the legend"? Twin Snakes was about the legend that surrounded the Shadow Moses incident and not the actual reality of what really took place. The over the top nature was supposed to reflect that but it seems that it went over a lot of people's heads when they played it. #39
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Game journalism is an utter fraud for a number of reasons. Video game companies see critics as outlets for their marketing schemes. They refuse to ask the tough questions, get caught up in the hype and give out sweetheart reviews to whatever game is being marketed on their collective websites. I agree with the sentiments of this blog, but gamers are also very much to blame for this practice. Large groups of gamers will defend a game to the death if it's not been rated as highly as they wo... #4
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I don't wish to sound like a numbnut but FF8 wasn't that good. The junction system was convoluted and you HAD to draw magic to get the best stats. Not to mention Triple Triad was utterly abysmal and the plot was complete hogwash. #3.3
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@liliyoyo The Fable series held great promise but was ultimately all hype and I'm including the entire series. ME3 was also all hype and the game isn't as good as it's claimed to be. FF13 had more than enough hype since it's the only next-gen FF to exist right now. Too Human was also hyped to be the next big thing but fell flat on it's face due to development problems, legal troubles with Epic etc. Enter the Matrix sold 5 million copies thanks to the hype surrounding the g... #6.3
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Really? How about the Fable series or Mass Effect 3? Modern Warfare 3? FF 13? Too Human? Enter the Matrix? Spore? How about that useless game Rise of the Robots if anyone remembers that?

God, that was horrendous. #6
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Hawken looks really interesting and there is also a controller in the prototype stage that is similar to the Steel Battalion controller. #3
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