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@christian hour "Games also did not take anywhere near as long to make back then either."

Indeed but they were working without the benefits of the current technology that is at the disposal of companies today. How is it that the PC architecture that's on both the XBONE and the PS4, that's supposed to make games easier to develop, has resulted in games being delayed and riddled with bugs?

"You talk about how the ps4's line up has no...

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Of course not. The Souls games are hard as nails, not to mention the various other flaws that the games have.

The bigger question is whether or not this is making the game more "casual" for commercial viability which is rarely a good thing. Companies have done the same thing with games like ME and DA which I personally felt didn't do the lore or the universes much justice.

This isn't a Souls game though. It's called Bloodborne and shoul...

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@mhunterjr "Not in 2015." In 2015, QTEs and letterboxing still happened in the Order and people on this forum "love" that game, claiming that it was unfairly criticized and it was "brilliant".

I think the reason why they don't bother with voice chat is to provide a safer space for younger children to actually play a game online without fear of being trolled or called names. That, and Nintendo have placed their priorities elsewhere.

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Dark Souls 2 was also universally praised, only for people to wake up and realise that the game had some flaws and issues and wasn't as good as DS1. From what I've heard from people who've had early releases of the game, I've heard some concerns about things that happen within the game.

I did see an ending of the game and I really don't wanna spoil it for anyone here though. I'll keep quiet until I actually can see the game for myself and draw my own c...

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Interesting blog Coolbeans. I will like to take up one of the points that you made on the question of "diminishing returns" though.

I believe that argument to be somewhat lacking in my estimation, due to the implied allusion that the video game industry is somehow completely incapable of pushing forward; that the technology has reached a point where they can't push past a certain level of interactivity or visual flair. Technology, I may remind you, that was push...

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It's been made easier. You'll probably be fine.

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Wow. Everyone seems to be in dreamland right now.

I wonder if you will all wake up when you complete the game?


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Heh. He must have got THAT ending.

Not gonna spoil it for you guys but it's one of the worst, if not the worst thing you can do to conclude a story.

I just can't wait for the salt.

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It's bad practice in my view to release a game if it's got issues.

I hope that it doesn't have anything more serious than 40 second load times like frame dips or glitches.

I don't like seeing games being released in a bad state like Ass Creed:Unity. Greatly dislike the franchise but the amount of detail that the level designers put into Paris is something to behold.

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Dude. It's Ryse for Sony. The people here at N4G took a big ol' dump on it for what it was and it deserved it. Now you don't like it when the shoe is on the other foot? C'mon son. I watched enough footage of it and checked with a number of sources to see whether this game is worth it or not. I base my opinions on whether I should purchase a product and I do my research and I frankly find the PS4 library much to be desired which is why I haven't purchased one.

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@frostypants "Oh? At which stage did you not refuse to accept mediocrity?"

I actually have been quite lucky when it comes to the games I choose to purchase. I can say with a hand on my heart that I rarely buy bad games. That said, Mass Effect 3 really killed me, as I was a massive fan of the series and a massive fan of the lore. As such, I refuse to buy games from Bioware or EA. I also refuse to buy games from companies who treat their consumers like cattle. I could...

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Graphics for me personally are secondary to a game. If a game has a compelling plot, good game mechanics and varied level design; I could live with that. It's fine and all that they may have started it out on the PS3 but is that why the game is so sub-par?

The game looks like it plays from 2008 and no amount of graphical polish can cover the amazingly convenient crouching height platforms were your protagonist can take cover in. Nor can it cover up any of the various weak...

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@averagejoe26 "Not really pathetic considering millions of people enjoyed (and are still enjoying) both of those games you mentioned."

They can't honestly be happy with their purchases. Destiny for instance was characterized as a sandbox MMO when in actuality; it was a dungeon crawler and not a very good one at that. Does anyone honestly think that if the developers were upfront about what the game would be about, that it would've sold as many copies as it d...

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It shows how empty headed some people are when they think that graphics are the be all and end all of what makes a game good.

Destiny, The Order and all those other games fell flat on their faces when they spent so much time on making the game look good rather than MAKE the game good.

It's kind of pathetic.

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It's simple. Say that it's a lot easier than the Souls series.

Having talked to some people who've gotten their hands on early copies, as well as seeing dropped frame rates on streams, as well as seeing the game make the worst mistake it can ever make when ending a story; it's safe to say that the Bloodborne game seems to be a lot easier or casualised to placate newcomers.

He/she will be fine.

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Put all their effort and resources in the wrong place. Should've put it in making a game and a compelling story rather than graphical fidelity.

I really don't get why you lot are happy with this when the end product was somewhat lacking.

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The Wii was an attempt to bring in an untapped market of people who wouldn't normally play videogames. There is no such thing as "casual" or "hardcore" games. It's whether or not that the the product in question is GOOD and Nintendo's output in that regard is usually pretty decent/high.

Got a decent PC and a XBone as well to complement the Wii U. It's not a bad console and it has it's perks.

3rd party games have been pr...

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Because this is an industry that is built upon perception rather than fact, run by businessmen who only care about numbers, not whether or not a product is good or not. So the key is to be PERCEIVED as good by being associated with the biggest sales numbers. Meaning that if your company (insert here) has no talent; you can BUY credibility to give the illusion that your product or your company is good by spending the most money.

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Because Nintendo's games are so very generic compared to all the others. /s

Let's Players who are only playing games for the money are not fans of videogames.

Y'all starting to sound like DSP.

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Well for me personally, what really bugged me were the zombies clipping in and out of the game world, ruining the immersion aspect of it. Not to mention the spawning points and the hit detection not being particularly accurate.

However, I must concede that I played the game for a few hours and perhaps all of those bugs have been fixed. It's just that I dislike games that are released early access and don't work well.

If you're having a good time ...

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