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"HAHA, Public enemy of butthurt fannies. "


After a year of asceticism, I now stand upon the beach looking out to a never-ending horizon of sea, reflecting the moonlight and my dreams of a better tomorrow. I feel the wind caress my worn skin, I think of the past and I gently whisper something that comes out of my heart.

"Emma Chambers is my waifu." #3
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The Fine Young Capitalists situation is truly shocking. What I find even more reprehensible is the whole hacking and doxing of these people who were trying to raise money for charity by getting women to submit ideas. Targeting a charity is really below the belt at this point and it truly shows up the hypocrisy of gaming journalism by refusing to cover the hacks and giving no coverage to those fellas is a dereliction of duty on their part.

When 4chan is in the right about some... #9.1.1
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I hate to admit it but I had no idea about this Zoe Quinn debacle until a couple of days ago and I find it another sad footnote on the history of the gaming industry at large, due to the quelling of dissent over so many forums that even 4chan, once the dookiehole of the internet, is censoring anything to do with it.

However, due to the incendiary ramblings that have been shown by willful members on various forums like Gamespot, Reddit, IGN etc; there can never and will never... #9
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Oh definitely not. There is a myriad of reasons why the 3rd parties don't like playing ball with Nintendo. You could say that the NES era and their control of cartridges probably put them on bad terms with the 3rd parties, not to mention the limitations of using cartridges for the N64 etc.

But those are tales for another time. #3.7.1
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"The first thing people claim is half-hearted attempts, but Tekken Tag Tournament 2, The Lego Games, Sonic Lost World, Need for Speed Most Wanted, Rayman Legends, The Wonderful 101, Sonic All Stars, Darksiders 2, and more are all great games yet they're sales don't reflect that."

Need for Speed, Sonic All Stars, Tekken Tag Tournament and the Lego games were available on other platforms before they were on the Wii U. Darksiders 2 is a sequel to a game series... #3.4.2
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If your job told you, you would only be paid 10% - 25% of your normal pay, you wouldn't want to stay either if you had more successful options available to you."

Breaking off content and starting a bidding war between two competitors who are desperate to show some level of difference for consoles who have the exact same multi-platform games? I guess that makes far more sense doing that than making new IPs!

"The simple fact is a large number of N... #3.3.1
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Okay. It's time to have the talk now. I have explained this a million times to gamers who can't seem to grasp why the 3rd parties continually half-ass their games and/or refuse to work with Nintendo and it's because it doesn't matter what Nintendo do. It wouldn't matter if they had the most powerful console on the marketplace or have the best online experience or have the best features because the 3rd parties won't work with them.

The pathetic truth o... #3
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"This E3 was a let-down for me. Perhaps we're still in the first-year-of-the-new-gen-dold rums, but it was the first time in a while where I found it hard to get excited, especially after last year's E3 with the skyrocketing hype and drama."

Last year's E3 was an utter waste. All Sony needed to do was say that they weren't going to do what Microsoft are doing and that's really it. They showed some neat concepts like the Media Molocule thing with... #12
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"Very fanboy-ish BS comment.
Wii U is the only 'real' console? Lol. In 2015, I'll be buying it, but the PS4 and XBO are consoles, no matter how you slice and dice it, the fastest selling at that."

Fastest selling? The Wii sold 3.8 million in a month while the PS4 has sold about 7 million as of April 2014 according to the PS4 Wiki article. The idea that the PS4 or XBone are the fastest selling ever is utterly balderdash. Fastest selling after 24 h... #7.1.1
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Having watched the big 3 with their presentations; I was immediately struck by how Sony and Microsoft kept rolling out multi-plats, claiming exclusive betas, DLC etc and I thought to myself; exclusive DLC? Is that the most we can hope for now?

I'm a bit of a cynic. I bought a Wii U because the PS4 and XBone were so underwhelming and the games that they have on offer can be got on the PC.

Frankly, I'm also a PC elitist and the games that are shown on... #7
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That's so true. To the Moon was such an impressive title to me because it did try to tell a story that was different and unique compared to the slew of lackluster games that have come about. I've not checked out Gemini Rue but I will have to eventually. Unfortunately I have the biggest backlog of games right now that I can barely make time for myself.

One thing that has struck me about story telling in games is the core problem of ludonarrative dissonance. An example... #8.1.1
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I guess people define "next-gen" differently than others. For me personally; story is far more important for "next-gen" than graphics will ever be. I believe that gaming in terms of storytelling has stagnated to a point where the games that are currently on hold until 2015 are so generic that it's impossible to get excited for the same old story. There is hardly a compelling narrative that is interesting enough for me to be engaged in the hyperbole whatsoever.
... #8
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The mobile market is huge in Asia and Nintendo's handhelds sell very well because it's more convenient to play on the go rather than play on a console. Not that I'm saying that the consoles that have been released there are terrible but perhaps Japan have fallen out of love with consoles?

Just a thought. #2.6
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"Your post basically attacks people for not liking Nintendo's style of games quite enough for them to want to lay down several hundred pounds for the privilege. At least in comparison to spending their money elsewhere."

Thank you for clearing that up. I was wondering to myself in what planet or parallel universe does someone live where a console, never mind a Nintendo console, would cost that much. However, I sincerely doubt that anyone would spend that much mon... #5.2.2
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@Shadowsteal "Everyone from 15+ is playing games like Bioshock, Call of Duty, GTA, Assassin's Creed, etc. It's not about graphics, nobody wants Mario anymore(Besides Smash and Kart). Beyond the nostolgics that is. And honestly, LittlebigPlanet innovated where Mario couldn't in 30 years."

Bioshock, Call of Duty, Ass Creed are laughable excuses for franchises. Bioshock is completely overrated and doesn't deserve half of the acclaim that it got while C... #5.1.2
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I don't even know where to start with this. You come out with gobbledegook math without even taking into account the different trends that occurred during the times when the consoles released. The NES for instance released in a time where the only clear rivals to Nintendo was the home computer market of Commodore 64 and the rest of the personal computer market. Nintendo were the only horse in town for the longest time until the Sega Mega Drive decided to make it's appearance and Ninte... #5
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Garbage. It's all generic garbage that keeps getting new sequels.

Utter garbage. #12
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I have a bit of a different slant on this. The reason why there is no gay marriage option in Tomodachi is simply because of the market for where it's going for. Take the example of Vivian from Super Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door for instance. In the Japanese version, Vivian is depicted as a male who identifies in being female. When the game made the crossover to North America, all remarks, quips or jokes about Vivian's gender were removed completely with the possible (plausible?... #5
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The difference between Nintendo's IPs and Sony's IPs is that Nintendo's IPs are the core of their business model and usually the sole driving force behind the selling of their consoles since the 3rd parties can't deign to support a "weaker" console.

Not to mention that they at least attempt to try bold things with those IPs and experiment new ways of play. There are massive gameplay differences between Mario 64 to Super Mario Galaxy for instance whi... #14.1
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The thing with game development is that according to the numbers is that costs are sky-rocketing. For instance, Halo: Combat Evolved that was released in 2001 was made by a team of only 42 people while Bungie's next release Destiny is being made by a team of 450. That shows that teams of people are struggling to keep up with the continual improvement of the latest technology. And everyone wants to add VR into the mix as well?

Okay. We'll see what happens. #4.2.1
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