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"HAHA, Public enemy of butthurt fannies. "


EA's share price has plummeted from the good ol' days of 2009.

The good ol' days are gone and EA should think twice if they think that they are too big to fail. #16
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If I may be so inclined to butt in at this moment; FPS shooters on the PC were a huge factor in allowing Microsoft to enter the console market. Now here me out. Back in the good old days, there used to be quite a lot of LAN parties were people would participate in playing Doom, Unreal, Quake etc, Microsoft probably saw a demographic that could be swayed if it offered a similar experience on a console. #8.2.1
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N4G should just ban Pachter articles on this site. His predictions are either slip-shod at best or embarrassingly wrong. #9
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What's this? Sequels to established franchises are not selling millions as expected on a new console without an established userbase or a userbase that has already bought them for different consoles?

Colour me surprised./s

A game that is a sequel to an established franchise shouldn't be expected to sell millions to a fanbase that never had them in the first place. That's a load of frittata. #32
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I looked at the list and while it's from the writer's own personal opinion; I cordially disagree with it. In terms of scale, in terms of ambition, in terms of the things that you could do that I wrote in my previous comment; Daggerfall easily curbstomps the competition in terms of content. Granted, it's probably one of the more unstable of the Elder Scrolls games, but it's certainly not the worse. That dubious honour should go to Battlespire or Redguard, even though they are a... #2.1.2
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It's gotta be Daggerfall for me. In Oblivion, there are about five factions/guilds you can join. In Daggerfall, there are a lot. There are about ten seperate knight orders in Daggerfall and that's just one guild. Not to mention various other political factions, vampire bloodlines, temples, witch covens etc.

Not to mention you can turn into a vampire, a werewolf and a werehog. You could also own houses (which you can have the option to protect from burglary), a horse,... #2
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"Nintendo gets a free pass because that's Nintendo and they are everyone's little darling who could do no wrong."

I've seen plenty of anti-Nintendo articles from various news outlets over the years.

You should check out NeoGaf. They really love Nintendo over there. #1.6.1
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I think it's interesting. I'm fairly sure that the youth of today don't use the word "nigga" more than the word hello. I think that's a slightly preposterous argument to make, as I'm fairly sure that youth these days don't go to everybody and scream it out in active conversation. Also, from what I've watched of Tiny Tina on youtube, I've yet to find any racial slurs; only common slang used in the hip-hop community and white people have every right to... #4.2.1
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In what way? Language is constantly evolving and new words are made everyday and it doesn't belong to any particular race. The problem that people seem to have these days are things that don't agree with their worldview and they bitch about it as if they are going to change it. I'm sure many impressionable 13 year olds use the terms that Tiny Tina uses everyday like "krunk" or "badonkadonk" or "gazongas".

People force their worldview... #4.1.1
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Did Tiny Tim wear a KKK hood and drop N-Bombs? Never played the game tbh, but if she's only using slang that is now common in modern-day culture; it's not racist.

Hell, even I use the word badonkadonk sometimes.

I am not ashamed. Shame is for the weak. #4
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In all honesty, I'm not surprised. It's a damn shame because there is some seriously great content on it.

Epic Dungeon, EvilQuest, Super Amazing Wagon Adventure, I MAED A GAEM WITH ZOMB1ES 1N 1T, Aban Hawkins and the Thousand Spikes, A Hard Game Without Zombies, Akane the Kunochi, Apple Jack 1 and 2, All The Bad Things, the Arkedo Series, Amphilion 1 and 2, Bird Assassin, Brand, Breath of Death VII The Beginning, DLC Quest, Clover: A Curious Tale, Cthulhu Saves the Wo... #6
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I would love for Sony to put backwards compatibility in for the PS4 but I just don't see it being a viable option unless they can come out with a clever, cost-effective way of doing it. Unless they somehow squeeze in some sort of Cell emulation device or Gaikai has figured out how to make the cloud accessible to everyone.

One more concern I have would be the inception of RFID chips on game discs and if Sony are interested in going that route to kill off the used game mar... #1.1
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Just a genuine inquiry. Are you a fan of Playstation Plus? The incentive of offering free games for the price of a subscription fee is quite good, but wouldn't you need to keep paying a subscription fee to play said "free" games?

Is that a far more acceptable practice than what Microsoft are doing? Just want to hear your thoughts about it.

Also, cross-game chat has completely ruined the XBL community. Nobody talks anymore on Battlefield 3 or H... #11.2
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Their anxiety causes them to see only what they want to see and believe only what they wish to believe.

They are afraid of an emergent form of media stealing what's left of their audience.

I can't blame them. #5
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Nintendo has it's problems but they are a company that has withstood the worst. The third parties don't want to deal with Nintendo, and haven't since the SNES days.

Not to mention that with companies' collective share prices plummeting to all time lows; 3rd parties will naturally gravitate towards the PS4 and the 720, due to the bigger possible investment from shareholders who believe that the videogame bubble hasn't burst.

2013 will be a... #15
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Apparently they need to sell 5 million copies of Dead Space 3 for the company to survive. They are using these microtransactions to get as much money as they can because that sales number is nigh on impossible for Dead Space 3 to reach. #2
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Your anxiety causes you to see only what you want to see and believe only what you wish to believe. #6
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I played the demo and I liked it.

However, I understand why fans would be a bit miffed by the whole thing. Having seen a good number of franchises that I've loved crash and burn last year, I know that feeling too well but I will wait until I play the full game before I make any pronouncements. #21
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Might be a huge difference, but let's be real here. If games are going to be made with 4K support in mind, it'll be an extra add-on that isn't needed. How about having console games that can run 60 fps first? Because from what I've seen in this HD generation of consoles are unacceptable frame-rates on 720p. These tellies might be nice in the future when they are far cheaper, but I'd rather have decent graphics with decent frame-rate to be honest. #4.4.1
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Is it worth $25,000?

The new 84-inch Sony XBR-84X900 Bravia 4k television is going to cost that much and I've seen people on speculation threads claiming that both Microsoft and Sony need to have 4k support in their new consoles.

It'll only jack up the price for the new consoles and I don't think it's worth it.

Would be nice on PC I guess because that's where all the innovation is. #4.3.1
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