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@MoveTheGlow "Nintendo (a company who designed a console so risk-averse that even its title is nigh indistinguishable from its money-printing predecessor) failed to make a console distinguishable from one released in 2006."

Hold on a second here. Companies market brands that sell. If Nintendo are so "risk-averse" for naming their console after their previous iteration; what exactly does that make Sony and Microsoft? Think about it for a moment. The Playsta...

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Man. Everybody is a crybaby these days.

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Haha. This has been an entertaining blog. It attracted the responses that I thought it would.

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It may look good but does it play better than Fifa? If it can beat Fifa in the graphics department; then I would like to see some gameplay footage to show that it can beat Fifa in the gameplay department.

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I chose the synthesis ending because it was the only option to save everybody and stop the cycle. I was aware of the trans-humanist theme running through it but I chose it anyway because the other options were just as terrible. You choose the blue ending and you take on the role of the benevolent dictator. You choose the red ending and you destroy the Geth if you haven't already destroyed them.

Ultimately, all the endings are evil.

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I'm glad that the IT isn't true. It was probably the biggest rationalisation in gaming history. Don't get me wrong. I think that the IT was more coherent than the original endings but that's because the original endings were so badly written; even an extended cut couldn't salvage it because the premise of the entire situation is so weak.

I just found it sadder that a lot of the ME fanbase would've preferred if what took place was just a prolonged hall...

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This is sad. Just really sad.

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That Futurama one is actually amazing.

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No they didn't. Gamers caused the decline of traditional games. Their lust for realistic, violent, "mature" video games caused the decline of traditional games. Nintendo are merely trying to survive since the "hardcore" ditched them in the Gamecube era.

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You know I would just love it if there wasn't so many stupid things like this happening in gaming. We're only in March and already there have been so many controversial events that have happened. Let me make a small list.

1. Rayman Legends being postponed on the Wii U despite being finished.
2. Pachter's 240 fps comment.
3. The Aliens: Colonial Marines debacle.
4. Microtransactions in all EA games.
5. Nader saying that video gam...

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Uh. Just a small problem with your metaphor. Comparing Sony to the Wizard of Oz isn't the most flattering comparison because near the end of the film; the Wizard of Oz is exposed as an old man with no real magical powers.

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Art is a tricky thing to define. For me personally; the audience is just as important as the artist. The MOMA in New York City recently had 14 video games in an exhibit.

The audience in gaming has yet to mature but it will eventually.

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I'm glad that both you and DK have covered the topic in question. I'm finding that reading the blog posts on N4G are more interesting and well-written than most game sites.

On topic: entitlement is a bit of a strange thing. The Bayonetta 2 controversy for instance screamed "entitlement" due to the outrage from gamers against Nintendo and Platinum Games. On the subject of DLC however; I can understand why gamers would be perturbed by EA's plans. DLC is u...

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Man. I can just feel the absolute rage from this.

Good job DK.

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I agree to an extent about Rayman being held back for a simultaneous release but it's a problem. The first month of sales is the most important for any game. If the first month is disappointing; the games will be cut in price while stores try to clear inventory and the publishers/developers are screwed. That's a problem for most games.

Releasing in a launch window when GTA V and various other games that are going to be released is suicidal. Rayman Legends looks great ...

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The Rayman debacle doesn't make any sense whatsoever. They've got a finished Wii U game in a warehouse somewhere scheduled for release in February, a bare month for gaming in general and they postpone it to run concurrently with the releases on the 360&PS3? IN SEPTEMBER!?

Choosing to go against the plethora of titles that are coming out for the Wii U in the near future is a stupid move. Choosing to go against a behemoth like GTA V is probably the worst mismatch s...

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I'm sure that Nintendo would love to have a game like Crysis on their console. Perhaps EA didn't like Nintendo's terms or EA just doesn't want to invest in a console like the Wii U?

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"There's no hard evidence to suggest that EA is adopting a "pay-to-win" model."

I have embedded a video that proves that EA are exploring the idea of a "pay-to-win" model.

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They haven't had support since the SNES days. And yet here they are. They are still here. If Nintendo ever do decide to cease making consoles; it will be a sad day for gaming.

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This is a portion of a speech EA CEO John Riccitiello gave at a stockholder's meeting, in which he talks about Microtransactions and how effective they are in getting money from gamers. The fella also added in the Emperor's theme for comic effect.

Here's the link.


Try also searching for ea john riccitiell...

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