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"HAHA, Public enemy of butthurt fannies. "


Platinum subscription will be PS+ with no ads with more games, more deals etc. #7
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Nope. The Wii U isn't dead. The thing that people tend to forget is that you should never ever write off Nintendo. People did when the Nintendo Wii was released. They did when the DS was released. They did when the 3DS was released. The Wii U isn't meant to challenge Sony or Microsoft as they can't be direct competitors against conglomerates.

They are the only company of the big 3 who exclusively make games and hardware while the other 2 have various other busine... #16
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Oh c'mon guys. Didn't Aliens:Colonial Marines teach you anything? You're all setting yourself up for a fall. #59
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I'm not special? T_T

***High 5*** #2.1
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The games shown at E3? Oh boy. I think that Konami will show off their Fox Engine since they were conspicuous by their absence. They've actually not been around for most of this gen since most of their resources seem to be tied into making their own in-house engine.

While other companies have announced their own in-house engines for the next-gen like Epic with their latest Unreal iteration, Capcom with the Panca Rhei and Square-Enix with their Luminous Engine; I believe t... #1.1.1
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The thing that I tried to do was to base my simple predictions on the various rumours that ranged from the absurd to the downright obvious with some concrete sources. I merely only wished to show that with some solid research; any gamer is better at gauging what to expect in the future than Pachter. I wish I was a little clearer on that part and I apologise profusely. I was incandescent with rage when I read Pachter's 240 fps comment that I lost my mind and failed to properly convey my di... #1.2
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People are simple selfish beings who worship corporations instead of seeing the state of things because it's beyond their rationale. Intellectual discourse on the internet is impossible because people are not accountable for what they say. Not saying that people should post everything about themselves online but people can't and won't take responsibilities for the ideas that they wish to spread. They would rather stick with their echo chambers that they've become so well-accus... #2
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If the demo is truly representative of the Wii U; there would have to be questions asked of why the other consoles/PC versions were so derivative.

I sincerely doubt the veracity of this rumour. However if it is true, it'll be bigger than the Mass Effect 3 scandal because a number of gamers unknowingly bought a derivative product and expected the demo footage to at least be representative of the product they were buying. #19
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Hmm. On the subject of racism, I believe that it "could" end but I don't think it will. The issue with racism is that it's a fantasy since it's a belief that you're superior to someone while the difference is literally speaking skin deep.

Sexism will never end. Testosterone fuels males to be aggressive by nature and that puts women at a disadvantage. Men have power and they don't want women to have it because they already have it. People don'... #20
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Once the multiplayer first person shooter bubble bursts; there will be a lot of pain. It's just a shame that most of the industry had decided to follow this formula. #7
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Really? I haven't really seen many insults from the writer of this blog. Only some spirited debate from either side of the fence which is good. The blogs this month have been quite high-quality recently.

I hope it continues. #3.1.1
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Man, I loved playing Blood. #7
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I slightly disagree on 10k Wii U flocking to buy Rayman Legends because it's not like Nintendo won't have titles out as well when September comes around. Would people flock to Rayman or a previously established franchise on the Wii U? Rayman was already a niche title and to release it during the September season is absolute madness to me.

Don't get me wrong. Rayman Legends looks great but it looked a lot better when there wasn't any other titles stealing the s... #5.1.1
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Legends would've had a better chance of selling more on February than it has in September. Going head to head with GTA V is suicide and the numbers will reflect that Rayman Legends will have died a peasant's death. #5
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I believe that there was deception involved here.

There have been two notable cases recently where companies have transferred resources to work on other projects. Silicon Knights for instance were transferring resources to work on a Eternal Darkness 2 demo while they were working on XMen Destiny; as well as deliberately misleading Activision by showing off assets of the game like character models, levels etc.

Another would be Pandemic who were accused of tran... #12.1
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Wow. This was really well-written. Actually, most of the blogs have been a joy to read for me. It's good that there are some really good writers on N4G.

On topic of this whole next-gen thing, I believe it will be a generation of change. Some of it good. Some of it horrible. I can see a lot of companies falling to the wayside because the signs are all around. The amount of closures that this generation has had to deal with, all of the big 3 posting losses; it will be inte... #3
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Hmm. I will believe it when I see it. I could imagine it being a part of PS + but I have some misgivings when it comes to cloud gaming and whether or not it's feasible to do it. Not mentioning the problem of internet bandwidth and latency when it comes to cloud gaming; there would have to be a clever, cost-effective way of doing it.

I will be most interested to see what they have in store on the 20th. #10
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Explain Hicks. Aliens 3's opening credits show him dead, impaled by a loose support beam. Who was the impaled guy? Why would Weyland capture him on the Sulaco and torture Hicks? Actually, the Sulaco was reported to be in orbit of Fury 161 in Alien 3; so why was it orbiting LV-256? What information were they hoping to gather from Hicks? What information could he possibly have that would be of use to the Weyland corporation? If he was a witness, why not just kill him? Also, why did Cruz be... #3.1.2
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Y'know. I can deal with bad, even terrible graphics if the game has something about it. However, when you mess with the canon of an established franchise, it's far more insulting and horrible.

I won't tell you all the ending but it's really terrible and doesn't make any sense. #3
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Microsoft's botched launch of Windows 8 and the consequences of attempting to follow Apple's business model of gaining money via the Windows 8 app store has/will result in a loss of consumer/designer confidence. It will be interesting to see what they come up with but the game has changed. All of the big three are going to have trouble reaching out and appeal to gamers unless they bring something genuinely new to the table. The good ol' days are gone and they have been for a long... #4.1.1
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