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Okay, so the tactic of telling her she could use it to finish until dawn on the loo and genuinely scare the **** out of herself hasn't worked... Suggestions anyone?

Edit: has made her realise she hasn't finished Until Dawn however, thankfully I have that bedroom ps4 as she's further ahead than I am and I don't want spoilers #1.4.2
Kind of makes me wish I didn't already have a second ps4 for the bedroom. I did get it crazy cheap though due to an Amazon error.

Hmm, wonder if I can convince the wife that the bathroom absolutely needs a ps4. #1.4.1
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I put several users on ignore recently, really cleans up comment sections.

Mods, a suggestion for the new site, please allow us to filter out stories submitted by certain users. This would allow us greater customisation of our news feeds. Apologies if that already exists, haven't seen it myself. #84.1
I think you'll find a lot agree with you. Personally I think it's brave in the current industry climate to admit you need more time and then take it.

So many games could do with just that little bit more polish. Instead they're rushed to meet publisher projections and deadlines. #47.1
Exactly, was only discussing this with my wife last night. We went in to the order knowing what to expect, but many weren't happy with the style. I think with a few tweaks to give it more mass market appeal that 1887 could be an excellent continuation and succeed commercially. We shouldn't forget that while it faired much better in reviews (almost overwhelmingly positive), and I personally loved it, the original uncharted wasn't seen as anything like as phenomenonal as number 2.... #5.2
I don't think he likes developing for multiple platforms, it's why he stated that mgsv wouldn't look as good as people were expecting based on previous entries in the series. #3.1.2
Indeed, and I am, I'm still catching up with the great games released year round.

Got bloodborne true ending and now dlc, until dawn, last bit of uncharted 3, loads to do on lbp3, driveclub bikes, everybody's gone to the rapture, helldivers, rocket league, plus things like phantom pain to finish, arkham knight riddler trophies and the witcher 3 to get back to.

Both machines have content, one is just a bit more condensed calendar wise. #17.1
I have a feeling that it was bumped up their priorities as Ms need to keep the Minecraft ball rolling as fast and lucrutively as possible.

I agree though Wolf among us 2 please! #2.3
I looked at it exactly the same way when I got a bedroom ps4. The fact that I got the crazy amazon deal where they accidentally applied 5 deals at once was a big win. Took a month for it to arrive and I was utterly convinced it would get cancelled.

Still, a ps4 for £50? A deal so good my wife didn't even mention the fact we had no tv in the bedroom... #6.1
"You think "purely of semantics" weakens my argument, when my point is about the meaning of the word sport (aka semantics)"

And you are reaching beyond the accepted, standard definition of the word in order to do so. I mentioned the concept of you focusing "purely on semantics" as you failed to provide any counter evidence to the physical exertion aspect of the original definition, rather choosing to omit it.

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Just going to leave that there...

Competitive gaming may be gaining in popularity and prize money, but its coverage is dependent on it being entertainment not a sport. Now before you counter with the argument that sport is entertainment, it is, but the physical exertion is what the general populace - in addition to many dictionaries - deem an integral part of w... #6.2
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You can't defile an empty coffin...

They might Batman him. #14
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I disagree with the practice of removing story content from the main narrative to sell as dlc. However, Left Behind shows how it should be done. It enriches and expands upon the original events, yet if it were included in the initial release it would have disrupted the pacing.

Getting it later allowed us to play it and get more appreciation for what Ellie went through to keep Joel safe, reinforcing what we knew about the bond they developed.

After Left Behin... #8.2
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6m ago... Someone doesn't read even the update box.

On topic, 10m unique players is pretty good, though player retention data would be more useful in analysing the potential success of a sequel. #34.1.1
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Having just finished the remaster this week, I feel that the gameplay textures were improved which is impressive given how good it looked already. Whether that was down to resolution or actual upgrade I'm not sure. The major flaw with it and something made even more apparent because of the new coat of paint was that the cutscenes seem to have been pulled from a ps3 retail disc. It's weird to get a cutscene that looks worse than gameplay.

Still, enjoyed it immensely. #2.1.1
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I was glitch free for hours until I ran into a problem this week. Vernon Roche won't speak, cutting me dead on the main storyline. Hoping it's fixed in 1.08 as I'm running out of secondary quests.

Still an amazing game though. #4
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My wife and I often both play these types of games. I play them first alone, then she plays and I watch. It's interesting to see the difference in our choices. Walking Dead season 2 wound up quite different, though she got so involved in that she finished it before I did. We just wish that The Wolf Among us 2 wasn't so far away. #11.1
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Certainly looks like it. The Order was Heavy Rain inspired too, it was just marketed badly as people went in expecting Victorian Uncharted. Personally, though I know many didn't, I very much enjoyed The Order and would love Santa Monica to do 1887, with some Naughty Dogs lending some shootout support.

Preordered Until Dawn as soon as it was shown, been waiting a long time... #5.3.1
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Exactly, genuine thought and pacing put in to them. It's why the witcher is fighting bloodborne for my goty so far.

I'm excited by the prospect of Guerilla hiring Witcher quest designers for Horizon too. #1.1.1
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I'd say wherever you preordered from hadn't changed their date, the film and as a result, game, we're delayed months ago.

Shame as I'm looking forward to both. #4.1
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