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Not exactly, the 360 didn't have Blu-Ray, it had a lesser, in terms of capacity, storage medium (I'm not going to get in to the CAV vs CLV argument here); the PS4 could well offer dedicated servers to Titanfall 2, just not called Azure.

In this instance the technology is the same, though the name differs; in your example the core technology that underpins the argument is incomparable. #5.4.1
" What a gazebo."

Love it, though it may have something to do with the fact that I'm utterly Panini'd. #30.1
Exactly, exclusives are great, the reason I've owned PS consoles since the start and bought an original Xbox on the promise of such titles as BC (never released) and Fable (1st was okay).

Personally, I'd love to have a go on Sunset Overdrive, but one title I'm interested in is not enough to justify a new console purchase; so I'd love that title to come to PS4 or PC. #8.1.3
Meanwhile, outside of that self-obsessed, self-congratulatory sphere people mistakenly see as 'representative' and rather hilariously refer to as 'games journalism'; I and many others enjoyed The Order, are looking forward to Bloodborne and pre-ordered Uncharted 4 the instant it became available.

A serious rethink of the nature of games coverage and ad related incentivisation is in order methinks, lest the industry collapse under the weight of its own inflated... #6.1
Never go full... ah, I don't need to finish it; I'm sure you've been told before. #5.2
I have my ps4 and love it, I had an xbox original and sold it, never had a 360; but the sunset overdrive white xbox one, evolve and twenty pound store credit? If I wasn't expecting my first child within days I think I'd have hit checkout instead of just add to basket.

Big fan of playstation here, but that's cheap. #3
Bayonetta 2 probably, but Mario kart and Super Smash are now up to far too many iterations to have the wow factor. I'm not saying they aren't solid titles, but we certainly know what to expect from them. #2.2.1
I hope the order does well enough to get a sequel, the venom spewed at it is rather excessive. It's a decent title if you go in expecting cinematic, scripted sequences punctuated by action segments.

In terms of the rumours about Sony potentially buying Ready at Dawn if the order is successful, I say buy them regardless. Imagine a few RaD employees moving over their skills, cloth work and rendering pipelines to the ICE team. Yes please. #11.3
Exactly, I think it highly unlikely that developers around the globe are going to replicate this type of experience in light of the over zealous scrutiny that the order has faced.

At home we're taking turns and making sure neither of us sees anything new or gets too far ahead of the other.

Interesting that you should mention heavy rain, as it was exactly the title I thought of within 30 seconds of starting the order. It also happens to be one of the few... #10.1.1
Currently reading up on news while my wife has her turn on the order. I can see why many don't like the cinematic style storytelling that's punctuated with action scenes, but personally we're very much enjoying it. As far as I can see, it has its place and without a variety of approaches and genres the industry would suffer.

As I have said, I can see why many gamers nowadays don't enjoy this type of title, but personally I say well done RaD and get cracking o... #10
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That makes it sound like you're uncomfortable with playing games on it. You sound like the kind of consumer they want.

I don't have one, I'll be upfront about that, but if I did I'd feel comfortable putting Sunset Overdrive in. #11.1
Dlacy, your comment immediately made me think of this... #3.2
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Missed opportunity, not for a good game but to call it Rampant Rabbits. #4
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Such a good game, signed could only be even better! #139
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They obviously couldn't resist riding the coat tales of many's game of the generation. #6.1
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it's the Bolivian Navy on manoeuvres in the South Pacific! #7.1
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Those kicks were a good half second behind lightning?

I agree however that it was a little bit frightening.. #11.1
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Why is God throwing desiccated coconut on the player? #14
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Since that option cost far more than the alternative perhaps? #9.1.1
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I recently had the native vs upscaled discussion with a friend and he has bought in to the MS it's the same bull.

I made him a glass of squash (cordial) that was half full and asked it was okay. He tasted it and informed me it was good, i immediately took it back and filled the remaining half with water. when he asked what the f**k I was doing I promptly told him that I'd upscaled it, but not to worry because it's the same right?

"of course i... #1.1.6
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