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Such a good game, signed could only be even better! #139
They obviously couldn't resist riding the coat tales of many's game of the generation. #6.1
it's the Bolivian Navy on manoeuvres in the South Pacific! #7.1
Those kicks were a good half second behind lightning?

I agree however that it was a little bit frightening.. #11.1
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Why is God throwing desiccated coconut on the player? #14
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Since that option cost far more than the alternative perhaps? #9.1.1
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I recently had the native vs upscaled discussion with a friend and he has bought in to the MS it's the same bull.

I made him a glass of squash (cordial) that was half full and asked it was okay. He tasted it and informed me it was good, i immediately took it back and filled the remaining half with water. when he asked what the f**k I was doing I promptly told him that I'd upscaled it, but not to worry because it's the same right?

"of course i... #1.1.6
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Not going to disagree if that's your experience, but out of interest, what was a pain to set up?

I have eyepet and also wonderbook and all I ever do is plonk the camera in front of the tv and put the disc in. #3.1.2
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Oh, shame I don't know what zbrush is, I guess I better uninstall it then. I only dabble, my work isn't great, which ironically serves to illustrate my point.

Anyway, bubbles gone. Goodnight. #3.3.5
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saying I don't want to talk about it is an interesting way to sum up that your comment is largely the same as the previous one and therefore largely redundant

"any one can pull off that kind of art now, that is my point."

I'm going to give everyone in the world 2 pieces of paper, 2 sets of colouring pencils and the exact same paint.

Everyone in the world is going to produce work of the same standard are they? Oh and I was ta... #3.3.3
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Something to beat CoD? Do you mean quality? Done.

Or do you mean sales, which are no yard stick when it comes to enjoyment, quality and would only be bragged about by production companies and people desperate to justify their choice or preference.

If you truly wanted naughty dog to be better than CoD, you'd know it happened with Crash Bandicoot.

Saying anyone can pull off the last of us, even the wiiu, misses the point entirely. It was ar... #3.3.1
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Indeed, I looked at my shopto preorders until years end and it's over £800; and £100+ of that is ps3 stuff, so I for one am glad that the quality titles will constantly trickle in rather than all at once like some kind of 'sorry for forgetting you for 3 years but we still value you' salvo. #5.3.1
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Well, even though you were trying to be subtle by using rise and not ryse, 15 people at present (and Rysing) have detected your agenda.

Personally I thought you covered immature and irrelevant comment it up quite well.

Wait a second... #3.1
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Dry ice...

I agree with you, you just made me think of Howard Fox Bummer Moon. #6.1
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This game was ace, but the sequel and that pissing hole, was not. #7
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which I imagine they take a tax deduction for, a deduction on taxes they don't even pay.

Not saying one corporation is better than another in this respect, but not paying your taxes negates the generosity you're highlighting. #2.4.2
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And I thought Jesus could cure blindness... #7.1.2
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Good for you, this isn't what I've done. I've played on Kinect and was unimpressed as it failed to meet even basic standards of controllability, much less than was advertised too.

Now the revised version comes out, with loftier promises and is shown to suffer the same faults. Personally, I think that using the first system and seeing its faults replicated in the revision does not warrant a forced expenditure, but hey I have the capacity to analyse and not make sn... #11.1.2
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I was positive about the Fifa bundle, that's added value, but we're supposed to believe this technology is worth $100-$150 that keeps getting thrown at us?

What's the finishing move, a fit? #11
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Not all, just the same type of fan that MS has that do the same on other articles.

The news isn't the problem, the people are.

I am not impressed by MS or their offerings since i traded my original Xbox, doesn't mean I can't say that this is a previously unexpected plus to people who will purchase.

Please don't group all fans together, it makes you little better than those you seem to be frustrated by. #17.1
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