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My wife and I often both play these types of games. I play them first alone, then she plays and I watch. It's interesting to see the difference in our choices. Walking Dead season 2 wound up quite different, though she got so involved in that she finished it before I did. We just wish that The Wolf Among us 2 wasn't so far away. #11.1
Certainly looks like it. The Order was Heavy Rain inspired too, it was just marketed badly as people went in expecting Victorian Uncharted. Personally, though I know many didn't, I very much enjoyed The Order and would love Santa Monica to do 1887, with some Naughty Dogs lending some shootout support.

Preordered Until Dawn as soon as it was shown, been waiting a long time... #5.3.1
Exactly, genuine thought and pacing put in to them. It's why the witcher is fighting bloodborne for my goty so far.

I'm excited by the prospect of Guerilla hiring Witcher quest designers for Horizon too. #1.1.1
I'd say wherever you preordered from hadn't changed their date, the film and as a result, game, we're delayed months ago.

Shame as I'm looking forward to both. #4.1
I agree entirely. It would take everyone avoiding the trash and only reading the good stories for them to notice and change tact. However, as that won't happen I simply don't visit. #9.1.1
It's simply another, frankly pathetic, attempt to try and stall Shenmue's kickstarter. People, and supposed gamers, spent years calling for it and now we're getting it they're nit picking simply because it was announced on a Sony stage. It's on pc too you guys, no need to give money to a company you hate.

Personally, saw this and upgraded my pledge.

Oh and Kotaku, this is nothing more or less than what I expect of you; and no, that isn&... #1.4
Yeah, it's a damn good deal. Too good. Still, ordered mine, if it actually arrives it'll be perfect for the bedroom #3.1.1
The Witcher 3 is ace, got it for Ps4 as I'm not upgrading my pc for another year or 2 as it's primarily for video editing work. I will get Witcher later on pc when it's cheap for mods. Mods are undeniably amazing sometimes and I can understand being annoyed at blatant trolling, but I also struggle to see how mods could "easily" make dark souls in to bloodborne beyond enemy skins etc. To fully recreate the game would require a change to move sets, environments, Ai patter... #4.3.1
Indeed, they are in fact both good games. Witcher is the only thing to make the Bloodborne disc leave my Ps, but as I still have the true ending and chalice dungeons to do I will be going back to it.

People should be happy that we have 2 excellent, albeit different rpgs so early on in this gen. Plus dragon age was quite good if a bit fetch questy. #4.6.1
I was incredibly lucky and picked up a barely used hmz t2 viewer for £200. Coupled with the gold headset it's aces. PT was incredible, shame it's being delisted.

One thing that surprised me, the newspapers in The Order are all complete and legible, no placeholder text, was cool to read them all.

I have a theatre system that I prefer for every day, but the immersion with the viewer headphones combo is quite.something. #1.2.4
Not the original art, no.

I will create my own case wrap from all the promo shots. I create case wrap artwork for short films I produce with a student charity so it won't exactly take me long. I've been creating wraps since I decided the mgs2 demo needed it's own box on my shelf.

Yes it will be trimmed A4, but on heavy gloss paper and printed on a large scale xerox, making it hard to tell it wasn't from a factory.

Still, gla... #2.2.2
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There are enough images on the net for me to create my own case wrap for this game and when I do it will feature both Kojima's name and production logo.

Shameful practice Konami, if the golden goose wants to try laying differently shaped eggs you don't break it's wings and throw it in a ditch. #2.2
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They didn't do this to begin with as they didn't want people buying those cheap ebay listings from xbox one owners who hated Kinect and had to have it before the bundle change. You could pick one up for £40.

Now however, whatever they may say, with demand for at least one of the versions dropping it is worth consolidating the production to eliminate the need for a second, costly line.

It may look odd and I am far from a Microsoft fan, but busine... #2.1
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Not exactly, the 360 didn't have Blu-Ray, it had a lesser, in terms of capacity, storage medium (I'm not going to get in to the CAV vs CLV argument here); the PS4 could well offer dedicated servers to Titanfall 2, just not called Azure.

In this instance the technology is the same, though the name differs; in your example the core technology that underpins the argument is incomparable. #5.4.1
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" What a gazebo."

Love it, though it may have something to do with the fact that I'm utterly Panini'd. #30.1
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Exactly, exclusives are great, the reason I've owned PS consoles since the start and bought an original Xbox on the promise of such titles as BC (never released) and Fable (1st was okay).

Personally, I'd love to have a go on Sunset Overdrive, but one title I'm interested in is not enough to justify a new console purchase; so I'd love that title to come to PS4 or PC. #8.1.3
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Meanwhile, outside of that self-obsessed, self-congratulatory sphere people mistakenly see as 'representative' and rather hilariously refer to as 'games journalism'; I and many others enjoyed The Order, are looking forward to Bloodborne and pre-ordered Uncharted 4 the instant it became available.

A serious rethink of the nature of games coverage and ad related incentivisation is in order methinks, lest the industry collapse under the weight of its own inflated... #6.1
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Never go full... ah, I don't need to finish it; I'm sure you've been told before. #5.2
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I have my ps4 and love it, I had an xbox original and sold it, never had a 360; but the sunset overdrive white xbox one, evolve and twenty pound store credit? If I wasn't expecting my first child within days I think I'd have hit checkout instead of just add to basket.

Big fan of playstation here, but that's cheap. #3
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Bayonetta 2 probably, but Mario kart and Super Smash are now up to far too many iterations to have the wow factor. I'm not saying they aren't solid titles, but we certainly know what to expect from them. #2.2.1
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