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I too would like external hdd support for game installs on ps4. However, being able to swap the internal hard drive is preferable to not having that option. I have swapped the hdd on my original ps4, my bedroom one and my pro and it is a simple and quick process.

Both manufacturers should allow both options, some like me would appreciate the extra storage, despite the 2TB drives I have installed internally; others would like to increase internal capacity so as to not n...

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I genuinely enjoyed Knack. Played it a lot and recently went back and got the platinum. The fact that it's getting a sequel pleases me and gives me hope for a sequel to the order.

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Picked up Dishonoured for £18 as you get another £2 off for being a prime member. Not interested in CoD so I gave the code to a friend. Pretty good deal, though I smiled when I saw the email contains instructions on how to redeem your free copy of the last of us (sadly no code though).

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So, it's Headmaster without the charm, humour or variety.

Liked the look of Headmaster as a party game, but I'm surprised to say I'm enjoying it a lot as a single player experience. It's simple enough to begin with, but some of the later challenges are deceptively difficult to ace.

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Personally I think that this is an incredibly clever tactic, it's viral marketing using a video game demo.

Every time they update it now the subreddit is going to fire up again with more speculation. After the phone call I'm certain at this point that they have a roadmap of updates and unlocks leading up to release.

It's a clever way to build anticipation for the game and one of the most refreshing things I've seen Capcom do for quite so...

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I ordered mine in the first few hours. Missed the crazy early rush as I was at work.

A couple of months ago though I got an email from Amazon telling me I was upgraded to launch day.

Hopefully you got one too and it went in spam and you missed it.

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It's refreshing to see someone who appreciates the miniscule power draw of a single rgb led cluster.

The amount of people I know who have convinced themselves that it makes a significant difference to them explains why people's world views are so skewed, they're so easily influenced by the media.

As for the sticks, never had a problem until last week. Now I'm going to be replacing the sticks on 2 of my controllers as they've both de...

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Some good points raised there P_Bomb. Not saying I agree with Sony on this, if accurate, but they will likely counter by saying that this is an entry level model for people without such setups; then point to the neo as the product for more enthusiastic consumers.

Personally, I have 2 ps4s and they're going to have to work hard to sell me a neo.

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This model is all about cost. Reducing the cost of manufacture and to you the consumer. [Edited here for missing word]

Removing the toslink compatibility may affect some, such as yourself, negatively but unfortunately it is a legacy output format. My Onkyo purchased in 2010 supports toslink and Hdmi so if anything, this format has had a good run as it was on ps2.

I know it is disappointing for you personally but legacy kit cannot be supported forever, so...

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I agree, it is indeed Delsin Rodent

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If Sony ever decides they just have to have some more uncharted games then I say give a Dev like Bend a chance, but with supervision from a few key Nd staff.

Personally I think the story is done, but if we have to have more this is my vote:

Uncharted: The Goddamn Sullivan Tales

Sully recounting his adventures, pre nate, with nate, after nates retirement and then with Sam. Perhaps Pablo Escobar came after Sully, looking for revenge for ...

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For those struggling, I was talking about 1920 x 1080, just using the same way of framing it as the original comment.

On a comparable screen size, the pixel density increase from 1920 to 2160 is a little over 4 pixels per inch

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Seeing as you seem to be a pc person, here's a link:

2k is 1080, and as for the graphics being astoundingly better than something like rigs, assuming you meant 4k, that kind of fidelity at a suitable refresh rate is not something that many could power so few, if any, developers will bother for now. Not that the screens go above 2160 anyway. So best c...

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I love uncharted, but as I've said before, the first got a mixed response.

If people talk about Qb in that manner then, maybe.

If they mean comparable to Uncharted 4, based only on what we've seen, highly unlikely. Likelihood once we have it in our hands, remote.

Qb looks good, almost convinced me to get an xbox, but then I thought I'd wait for the pc issues to be fixed with Uwp. Based on the eurogamer article, it's going to...

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It depends on if some companies are concerned about the sales of the xbox in comparison when considering potential player pool.

They probably aren't at present, but if Ps4 sales keep tracking with ps2 and the one drops below 360 (if it hasn't already, who the hell knows with Ms keeping quiet) it may become something that Sony could leverage to get more exclusives like the ps2 days.

It's much less likely in today's market than when the ps2 was...

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higher player count in lobbies making 3rd party online more sustainable?

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I actually think that news outlets such as the BBC are a sham that are running scared of a charter. I merely used Fox as they are well known for their brand of coverage and served to illustrate a point in a way that many would understand.

As far as consumption of news media goes, I do not align with any particular outlet. For news I consider important and worth an investment of time I try to get as much information as I can from several sources and then decide for myself.

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"Or a jak and daxter where you play as daxter.

Mind blasted!"

Imagine sitting on Jak's shoulder when he spins... Mind blasted? More like lunch relinquished.

Still, sounds like fun.

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If it aligns with your own opinion it's truth... Do you watch or work for Fox News perchance?

Now it could prove to be 'correct' in that 2 years from now all headsets are collecting dust, but it still doesn't make it 'truth' or 'fact', and especially not for everyone within their own experiences.

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