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1- Dark Souls II
2- Mario Kart 8
3- Broken Age Act 1
4- Infamous: Second Son
5- Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze.

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Now all there's left are Watch Dogs' Watch Dogs issues.

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Youtube link:

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Here's another screenshot from the thread:
Looks like a fog door...

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Mine too. I find PES more fun and a better simulation of the sport than FIFA. Also FIFA has never had enough national teams.

That being said, I do play PES on PC where I don't have to worry about the framerate, and I can just patch all the correct player names and shirts in.

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Honestly, this is the reason why I always end up sticking to PES. FIFA always wants you to buy their special World Cup FIFA game so they don't put a lot of national teams in their games. Whenever I try a new football game the first thing I want to do is simulate a World Cup with my national team. But in FIFA there are too many quality NTs missing to do it properly. PES has more than twice the amount of NTs. It's really a shame but I can't get past that when it comes to FIFA vs PES...

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You can see the 60fps version of the video they showed at E3 here:

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He's probably just talking about the US numbers, which is what he covers and where Xbox is the strongest.

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Probably the same guy recorded all these videos with his phone vertically.

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I'm pretty impressed with PES on the FOX engine so far. PES 2014 looks better on current consoles than FIFA 14 on next-gen consoles.

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Does anyone else think that Mario Kart 8 looks gorgeous?

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A frontrunner for game of the show.

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You don't recharge the 360 controller, you just change the batteries. Or you can buy rechargeable batteries and recharge them on the side.

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Yes, except that connecting it doesn't charge the batteries.
It means that now there won't be two versions of the controller (wired and wireless). It's a step foward, although I still would rather not have to deal with AA batteries.

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The rumor I heard was that it was an exclusive, and that it uses Kinect.
Edit: to clarify, I heard that on IGN's last podcast Beyond.

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Definetly disappointing. Sony stock is going up:

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The highlight of the conference as far as I'm concerned.

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I believe Edge Magazine was shown the game back in december, and they said it looked next-gen.

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It's an April's Fools joke. The part where it says it will take inspiration from Kirby's Epic Yarn should've given it away.

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He pretty much confirms that Ground Zeroes and MGSV:TPP will be released separately. They are both open world, but Phantom Pain is much bigger.

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