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You mean Certain Affinity in conjunction with 343i.

The Halo 2 Anniversary map remakes have all been done by Certain Affinity under the watchful eye of Max Hoberman original Halo 2 lead multiplayer designer.

Can 11/11/14 come already I want Halo MCC now dammit

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The unified interface excuse is bull though. You play the full game off the hard drive anyway, the discs are purely installation media and you only need insert it to prove you still own.

Really, really, really so when you want to load up some multi or a particular campaign etc that is on another disk WTF do you think is going to happen?

Its going to ask U to place Disk (x) in the friggen tray. Just because its installed to the HDD does not mean it works wit...

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The reason is that Halo MCC uses a unified interface - Sooooo having the game on 2 disks rather than 1 disk and the rest as digital content would break this. So no its not MS being cheap its being the most logical solution. Maybe rather than calling MS cheap, some peeps could just upgrade to a friggen descent data plan it is next gen after all and if peeps were not so tight or stingy this wouldn't be an issue.

@ Others commenting here ...

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@ chrismichaels04 and others

I find it amazing how Halo MCC is downplayed or left out entirely, even though it comes with 4 Halo games and access to the Halo 5 beta but is looked at as meh!!! even though some of you include TLOU.

Indies aren't they just as important as the big Triple A titles???

You have Ori and the Blind Forest out in a few months along with Scream Ride.

You had Max and The Curse Of Brotherhood and Halo ...

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@ myself

opps this comment

"Swery from Access Games has stated many times on Twitter that this game will not come to D4 (correction should read PS4 not D4)

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@MrSwankSinatra you have the option of either Kinect or controller, though for those that choose controller, you loose a lot of the immersion playing this way. Despite youtube dougnuts like NukemDukem etc trying to say it is another Kinect fail, - Go FN calibrate your friggen Kinect, which you are supposed to do anytime you unplug or move the Kinect.

The game is friggen amazing, and for the person who states that you can't move your character in real time ummm ever heard...

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@ ZodTheRipper

I have played the death out of Crimson Dragon and I can gladly say that people should really not lisiten to the reviews but try the game out for themselves especially now that it is free to XBL Gold subscribers.

Biggest complaints

Graphics - looks like an Xbox360 game

* Yes it sort of does if that game was the likes of a Triple A release like Lost Planet 2 etc and even then I would say it still looks be...

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Given that Maya is from the original KI 2, and is the new character revealed by Iron Galaxy then I believe that much like season 1 of KI for Xbox One that if you buy the Ultra edition of Season 2 then this will include the original KI 2.

Just an assumption at this stage though.

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I'm part of the early access XB1 preview programme.

Downloaded this in less than an hour and was able to play everyday since the Beta released on XB1.

Sorry for anyone who had problems downloading and installing Destiny, but on both the XB360 and the XB1 the process was painless and very smooth.

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For a breif moment my excitement got the better of me, until I realised that even though this maybe new news to N4G it is old news for members of

Phreaker first posted this in their forums on 21/06/2014 a little over a month earlier.

I urge anyone who is a fan of the original game or wan...

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Can we really call the Destiny Beta even a Beta on either console?

I personally would call this a glorified early access demo much like what we have come to expect from the Battlefield series.

Seriously given that the game is slated to release in September, I can't see much code changing between now and then. Maybe just a bit more spit and polish.

At best you could argue that it is a stress test but a real Beta I somehow think n...

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Man all I want to know is when this game is being released I want this like NOW!!!!

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I'm still playing Titanfall most weekends don't get why you think this game is a barren wasteland.

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As my fellow peers have stated this is old news

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I've been all digital for some time now so this is a must have feature for me personally. Now if this allows for preload as well, which I would think would be kind of pointless if it doesn't.

Still good to see all the preorder bonus's come with digital preordering.

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looks up and notices peeps be hitting that disagree without doing their homework

Though to be fair they have made up for a world record reported loss in 2...

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People are reading far to much into this, SONY started RnD for what was to become the PS4 2 years into the PS3's life cycle and yet the PS3 is going on 8 years and counting.

If you don't believe me go google it Mark Cerny was quite adament about when the PS4 development or RnD started.

You also have to take into account that the Xbox One design was more or less driven by Don Mattrick at the helm. Phil Spencer can't do much hardware wise so e...

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No matter how they make their money, they are not the company as a whole (not just games division) that reported a billion dollar plus debt. Hate on MS all you like, the company is still very profitable where as, its closest competitor whom maybe winning in console sales the globe over, but at the end of the day will it really be enough to get them out of so much friggen debt.

In fact how many consoles would a company need to sell to recoup that kind of deficit.

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Correction required: Halo Master Cheif Collection: It is Ridley Scotts featurette Nightfall that is included NOT Steven Speilbergs Xbox Originals TV series just thought I would point that out.

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You do realise that Forza Horizon 2 is (a) being developed by 2 separate developers for both the X360 and XB1, and (b) that the X360 version is using an older engine I think it is either the Forza 4 or the first Forza Horizon engine. It's even been confirmed that the X360 version will not be entirely the same game as its XB1 counterpart which is using at its foundation the Forza 5 engine.

So I am not quite sure this qualifies under Cross ...

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