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@ ZodTheRipper

I have played the death out of Crimson Dragon and I can gladly say that people should really not lisiten to the reviews but try the game out for themselves especially now that it is free to XBL Gold subscribers.

Biggest complaints

Graphics - looks like an Xbox360 game

* Yes it sort of does if that game was the likes of a Triple A release like Lost Planet 2 etc and even then I would say it still looks be... #1.1.6
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Given that Maya is from the original KI 2, and is the new character revealed by Iron Galaxy then I believe that much like season 1 of KI for Xbox One that if you buy the Ultra edition of Season 2 then this will include the original KI 2.

Just an assumption at this stage though. #5
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I'm part of the early access XB1 preview programme.

Downloaded this in less than an hour and was able to play everyday since the Beta released on XB1.

Sorry for anyone who had problems downloading and installing Destiny, but on both the XB360 and the XB1 the process was painless and very smooth. #1.5
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For a breif moment my excitement got the better of me, until I realised that even though this maybe new news to N4G it is old news for members of

Phreaker first posted this in their forums on 21/06/2014 a little over a month earlier.

I urge anyone who is a fan of the original game or wan... #10
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Can we really call the Destiny Beta even a Beta on either console?

I personally would call this a glorified early access demo much like what we have come to expect from the Battlefield series.

Seriously given that the game is slated to release in September, I can't see much code changing between now and then. Maybe just a bit more spit and polish.

At best you could argue that it is a stress test but a real Beta I somehow think n... #1.4.2
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Man all I want to know is when this game is being released I want this like NOW!!!! #2
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I'm still playing Titanfall most weekends don't get why you think this game is a barren wasteland. #4.1.6
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As my fellow peers have stated this is old news #3
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I've been all digital for some time now so this is a must have feature for me personally. Now if this allows for preload as well, which I would think would be kind of pointless if it doesn't.

Still good to see all the preorder bonus's come with digital preordering. #25
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looks up and notices peeps be hitting that disagree without doing their homework

Though to be fair they have made up for a world record reported loss in 2... #1.1.33
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People are reading far to much into this, SONY started RnD for what was to become the PS4 2 years into the PS3's life cycle and yet the PS3 is going on 8 years and counting.

If you don't believe me go google it Mark Cerny was quite adament about when the PS4 development or RnD started.

You also have to take into account that the Xbox One design was more or less driven by Don Mattrick at the helm. Phil Spencer can't do much hardware wise so e... #1.2.3
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No matter how they make their money, they are not the company as a whole (not just games division) that reported a billion dollar plus debt. Hate on MS all you like, the company is still very profitable where as, its closest competitor whom maybe winning in console sales the globe over, but at the end of the day will it really be enough to get them out of so much friggen debt.

In fact how many consoles would a company need to sell to recoup that kind of deficit.
... #1.1.31
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Correction required: Halo Master Cheif Collection: It is Ridley Scotts featurette Nightfall that is included NOT Steven Speilbergs Xbox Originals TV series just thought I would point that out. #11
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You do realise that Forza Horizon 2 is (a) being developed by 2 separate developers for both the X360 and XB1, and (b) that the X360 version is using an older engine I think it is either the Forza 4 or the first Forza Horizon engine. It's even been confirmed that the X360 version will not be entirely the same game as its XB1 counterpart which is using at its foundation the Forza 5 engine.

So I am not quite sure this qualifies under Cross... #1.12
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New Zealand Number 34 YESSSSS!!!! awesome stuff for a country with just over 4 million peeps #7
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I am with you on this one,


I know the only time I ever noticed screen tearing was on the DLC map Swamplands and it was a one off.

I have been gaming for close to 20 years and no exactly what to look for, so as much as this has been a highly publicised point, it does not seem to be something experienced by every TF player.

Framerate drop during Titan Battles this one on th... #11.2
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@AngelicIceDiamond at first I thought it was Edgar too, however Ken Lobb confirmed that the woman was definitely Freia...BUT said they were not ready to talk about the guy at this stage...which has me wondering (a) is he even a returning character OR (b) are they doing a KI (with Sadira) and inroducing a whole new character for the reboot. If this is the case then does this also mean that the story of old could be getting some bigger changes then first imagined #1.2.9
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"Instead of 2 v 2 it 4 v 4 it NEEDS to happen"

YES YES YES really couldn't agree more. Man that would be so friggen epic

Question to Phantom Dust fans

We all know that the lady in the CGI announcement trailer was Freia minus her signature shades, BUT anyone know who the other guy was????

One criticism I have and it is a minor one, and that is I really liked the origi... #1.2.6
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I am with you on this one AngelicIceDiamond Phantom Dust is an amazing game.

I have been educating people about what Phantom Dust is, at every opportunity I get.
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Steam had Witcher 2 going real cheap if you own a PC gaming rig able to run it, though its not essential I would highly recommend it.

Though I only own a digital copy of the Enhanced Edition Witcher 2 for the X360 it was that game that sold me completely on how awesome the Witcher series is.

Witcher 3 is one game I will move heaven and earth to ensure I don't miss out on experiencing it. February 2015 seriously can't come around fast enough. #2.1.3
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