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At this time we know that a new 3DS game by the name of Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson is coming

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Thanks for the comment, I actually explained a few of your critiques, I talked about how reviewers weren't able to actually play the game like our readers will be able to.

Your 'be a better gamer' comment isn't really something you can use against somebody that doesn't play a game as well as you, maybe they are good at certain games and genres, that doesn't mean all the games in said genre are created the exact same.

Nobody is fighting...

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Actually a lot of us pay for our own trip to events, the company only allows us to get press passes. And we do buy our own games, we just rely on review keys so we can give out a review the day of so players that are still indecisive can read them and make a clear choice.

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Thanks for the praise

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Yes, the X stood for the tenth year of the awards show

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Civ is PC, Kirby is Nintendo, Company of Heros is another PC game.

As you can tell I play on more than just Xbox and I didn't even say which system I played some of the multi plat games on.

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I agree that Journey will be different for everyone and the point of the game is reflection, as I said in the post I thought about the game I played and reflected what I saw.

I liked the look and the music, it was a well designed game but the way I broke it down was a matter of gameplay mechanics.

I also gave an example in what artistic games could be like, Bastion and Dust are both wonderful and beautiful games without giving up gameplay or story.

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A video game experience depends on the players, that's the great thing about video games, being able to have some kind of hand at the narrative rather than reading it or watching it.

I understand why a lot of people think that the game went "over my head" but honestly I knew what I was getting into before I bought the game.

I read interviews, reviews and watched a couple of videos. When I say it has no substance I meant gameplay wise, I felt the...

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I can see my post upsets you, while I'm sorry you and I didn't see eye to eye on the game at least I actually played the game before I wrote this article.

Also I don't see why you would call me an idiot, using your knowledge I can safely say that according to you people who bash on CoD are idiots as well correct?

I understood the game, like I said in the article I was excited to play the game but, that doesn't stop my opinion of the game being...

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I simply chose one title rather than a bunch as I wanted to avoid the sense that I hated the Japanese gaming industry.

These advise of mine are just what I’d like to see happen as I feel they may bring more publishers to bring more Japanese titles to the west.

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I never said little girls are ruining Japan, I despise crap like those beauty contest using little kids.
I also brought up things other than eroge games, like the difference in characters and story handling.

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TGS kinda sucked this year, any cool announcements that could have been made were already "leaked" months before. This year was pretty boring.

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Voodoo Vince, nuff said.

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I like Kayne and Lynch why does everybody give these guys such a hard time?

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I wish I could but I'll just get some stupid "Hardcore 1337 bull, so it's better to ask someone with an actual working brain.

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