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That was exactly my thoughts on this, when rumors were going around that the infamous devs were working on this I was feeling so assured that this will get so much great level of work thrown into it, but since they announced at E3 that it was insomniac, I wasn't sure how I felt as some of their games have been hit an miss.

I respect insomniac for the Ratchet series, sunset overdrive, Resistance 1 (still the best one in my eyes) and spyro but I wish it got ...

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its true, we've seen better updates before. I think busy times of the year a more likely to see some better titles appearing.

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@ColonelHugh lmao!!!!

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Obama definitely cares!

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hey anyone have a spare ps4 code, I'll greatly appreciate if it's pm-ed to me :)

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LMAO! This was exactly what went through my mind when I read the headline! LOL.

Maybe thats why CliffyB decided to quit from epic games and dedicate his life to create a game based off "bluestreak", he was heavily inspired by the movie.

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Considering that I already have GT5, whats the major plus points for GT6 over GT5, other than improved graphics and engine performance etc?

Does the content differ much?

I'm just wondering because I want a real good reason to upgrade to that game otherwise I may just skip on it till polyphony digital release a new one for the PS4.

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seems like your the only one who noticed the spelling mistake in the headline, mods are pretty stupid for not noticing this

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For those 1080p enthusiasts:

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the messenger should at least use their brain before they post bullshit

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the flipping game was being demoed on PC at EA's conference..

wtf is this article...

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Who you gonna call?!

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It seems to have a Doom 4 feel to it. Prey 2 tends to have a futuristic dark blue-ish look to it which doesn't appear in these shots.

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From what I'm reading, I see good things and since Warner Bros is publishing, they'll make damn sure that this game wont suck.

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same, i hate it when my game collection feels incomplete

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completely agree, rather they spend fixing the country in more productive ways

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i really want to see a road rash from them, its totally up their alley

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"Here’s our theory: in the Metal Gear Solid V trailer released last week, you hear a woman say near the end, “V has come to.” How many clones of Big Boss have there been? If you count Big Boss/ Naked Snake as I, that would make Liquid and Solid Snake II and III. Solidus would be IV, leaving V to possibly be another...

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