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The website seems dead doesnt load, someone please explain to me how that's possible? just because of a mobile game with microtransactions?

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gtx 1080 released two months ago with 9 tflops

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Reasons why bad articles should not be posted on N4G

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I'm guessing you havent seen the downgrade remover mods?

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"Lack Of Information On PS4 and Xbox One"
What about PC? did it ever lacked info on next generation of graphics and cpus? did that one needed a nerf to bring it to console level? what about every other ubi game that came out after that?
Then again they're french so why bother...

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Ciri mentions a cyberpunk 2077-like era to geralt in one of their conversations, so maybe we'll see her there as an easter egg or even side mission?

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Steam generated more yes but I didnt buy anything because no flash sales and i already owned the games i needed

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It's an AAA game right? so why is it going on early access?

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What kind of harddrive he has?

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If its on xbone then its just a matter of decision to release it on pc aswell and should be easily playable without much porting

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Steam-PS4 crossplay would be great and will kill micro but definitely not with xbox...after the whole win 10 only exclusive and forcing people to upgrade to win 10 using all kind of shady methods and malwares I wouldnt trust them.

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There once was a time when nintendo had core games, kids games, third party made games etc just like ps4 today but now they only have mario and kids games and forcing people to play mainly using weird controllers does not help

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eat s*** op

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A sad truth, it means micro's brute forcing everyone to upgrade worked

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Not a fair comparison, it should be benchmarked against gtx 960 and 1060 though both nvidia and amd overhyped a bit when showing performances of new cards.

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They keep saying 199$ but show the performance of the 8gb card which is 229$ while the 199$ is the 4gb version

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Being the newest it was probably the easiest and cheapest to remaster anyway.

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I wouldn't call fantastic barely 10 seconds of ingame footage

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because you cant force pc gamers to become console gamers with closed brick, we want our PCs fully customisable and built from scratch. Also linux sucks, unless youre an IT guy.

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There fixed it for you, not everyone will buy the ugly bland edition.
Also no mention of the 300W vs 180W TDP in article

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