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It's "then", not "than" Mr Troll.

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"Yet another part of the rumors that was proven true"

What other parts have also been proven true? To my knowledge this has been the only thing that has been confirmed by Microsoft.

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At least 2 other indie developers have already spoken positively about their experience with MS and XBLA.

Ska Studios (The Dishwasher)
"When one indie says they're never working with Microsoft again, the gaming public becomes curious as to whether this is an isolated incident, or part of some sort of ugly truth," he said. "And pretty soon everyone wants to know if I've just been secretly hiding my experience with the ugly truth, or if I'll b...

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VGChartz sales numbers should not be trusted as they are rarely accurate, if ever.

Having said (wrote) that, Chart-Track (NPD of Europe or close enough) reported in January that the Xbox 360 is set to surpass the Wii in the UK.

It's possible that the Xbox 360 has final...

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Adam Orth was employed by Sony before he joined Microsoft. Why would they [Sony] hire him again?

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On-topic: Competition is good.

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I edited my post because I realized it was a little harsh, although true.

Jonathon Blow had a bad experience with MS it happens. When Ninja Theory had a bad experience with Sony they did not claim that that is how Sony treats everyone else.

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Either Daniel Cook edited his blog post or you are not quoting from the the same source.

"This embodies exactly how I felt about Xbox360. The original Xbox occupied a space between PC and console, and it was at its worst arguably somewhat redundant.

The Xbox360 however, sets a terrible precedent on almost every front. Appealing to the lowest common denominator by advertising on Mountain Dew cans, with Doritos, etc. Nickel and dimming their consumers wit...

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That policy is regarding downloadable games. The quote you posted is referring to the XBLA platform, it's not referring to hardware.

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You do realize that, that is MS's XBLA policy? Basically it means MS can refuse to "publish" XBLA games if the game is not equal to other platforms (content) or is released on other platforms first. It doesn't mean MS will block the game from XBLA it means they will not publish it.

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In order for something to be true it has to be fact. Rumors are not fact until proven otherwise.

Sorry for not jumping on the bandwagon so quickly, unlike most I don't treat rumors as fact whether good or bad.

"Always on" does exist, it has existed for sometime and is even present in games that have already been released...

Maybe he's defending SimCity? Ma...

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Which is what exactly?

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Doesn't twitter allow you to tweet via text message?

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"Dear lawyers..The Daily Pixel is a comedy website featuring spoof and satirical news reports from the world of video games and technology. All of the content is made-up and should not be taken as factual."

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It's called a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

In this case it basically means developers, publishers or industry insiders are prohibited from even acknowledging the existence of the next Xbox until it is officially revealing by MS.

NDA's can cover various aspects too eg: MS may wish to announce that their new console exists but might want to keep features or specs a secret.

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I was wondering why I was getting the "You have been signed out of the Playstation Network" error messages. As I started typing this I am now able to sign in to the PSN.

It seems that the PSN isn't completely down but is having issues.

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