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I hope not.

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Enslaved did a great job at developing characters and making you care about what happened to them. I enjoyed the game very much.

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That's about a dollar per hour of play...pretty good deal if you ask me.

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I actually really enjoy achievements. I've gotten more play out of some games than I might have without them.

DLC, I'm kind of on the fence about. It has had some really good moments, and some very bad moments.

DRM just makes me angry, especially when you throw in the always-on connection requirement. That's not fair or realistic in many cases.

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Dark Souls...blood pressure rising...

That game is such an enigma...fantastic and frustrating all at once. I love to hate to love it.

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If you dyed her hair black, Christina Hendricks would make a pretty good Ashley from Mass Effect.

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This game looks great. It looks every bit as crude as it should be.

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"The settlement fund will be used to make donations to not-for-profit organizations. Class members will not receive payments."

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I want Aliens: Colonial Marines in a bad, bad way.

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Activision is just publishing the game, so hopefully High Moon Studios will be able to develop a good game. Their track record is pretty decent so far, so I think there's hope.

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Also...because it's Deadpool.

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I thought Singularity was pretty well done as well. I have Vanquish, but haven't played it yet. It's one of the next ones on my list. I also thought Dark Sector was not too bad of a shooter either. It was kind of like Gears of War's not-so-talented sibling, but still well worth the $7.99 I paid for it.

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AH-HA! So that's how possesive nouns and contractions work? Thanks for the help! LOL.

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GrammarNazi your to funny you should correct everyone grammar in there post when there wrong.

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RDR was one of my favorite games in a long time. I thought John Marston was a great character, and it's a shame that he won't be back if it's a sequel. But the open environment that Rockstar created was amazing, and if they can build on that, I'll be purchasing the next game for sure.

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I'm extremely curious about this game. It looks really well done. It will probably end up being an impulse buy when it hits the Marketplace.

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I was never a very big fan of FMV. The acting, a lot of times, was really terrible. If it was done really well, I guess it could work, but I'd rather CG cutscenes over FMV, personally.

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As someone who recently played Pocketbike Racer, I really don't care what others think of what I play, but I understand where you're coming from. Like I said, I'd still give it a fair shake...I won't rule any game out until I've played it. But, I still think it's a weird title.

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