Talent in one area is irrelevant.


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I agree(with the article title anyway). I think it mostly has to do with the fact that they're trying to be the first ones into the market with "affordable 4K". Kind of in the same sense how the PS3 was an affordable Blu-ray player back in the day while most were expensive.

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I actually wonder that as well. I understand that the roms themselves are mostly illegally obtained, but Nintendo gets defensive even on simple Youtube videos. Wonder if they will jump on this one as well.

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Alright, these articles are getting a bit ridiculous now.

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I don't know why people think it's weak. It's a mid-gen upgrade, not apart of a new generation. On top of that, the GPU in it is more powerful than a non-overclocked GTX 970 which is really good. For that price you're getting a pretty good deal.

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Why did you take the time to make an account just to post some troll comments lol.

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Same here. I was actually developing a game for it but decided to stop due a decline of interest(along the lines of this study). I don't think it's a fad, but I think it's just a little to early for it. Sony seems to be taking the right approach by at the moment.

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It's actually a really good deal if you're interested in Infinite Warfare. Apparently I'm not, so I just have to wait until it releases separately.

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The beta will be open to all tomorrow. If you can't wait, check on Twitter.

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The only time I've heard of people complaining about the battery life is on the internet. I haven't heard about the DS4's battery life issues in person.

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The PS4 slim actually doesn't look as bad as I initially thought.

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It doesn't surprise me at all that one person made this. Some people are just really dedicated and/or talented. Gaming subsumes all media. If you love music, art, video production, gaming and so on, you can combine all of those with your imagination to make something great. I actually think games made of this quality by a single person will be more common as game development tools are more open and easier to use. Passion can take you a long way.

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The nostalgia is real.

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How? Aren't you always getting something in return?

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This has me a little worried for VR as a whole. PSVR is supposed to be the middle point for those who don't want to pay a lot of money for a good/great VR experience. Since PlayStation is a widely known brand, people are expecting it to be "the thing" that drives new users to VR without it being bad(Google Cardboard). Simulator sickness in VR comes down to either frame rate, locomotion, game design, or both. The thing that has me worried about PSVR is the interpolation that hap...

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I think the new layout was executed poorly. All of the things that I'm seeing could have been added to the classic site with little compromise. If you wanted flat design, you could have just added it to the old one. Don't know what's up with the IGN clone design.

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There shouldn't even be any type of exclusivity anyways. This also puts Oculus in a weird position. If a lawsuit or something similar arises out of this, Oculus' intentions are pretty much exposed on the software side of things(although many people won't be surprised).

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You have to try it man. I was on the same boat as you(I was saying "it's probably like a 3D TV strapped to your face"). You don't notice the headset or wires since you're busy having so much fun.

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Well deserved score. Valve and HTC really did create something special. It doesn't look or seem like it, but motion controls add a whole new level of immersion. Using Tilt Brush or playing Space Pirate Trainer is too much fun, and it actually feels like you're in that world. Wish I could show it to more people since not everyone can afford a Vive.

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Have you actually tried it? I have a Vive and I can tell you that it's not a gimmick.

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This is not even for gaming, and no one other than industry professionals will be able to own this thing.

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