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I doubt it. I say for the full package it would be about $1,000 easily. For the headset alone it should be cheaper. #2
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$599 :). #1.1.1
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People need to understand that VR is something you HAVE to try for yourself. I thought it was a gimmick and compared it to 3d before I tried it. If you're a non-believer and have a phone with a 1080p+ screen and a gyroscope, get a Google Cardboard(from their website to avoid knock-offs)and try it yourself. That's just a taste of VR and I'm pretty sure it will leave you wanting more. #1.10
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Tabloid design is not the way to go. N4G's current design is what made it unique. Should have improved upon that instead of doing a cluttered, overhauled version. #56
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I am thankful for sleep. #54
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Business 101. Of course they're not going to come out and straight up say it, but they're doing it solely for the purpose of increasing revenue. Just because Naughty Dog is looked upon as one of the best developers doesn't mean they can just side with this business model and expect everyone to magically change their opinions. It's a horrible business practice for the consumer. Their response on the matter was just a mask to the truth. #20
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Talk about damage control lol. How are you going to say that when you're releasing most of the game(Battlefront) through a season pass? Maybe people would believe you if all of your DLC is free, but that's not happening. #13
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I actually agree. I bought it on a whim(last COD I bought was BO2) and I'm actually surprised at how fun and fluid it is. I was actually expecting to hate it, but you can tell Treyarch had nothing but fun making this game. #17.2
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Lol you got owned. #1.1.9
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It's like Tarzan and Broly did a fusion lol. #19
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Reminds me of the PS2. #5
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The internet can't take this lol. #4
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Thanks for posting a major spoiler for those who look forward to the game. Could have at least placed a warning. #8.3
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This could change everything. For me I would love it for productivity, but being able to generate your own TV that you can scale to the size of a wall is ridiculous. If this technology succeeds, it makes all VR devices look like nothing, but I'm sure the other big names will adopt similar devices. #8
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Missing the very important detail "up to" in the title. #1
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How are those graphics even possible lol. That looks insane. #1.1.6
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It was even funnier because of the gold digger prank I've seen beforehand. #22
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You sound ridiculous, stop. If I was at home playing video games all day while making over a million dollars a year, I could care less what anyone thinks about me on the internet. #11.1.3
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He's a great player, but stop lol. #1.1.1
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I remember laughing so hard when that happened to me. #1.1
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