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Someone needs help understanding embargo dates...

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I believe the correct term is "bitter".

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MoXxXi is spot on, we have received many games from Activision ahead of release for review purposes over the years.

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The ability to push purchases would be welcome.

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No, it's a problem with certification. In the US, a game has to pass one certification process, in the EU it's a different one for each country. With some countries in the EU having very strict guidelines for what can and cannot be in a game, it can lead to unfortunate delays.

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Is that a bad thing? I've poured hour upon hour into the Diablo franchise.

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It's GAME exclusive here in the UK

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Again, absolute codswallop, if only writers who are experienced with specific genres are "allowed" to review games, then how do you go about reviewing a game that creates a new genre or sub? It's not the score that matters, but the meat of the writing, and if you had even bothered to actually read the article you would realise that.

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Don't agree with my writers score, that's more than your right, but your final statement is highly offensive and complete codswallop. Games, like any media medium, are subjective and not everyone will enjoy every game. Xander found the game to be middling, and scored it accordingly. It's his personal opinion. To suggest my writers score games low deliberately to gather hits though when we've recently scored Sleeping Dogs, Orcs Must Die! 2 and Spelunky towards the higher end of...

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August 14th in the US, August 21st in the UK

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Definitely the latter.

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You are dead wrong, it's not a Collector's Edition at all. High Moon's Matt Tieger, Game Director on the project took part in a Q&A last month where he specifically stated there were no plans for a Collector's Edition and when asked about "pre-order bonuses", he named the G1 retro pack. You can read the Q&A here...


It takes time to port and to get through certification. Is the US it's got to get past one board, in Europe it's more than a dozen. I spoke to Shawn last week and he assured me it's coming as quickly as possible, he wants his game out there as much as anyone, but it's largely out of his hands now.

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I spoke to McGrath a few days ago, he told me he's at work on the EU port and it's "coming ASAP".

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Key me please

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Well, a year's subscription to Plus will net you a 30+ game library. That represents tremendous value.

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It's not hard to visualize a point in the near future where Sony can simply iterate on all it's hardware and use this service to deliver a large library of games to all. No more expensive R&D developing consoles, the battle now will be securing content.

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It's not just an art book, it's a faithful recreation of the spellbook used in game, with full bestiary!

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Why? The Darkness II was excellent.

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