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Maybe I missed something, but what does this mod have to do with Cliffy B? He isn't sponsoring or making it, unless I am mistaken. #1.3
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GUNS N SWORDS, thanks for the link and clarification.

People above him, you jump to conclusions so fast that it truly shows how idiotic you are. I do agree that this crap shouldn't be approved though.

aceitman, I'm pretty sure you may have downs syndrome. It's a joke, said in an off-hand manner... #1.16
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I'm still very excited for this game. Even more so after the video, but I have to admit I think my hopes were a little high for it. The combat system seems like it is taking rpg combat interaction in the right direction. A portion of rpgs that have always had room for improvement. To be honest though, a year+ ago those graphics were nice*, now though they don't seem that amazing. Not that graphics translates into value or depth. Still getting it though. #1.8
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GB, though very new, give pretty balanced reviews for games. I'm glade they enjoyed and approve of the game. #6
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This isn't grade school people. If the scale a game is rated at on a website has 15 values, A+ to F-, then that has to translate to Metacritic's scale with 100 values. Think about it, a C is right in the middle, 50 is right in the middle of 100, makes sense that they translate as such.

This is an inherent problem in reviewing games and translating them to someone else's rankings. No standard, or not complying with an agreed upon standard, will yield something lost in translation. #2.11
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Hmmm, before even proceeding to the full article the author already lets me know his depth of knowledge pertaining to Halo 3.

"It's just like getting the Hayabasu helmet, if you're skilled enough to beat the game on Legendary, then people can see that"

Not really a big deal, but if your going to state you don't understand the new ranking system, and then proceed to use an example that is inaccurate, then it may just explain why you don't understand the firs... #5
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Harri4444, you think "Dude Huge" is bad? Check out some of the developer diaries of other games and their development team. CB may seem like a douche to some people, but his ability to communicate in a social environment is far ahead of many other people in the game industry, who practically live under a rock so they can make games for kidults. #2.2
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Good point of view TheRealSpy, but even when you think your looking at things from an unbiased perspective you have to remember you have no choice but to look at it through your own eyes.

"they are both major corporations that only care about money, so get over your loyalty."

Definitely agree with "a lot" of what you said. Home just seems like an updated version of Second Life. Though that roped a lot of people, I doubt I'll enjoy running around t... #2.15
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Pretty much. Seems focused primarily on developers who have been vocal or released something within the year. Not that the listed developers are not important, but I'm sure many could argue that some who are not present are more important than one or two on that list. #1.1
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I believe this cements, at least in my opinion, how ridiculous and absolutely retarded this situation is.

This really infuriates me. The song is actually well done, and the Qur'ran quotes fit with the atmosphere of the rest of the lyrics. It's not like a death metal band opening with quotes from the book of genesis. That would be conflicting context, this actually is supplemental to the message and environment. #1.4
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gaffyh, I guess you missed the endless reoccurance of threads touting the PS3 outselling the 360 the first half of this year every week it did.

Fair weather friends. #1.21
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Eh, this is a baited article. Every GeoW2 torrent that is available right now is fake. There are a few that show many downloads, but peer review seems to show that every one is just a fake. It's not like this doesn't happen with many other games too. A little verification, instead of hear-say, goes a long way in journalism. #2.4
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Interesting that a fan made mod is getting a full review, even if it isn't the nicest review.

Wish I had gotten portal on PC so that I could try it out. I really do love that PC developers make things open enough to allow people to create from their works. #1
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From the article under Biohazard(RE) 5;
"It's trying to be a big dumb B-movie of a game, and it's succeeding, which I suppose is a lot more applaudable than trying to be literature and ending up Metal Gear Solid 4."

Can't say I disagree a whole lot. #2.2
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Perhaps you all should watch the video instead of trying to propagate your bias opinions and so called "facts".

Perhaps you should read this article as well:

...I'm just saying... #2.27
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What ever happened to enjoying games because they are good? The majority of you above me talk from a soapbox as if your biased opinion has weight/importance. Okay, we get it, you prefer one console over the other. Does your preference for system/franchise/brand really require that you snub competition simply because it is present? Enjoy your games instead of trying to justify it to others. #3.8
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graphics are just okay in my opinion. Gameplay looks like it could use some polishing and a targeting mechanic. Not an intrusive targeting mechanic, just at least a partial assist because doing the same overhead strike over and over into open air b/c your camera changed angles while moving is annoying to say the least.

Will keep an eye on it to see how it progresses. #3.9
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C'mon dude, the size of a dvd had nothing to do with the drop in size from earlier TW to later ones, same for GTA4. It has much more to do with the amount of profits made from downloadable content. Your point of a PS2 game having more courses vs a xbox 360 version b/c of dvd is moot due to the size difference between cd(ps2) and dvd(360). Obviously graphics/processing is better and requires more space, but proportionally to increased size demands the dvd still has more then enough space. Like... #1.16
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I still like it. Though expressed opinions in their news may not always appeal to my point of view, at least the majority of the news isn't lame articles about which console is better or conspiracy theories about one corporation or the other. Unrelenting shock news makes people paranoid at first, but will ultimately just make people numb. #6.2
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Should ask that same question but instead of far cry replace it with final fantasy. Not that it is a bad thing, it is just using a name that has positive connotations associated with it to help create and improve a franchise. #3.3
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