I heard this place called 'GamingOwl' is pretty sweet.


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in reply to the title. erm... twss? i so mature.

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Yeah, I just so HAPPEN to have be on the hunt for treasure on 11/1/11 so I cannot attend work. Nothing suspicious going on here, move along.

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Thank you ND. <3 It wouldn't be an Uncharted game without the guy!

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A lot of alcohol. And when you sober up, you'll regret it.

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Why do I LOVE downloading firmware updates even if they don't contain anything relevant? I think it's because I assume that it is a slightly better version than the previous one.

Edit: Also, could the delay of the GT5 DLC (in the US) be involved with this in some way? Maybe it's just a coincidence.

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Activision sure does seem to know their audience. Enjoy your MSG.

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Guys, for those that don't know: is a garbage site looking for hits. The title of this article and majority of things posted on there are to attract comments and visitors.

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Haha, was at Comic Con today as well. 4 day pass ftw,

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The title makes it sound like Microsoft was trying to copy features.

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An RPG is a genre of game. What the definition of that genre is, I.D.G.A.F. - as long as the game is good.

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Wait, wait, wait… 5 hours? In-depth review? Sounds legit.

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They made it this far… and a lot of people were probably convinced that this was going to put Call of Duty in its place - but they just HAD to fuck it up didn't they? lmao

Still getting it though, I enjoy the beta and it does what I still find very fun in the series, provide awesome gameplay.

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I'm getting both PS3 & PC versions as well.

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WOOOOOOOPPPPP! This will be one of my favorite games of the year. This, and Uncharted 3.

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I believe the service has potential, they just have to iron some things out like the input lag, slight stutters and so on. It's quite a cool service if you give it a try.

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I'm just saying it's kinda screwed up, my friends from the UK are a bit fed up because not all things there are overpriced. Meaning the currency was converted correctly.

Didn't mean to sound like I was flaming Sony.

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I knew someone would assume I live outside of the US. I live in NYC, bud.

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I still think it's BS how they charge 250 euros instead of correctly converting the currency… At least make it 200 or something >.>

They're doing the same in the UK I believe, 250 pounds. That's about $390… And people bitch about the price in the US.

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1 person has tried to sue and was unsuccessful. =D

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