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"All in the game, yo. All in the game....."


They're actually a small indie dev and graphic designers group called Truant Pixel. The Abe theme they made was badass. Much, much better than the crap Sony have been putting out. #1.5
Were you listening to Linkin Park with your curtains drawn as you typed this? #5.3
DLC doesn't always come with a price. Free or paid, it's still content that you download.

Props for them for doing this. Campcom of all people doing this surprises me. #2.2
If you honestly think these two games look anywhere near on-par, then you need a new set of eyeballs. UC4 is in another league entirely. #1.1.7
"Of course it was considered a problem, why else was it implemented in the PS4 in the first place?"

How can we say for sure if they've just implemented it in a version that clearly didn't need tinkering with at all? It makes sense to me that all they need to do is use whatever method they were using for the X1 version before this patch for both versions.

"EDIT: Bottom line, the next patch needs to make it an option to make everyone happ... #1.1.3
But screen-tearing was never an issue for either version of the game, was it? Literally all they have to do is go back to whatever was implemented before this patch. And the degradation of the X1 version's framerate due to the double buffer suggests that the PS4 could also benefit greatly from the removal of it. #1.1.1
So this patch, that was supposed to fix the PS4 version's framerate issues has in fact made both versions worse. Great. The X1 version now uses the same double buffer V-sync than the PS4 version uses, despite the fact that the framerate was fine beforehand, resulting in the same 20fps lock when the engine is under strain.

A really, really strange decision. Seems that all it would take for both versions to run great is the removal of the double buffer. The hell are they sm... #1
Naughty Dog sets the console bar yet again. How they've manage to create such a large, seamless space with little-to-no pop-in at such high fidelity is testament to just how talented they are. By far the most impressive game I've seen so far this gen.

And there's still ~9 months until the game releases. Most games don't even look this polished after a few post-launch patches, lol. #1
I'm an AI. AIs don't make mistakes. #2.2.1
Unless I did... #2.3.1
Nope. #2.1.1
I didn't play this on PS4 so I'm looking forward to the PS4 release. #2
xXxTurtleBeach420blazeit360nos copemagikskillzxXx #1
Wait...first you say this:

"Yawn resolution debates can gamers just enjoy games without mentioning this nonsense."

Then immediately follow by saying this:

"Ps4 games run like crap at 1080p anyway so don't know why sites keeping bringing it up. "

And then again:

"PS4 games run like dog crap at 1080p"

Lmao. Pretending to be bored of the resolution debate just... #1.5.1
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Ahhh, the old "the customers don't understand!" excuse. Nintendo must be getting PR tips from the EA handbook. #4
I have no doubts the game will be amazing, especially in the MP department, but that was such an underwhelming debut for this game. It deserved better. #2
Lmao. I love E3 meltdowns. #3.1
Overall I'd give Sony's conference the "win"...but only just.

Uncharted 4 blew me away. The graphics, the small-scale attention to detail, the physics, the scale. It's amazing how ND continue to outdo themselves.

Horizon instantly jumped to one of my most anticipated games and I'd say is the best thing to come out of any of the conferences. Such a fresh and interesting concept coupled with GG's top of the line visuals and what se... #1.1.3
Best showing of any conference so far imo. Amazing graphics and a unique concept. Lets just hope GG deliver on the story now they have hired a few new writers. #2
That's one awesome cover. #2
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