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"All in the game, yo. All in the game....."


Reading this comment again after the news that the 20% boost was actually for Fable Legends specifically is hilarious.

Stay deluded, lifeisgames! Never lose hope! #1.4.2
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So not only was the info wrong about the boost being for the X1...but it was actually talking about a 20% boost for Fable Legends specifically.


So many "I told you so" comments from people who have been holding on to that DX12 dream for a year or so now. Only for those hopes and dreams to get shattered by a simple misunderstanding. XD Man, I've never seen a better example of people eating crow.

I wouldn't be surprise... #1.1.26
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Hahaha, all these replies from people who didn't read the article properly are hilarious. This is gold.

Remember to read articles carefully before serving crow, guys. Otherwise it will be you who ends up eating it. XD #16.2
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*Grabs my popcorn and waits for AutoCad to read the update*

*Eats popcorn while Xbox fans read said update in disbelief*


Always read the article carefully before commenting, guys. XD #8.5
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Holy shit at that update.

Hahaha. Dualshockers are the biggest trolls - confirmed. #1.1.9
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You might wanna read the update. Lol.

And it was "up to" 20%, btw. Neither PC nor X1 will get a concrete number boost from DX12. It will vary from game to game.

Haha, don't disagree with me, guys, I'm just telling you to read the update! XD

*Wipes tear away*

It was about time something interesting happened around here. Some of these comments are too funny. #1.4.1
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I hope the EU list is the same, I've been meaning to play Valiant Hearts for a while now. #1.1
Looks like a great top-down shooter. I enjoy those kind of games, so I'll definitely be checking this out. #1
30fps looks more blurry by default, but make sure you turn any sort of 'true motion' setting off. It will be called something along the lines of that. Most modern TVs have it.

What model TV do you have? #5.2
Sniper Elite 3 ran at an unlocked 60fps on PS4. I'm pretty sure this trilogy aims for 60fps too on PS4. #5.1.1
You hate Fallout and can't see why people like it, yet you liked Ryse?

Worst taste in videogames ever - confirmed. #3.1
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Did you skip the night-time sections or something? Lol. #3.1
I agree. I had my doubts about this game due to it being made by the same guys who made Dead Island (I was not a fan of that game at all), and because I generally don't care for zombies games, but I'm so glad I decided to give this a chance. It's an awesome game. The gameplay is so fun and rewarding, whether you're fluently linking together parkour moves or drop-kicking zombies from roof-tops. Definitely the best zombie game I've ever played.

And the night... #1
Manged to grab it for £30. Really enjoying it so far, the gameplay is great. #1
Awesome. I was waiting for it to hit £30.

Thanks for the heads up.

Edit: It still says £34.85 when I click the link. #1
This is the kind of attitude I want to see from developers. Treating consoles as equals, when they are anything but, is plain stupid. Each platform's strengths should be catered to individually.

People make their choice on which console to buy. Devs shouldn't have to deal with butthurt whiners when it turns out that their less powerful console doesn't run a game as well as the competition's. And the people who buy the more powerful console shouldn't have... #1.1.13
No one thinks that. You literally just made that up. #1.7.4
She looks like a female Marcus Fenix, lol. I prefer a more feminine look. Dat jawline. #1.3.1
Man, two of my most anticipated games so close together. I can't wait.

I love Rocksteady's interpretation of the Batman universe. It's by far my favorite. Even more so than the first two Tim Burton movies.

Day one. This looks amazing. #1.1
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