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"All in the game, yo. All in the game....."


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LMAO, more downplaying! Man, are you getting paid for this?

"Many"...meaning a few you saw on the internet, compared to the millions that played it? Lmao, you're such a fraud. Infamous was great, one of my favourite games so far this gen.

Also, many others think it's great why don't i see you mentioning how many people enjoyed the game? Why are you only mentioning the people that found it boring? DAT BIAS. Just like i said, you&... #1.3.1
"I don't see the vast improvement either"

Wow, what a surprise that YOU don't see it! /s

I'll post it again, just for you:

Not to mention the fact it runs at double the frames of the PS3 version.

But you be sure to keep on trolling! I LOVE seeing you guys in these articles, i really do. The game is c... #1.3.1
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So just because of those strict German laws, the rest of us (lol) misses out on realistic gore in MP? That SUCKS.

*Shakes fist at Germany* #1
"I want us to be comfortable to be proud of Xbox, to give it the air cover of Microsoft,” Nadella said, “but at the same time not confuse it with our core."

"Air cover".....

Wtf? I don't think it instils the greatest of confidence in your customers when you tell them that you don't consider your console as part of the core of your company. That's not what gamers want to hear.....It makes it sound like Xbox something that isn... #3
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I think I'm probably going to spend more time taking screenshots than actually playing the game, lol. I'm so glad they decided to include this feature. It's such a simple feature, yet the results (as evident from the Infamous SS screenshots from the 'Console screenshots thread' on NeogAF) are amazing. #2.2.1
Heard about this earlier today, great news. Infamous's photomode is amazing, i think Sony should push all of their exclusive studios to include a photomode feature.

Just thinking about the screenshots that people made with Infamous SS is making me drool at the thought of the ones we are going to see of TLOUR.

My share button is ready. #2
Lol, why the hell would it be in 4K? Who even asked that question? #2
Lmao, dat superiority complex. #1.9.1
I'm thinking soon after the release of TLOR, they will be starting on a new project, then, after UC4 has shipped, they will start on another project. Seeing as UC4 will most likely be the last in the series, 'project 2' will take it's spot (probably a new IP). Then the other team will rotate between making TLOU sequels/prequels throughout the generation, and other games (crash?). #1.6.1
I guess that's just what happens when you're the top dogs (lol). Their games are higher quality than most, thus expectations are higher, and so is the hate/criticism. #1.5.1

Because it's a genre that ND have never done. Imagine a story driven Sci-Fi game from ND, with their talent when it comes to believable and likeable characters. Not to mentions the visuals. It would be epic. #1.4.2
Remember, they are a pretty huge studio. I wouldn't be surprised if they make a TLOU sequel/prequel AND a new game/IP at the same time.

I don't think they;re just gonna stick to TLOU and UC4 (although i wouldn't complain), i think the are gonna throw another franchise into the mix. #1.2.1
They're not overworked if they choose to work long hours. That's called dedication and passion. They aren't slaves, lol.

Plus, now that TLOUR is finished, they can afford to move onto something else. I for one can not wait to see what it is they're working on. I'd give my left nut for a tour of their studio and a peek at their next game. #1.1.2
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Savage Starlight.

If it's not, then whatever they are making will undoubtedly be pure gold.

But i really do hope it's Savage Starlight, a Sci-Fi ND game would be a dream come true. #1
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For a game like this, an FPS that requires good reactions, team work and co-ordination? 60fps is kinda needed. Anything less would be really disappointing. I'm glad they see the necessity of 60fps with this game. #1
No, we just hate your change.

Yet another example of these big companies putting all the blame on us when their plans don't go as smooth as they would like (MS did it with the X1 reveal, too). It's all OUR fault, WE aren't ready, WE don't like change. Nothing is ever wrong with THEIR plans and policies, no no, it's always us.

GTFO of here, EA. #3
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