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"All in the game, yo. All in the game....."



Comparing them is GLORIOUS. What are you talking about? What is more fun than rustling a few Xbox fanboy jimmies by shoving DC's TOP-TIER, ABSOLUTELY UNMATCHED weather effects in their faces?

It's probably my favourite N4G past time.


You traded in your copy...then the game shot up to god-tier status with the best weather effects seen in any racer ever made. WHAT A FOOL! LMAO!

You... #2.1.4
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Excuses excuses excuses.

Driveclub's weather effects look better in the afternoon, morning, night, dark, light, cockpit, bonnet-cam, chase-cam, photo-mode, heavy rain, light rain, light snow, heavy snow...the conditions don't matter. DC's weather simply looks a step above anything else in the genre.

Deal with it. #3.1

What are you even saying? There's too much salt in your mouth, clear it out before speaking. Use some of the rain in the DC GIFs I posted below if you need to. #2.1.2
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If by boring you mean edge-of-your-seat, heart-pumping, skill-based racing, then yes, it's extremely boring. #5.1
What does that have to do with storm effects, though? Going by your logic, DC should have better anti-aliasing than FH2 due to them only having to render a linear track. Yet it doesn't. FH2 has the better image quality due to it's use of 4x MSAA.

The power of the console and the talent of the developers/artists are the determining factors of why DC has better weather/storm effects than FH2. Get over it and stop trying to make excuses for FH2's lacklustre storm eff... #2.1
It's not even close. The answer is Driveclub.

Feed me those disagrees! NOM NOM NOM.

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Great news for PS4 gamers. I was worried this game would be 900p on PS4. Not that it would have been a deal-breaker or anything, but the huge draw distance that usually comes with open-world games like these really benefit from higher resolutions. All of those finer details and smaller objects and structures will suffer a lot less from aliasing as the draw-distance increases.

Let's just hope the 30fps will be solid. The Witcher 2 on the 360 was an almost locked 30fps, so... #1
"Is DriveClub worth a second chance at £14.99 pre-owned?"

100% yes, it's not even a question at that price. I bought it for £20 and I thought that was a steal. £15 is pocket change for one of the best racers on the market.

And then you can use the money you saved to buy the season pass (£20), which gives you two tour packs per month until July this year. When all is said and done, there will be four times as much content thro... #1.1.2
I thought Connor in AC3 was bad...until I played Watchdogs. Ethan is by far the most depressing, unlikeable, shallow ass dude I've ever played in any game. Ever. #2.1.1
Vaas was on-screen for a very small amount of time compared to how long the entire story was. Doubling that results in a slightly larger amount of time - but still very small.

It always makes me laugh how Ubisoft keep creating these games with boring, unlikeable protagonists for their games - the people that we play as for hours on end - yet give their antagonists, which are almost always much more colourful and interesting, much less screen-time. #2
What an absolute mess of a port. They should be ashamed of themselves.

Can't say it's exactly surprising, though, seeing as the company that ported this (High Voltage) are the same company that handled the ZoE HD port that looked and ran so poorly that another company (Hexa Drive) had to come in and fix it (who then managed to get it to run at 1080p at an almost locked 60fps no less).

Publishers should take better care in who they choose to port their... #1
@ abzdiine

I've been playing it every day since I bought it too. I'm halfway through the Elements DLC tour and then I have every star for every tour.

Loved every second of it. #1.1.2
It's a heart-thumping, palm-sweating, push-you to-your-limits-and-further kinda way. Which is my kind of fun. ;)

If you do decide to buy it, which I strongly suggest you do, the first thing I advise you to do is start a time-trial race on your own, set the location to Norway > select the first track > set the time of day to around 4-5AM > set the weather to stormy > set the precipitation to heavy > set the speed of time to 65 > turn off the enti... #2.5
It's funny how the people so quick to damn Evo/Driveclub are the people who probably don't even have the game, or a PS4 for that matter. You don't care about Driveclub, nor do you really care that it's launch was so disappointing, you're here purely to keep fanning the flames of hate. Well, at this point it's more 'blowing on embers' than fanning the flames, as the game has had a fantastic turnaround since launch. Free DLC, regular updates, fantastic dev-gamer... #1.5
@No Limit

Then your cousin can stick with Forza. Get gud or get rekt.

Just kidding. For real, though...the devs shouldn't be changing the very nature of game because of a whining minority of gamers who aren't good enough to complete some of the races.

There are other ways to remedy this without actually making the races themselves easier. For example - decreasing the amount of stars required to enter the tours. That way, people who ar... #1.1.6

You're either lying, or you play nothing but 60fps games, resulting in you being much more sensitive to the change in responsiveness that 30fps brings, because DC does not feel unresponsive.

Go play GTA V, then you'll see the meaning of unresponsive controls. It's nothing to do with being biased. I love GTA V and I still point out it's flaws. If DC felt unresponsive I would say so and whine about i on the forums like I did with GTA V... #3.1.2
I play DC everyday, and trust me, it's very responsive. I also finished Wolfenstein recently, which is 60fps, and while DC doesn't feel quite as responsive as that game (which is only natural for a 30fps game), it doesn't feel anywhere near as bad as other 30fps games I've played. I didn't get the jarring unresponsiveness from switching between the two games.

DC and FH2 are probably the most responsive 30fps games I've ever played, and coincidentally t... #3.2
"Finally, he mentioned that the team is looking to make improvements to the overall difficulty, and adjusting future tours by making them easier"

That is bullshit. Yes, the game is hard, very hard at times, but that's part of it's appeal. It separates the boys from the men. No rewind feature, no adjustable difficulty, no forgiving AI. Why make it easier just because people are so used to having first-place handed to them in every other racer they play? Today... #1.1.3

Sure, 900p to 1080p alone might not be a big deal, but we're talking about upping the res to 1080p *and* doubling the framerate here. That's a huge jump. There's only so much optimization you can do. #1.3.2
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