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I believe the dev also made Chrono adventure #1.1
Got it on Amazon for $10 :) #2.1
Extremely excited for Unravel and Cupheads :D #2.1
Oh thanks man! Got a channel name? I don't recognize this one from any recent comments. #1.1
on TWC I pay about $60 for those speeds although I only have internet in the house, skip out on cable and phone. #3.1
It was really just to show people how to do it if they want to, it's the only option right now. #5.1
Um this is for microsoft and yeah Sony is making PC remote play app but it's not out yet and as far as android goes it only officially works on Xperia phones. You'll have to use a hacked version of the app to get it to work on other devices. #1.1
Tried to focus on mostly exclusives #4.2
Thanks! :D #1.2
I appreciate that, thanks :D #1.1
I feel like this multiplayer is the best in the series. #3.1
I don't think the story is bad, I think it just hyped up something that didn't happen and what it did actually hype up in game never actually happened. I feel like the campaign is a teaser for another full campaign. Luckily the multiplayer is fantastic. #2.1
Thanks man! #1.1
I skipped lost levels because it wasn't much of a difference from 1 and I skipped 2 because I don't really consider it part of the Super Mario series. #1.1
The complication is half the fun lol #1.1
While I do agree they're doing some outstanding work I think they're the only company that can actually do it because they control the biggest market share computer OS. It's not like PlayStation or Nintendo can suddenly release a computer OS and get everyone to jump on board.

With that said I am looking forward to seeing more PC x Xbox integration. #2.3
Thanks! #1.1
Sorry to get your hopes up :(
You should visit the Smash Brothers website though if you want real news, that's where you'll get confirmed characters and some cool screenshots :D #5.1
I'm sorry :( #2.2
I completely agree #1.1
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