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I skipped lost levels because it wasn't much of a difference from 1 and I skipped 2 because I don't really consider it part of the Super Mario series. #1.1
The complication is half the fun lol #1.1
While I do agree they're doing some outstanding work I think they're the only company that can actually do it because they control the biggest market share computer OS. It's not like PlayStation or Nintendo can suddenly release a computer OS and get everyone to jump on board.

With that said I am looking forward to seeing more PC x Xbox integration. #2.3
Thanks! #1.1
Sorry to get your hopes up :(
You should visit the Smash Brothers website though if you want real news, that's where you'll get confirmed characters and some cool screenshots :D #5.1
I'm sorry :( #2.2
I completely agree #1.1
It just went live today :D #1.1
It was, I didn't say it wasn't I just really wish it was replaced with something that did damage. I know it can be used strategically but I guess I just suck with it. #1.1
He didn't say no to DLC but that he's not thinking about it at the moment. DLC may come but development won't start until after the actual game is released much like the DLC for New Super Mario Bros. 2 #3.3.1
I'm loving this game so far, must have 3DS game ^_^ #1
Here's a better look at the skin #1.2
Nice job Austin #1
I believe a couple of days/weeks after E3 #3.1
Don't play with my emotions like that. #6.2
Thanks for all the comments guys, enjoy my time with it even more now that I'm about 4 hours in :D #5
I love indie support, there's a ton of it on the 3DS as well that I really support but I'm also tired of having the Vita being treated as a port system when it has so much more potential. I just think these indie developers that are porting games to the Vita should create new IPs for it. #1.1
Thanks :D #2.1
After playing this game, I can actually see excitebike 64 on the 3DS as a legit thing. #1.1
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