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Sony and Microsoft deserves that!

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For me too. This game is awesome.

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Hell Yeah! Very happy about this.

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Injustice 2? Hell yeah! I hope this is true, because i love Injustice: Gods Among Us! But i hope the story of the sequel to be better, without duplicate heroes/villains!

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Good games!

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Is my opinion dude and i am not take nothing i said. For me, Gamepad is big, a bit heavy and uncomfortable. Simple as that. I have played Wii U man, as i have played other consoles, like PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. I played Watch Dogs on Wii U and is very bad playing with Gamepad in comparison with the PS4 version i have played. And that have influence on the experience of the game itself!

And if is true that Gamepad is very good on specific genres (i don´t take that ...

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Opinions. For me, is the best franchise out there!

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The Wii U isn´t bad, is good, but not great! The best thing the console really offers, is exclusives, but will be the only Nintendo home system that don´t have a Zelda exclusive (the new Zelda will be released on NX too).

But Nintendo fails on attract more people, because failed to conquer the Third Party relansonship and failed to have much more games, failed to offer a more social console, the gamepad is too big and really not good for the complex games, is una...

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Man, i will be very direct and sincere to you! You are not a true jornalist, because a true jornalist are impartial. You say The Last of Us are not a great game? What the hell? Now you say Uncharted 4 is a fraud and barely a video game? You´re insane! You don´t know what are you talking about.

On the other hand, you say the next The Legend of Zelda will be perfect and the game is not in the market yet. Just garbage, because don´t exist perfect games. You are...

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I totally agree with you man!

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Uncharted 4 is much, much, much better than Bloodborne! Is the best PS4 game and the best game of this generation so far.

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True! And more...the problem is metacritic count with an unprofessional review, hurting his reputation. And i think that review is a satirical one, not the true review!

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Objective? Clickbait!

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For me, Uncharted series are better than The Last of Us!

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Well said! I agree with you! ;)

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Is very hard, yeah, and if the frustration is bigger than pacience, then the game is not fun for that person. Simple. On the other hand, people with pacience will probably like Dark Souls e the game will be fun for that player.

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Better than Knack? LOL. That is obvious. Better than Bloodborne? Questionable, but, for me, yes, much better! Now...are Ratchet & Clank the best PS4 so far? For me, yes! But Uncharted 4 will release on May 10 and the game will be, probably, the best exclusive of PS4.

Hell, i can say that will be (i love Uncharted series), but...i have to play to reach that conclusion!

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In my opinion, it will! The reactions on the internet about the console proves that.
And for me, if Sony release a new PS4 more powerful and if developers do games with better graphics and performance on that PS4, i will never, ever, buy a new Sony console. And i hope much more people do that too!

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Sony should pay attention to opinions of PS4 players, yes! A new and more powerful PS4 is not a good thing for all actually PS4 users. Simple as that!

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Will divide the market and community!

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