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You said to me on the last post I did not have a PS3 or a PSV. I PMd you saying if you wanted a photo, and you didnt answer?

This is my opinion, all I saw today was 3 new games for the vita. I didnt listen about LBP, Killzone, or other actual exclusives, but I did heard about playstation mobile which seems really awesome compared to the vita /s.

You also should remain quiet. You have also 1 bubble for some reason.

We are not the same people. ...

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Its a shame they forgot about the Vita. Might as well sell it.

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And how about mencioning the LBP Vita game?

Fail product. I want exclusives and games for the PSV, not integration crap. Waste of 250€ for only 3 game announcements and limited country youtube.

Adva okay, heres my comeback.

Resistance BS is average. I want a good FPS, not a bug filled average one.

Modnation was crap and released 4 months ago.

Wheres LBP? Didnt see it on E3!

PSASBR is not a PS...

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US only yet again.

Good one Sony.

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Id give them a C. I bought a PSV and I expected alot more.

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Sonys conference was good for the PS3 fans.

I own a Vita myself and im not satisfied. Youtube not coming in many european countries, only saw 3 games for the vita being announced and the PS1 for PSV.

NA gets free games on PS+ and EU gets nothing.

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This website is full of it. When Microsoft offered a free Xbox 360 slim to everyone, people bashed them to death.

Now Sony gives a free year and everyone is like OH KEWL JEALOUS.

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Except youtube will still be missing on many european countries...

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Yep, I am happy with the Halo 4 trailer. At the end of the day, youre just a troll who hates xbox.

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Ha I like how he says overkill.

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It will for me right now.

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Halo 4, just that.

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This is the first time I LOLd on an E3 conference. And people were clapping about it. hahaha

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So what? People buy betas and trade it for games on steam forums. This is just valve helping.

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Looks like a 360 controller with the analog stick and buttons switched.

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If the game wasnt created there wouldnt be stuff like this. Ungrateful.

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If the Nintendo community has more weirdos like you then I hate Nintendo.

Remember me?

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If they could reduce latency by alot on gaikai, there would be no need for PS4 probably.

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So there will be no Flash/HTML5? Great job.

I also love how they exclude many european countries.

People who payed 250€ like I did cannot have a simple app like this one, lol.

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Do you have an argument or youre just here to bash Microsoft?

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