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Saying that is no different from saying that: Reality Shows will replace scripted shows and movies.

Lots of people said it and it obviously didn't happen / ain't going to happen either. #17
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N4SF #22
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Lets ban all websites that run rumors :3 ALL OF THEM! ... oh wait.. #29
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That doesn't happen on an open format computer, only on dictator-driven utopias friend. Like consoles and macs. #10.4
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In general, these kinds of fanboys exist in "format wars", consoles fighting for "most games", OS's fighting for "most softwares"..

What people should learn is that these softwares are what we make of them.

Vista is unstable due to the fact microsoft doesn't write the drivers for each hardware, hardware companies do. And they even went as far as not updating the drivers of semi-new boards properly to force people buy new ones.
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Mac Fanboys should get tax cuts, it's a religion already.

On topic, I'm sure microsoft employees are more concerned with getting the job done and expending their millions properly. This is mostly a PR sector war and the truth is .. PR sectors war all the time and change NOTHING .. just their egos. #10
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Actually, the price diference from a smaller to a larger HDD isn't really big, the real price is the "base price" of the tech packed in.

So that would be just a small saving for a big waste. #13.1
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All wrong, the one who is the next-step on free roaming is Red Faction :3 .. read it up. #9
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Gamers /= Game Developers.

This /= News.. #5
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Well, google's terms of service have "vague" language that allows them to steal your intelectual propiety..

And it's not very stable, crashed frequently with youtube and others.. and it has a serious exploit already: #9
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1, 8.

You guys are posers, I love PS3 so much I stabbed myself to draw it in full detail on my tight. TWICE.

Beat that. #22
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There were plenty of people/websites to defend all PS3 games you guys mentioned (how many? half of the library..)

the point here is not WHO said .. and WHY .. but WHAT he is saying, so go read.. go play .. and shut up. #37
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Err.. out of stock. #19
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You were the one boasting numbers.. #43.3
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Yeah, because we know how many million units Indigo Prophecy moved with its revolutionary state-of-the-art gameplay.. #43.1
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It's a blog, not a news source. Get over it. #12.1
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Pff, amateur reviewer..

You don't mention Silent Hill when reviewing Siren
You don't mention Twin Peaks when reviewing Silent Hill
You don't mention Escape from LA when reviewing Metal Gear Solid
You don't mention any of those, it's not "ok" to just tell the truth like that.. you have to play blind and stupid too! after all, it's a game and gamers have to love games.. and then you aren't a gamer.

Things like milking/rippingoff/selli... #18
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1st: why do PS3 owners (well, some of them.) must sound like children of the corn mixed up with Ned Flanders about the PS3? its CREEPY .. lifeless creepy!

2nd: Very weird video, for a company that has a "virtual actor" service .. their 3D scanner sure is crappy.. but someone mention before this is old, so lets see what they got now.

I'm sure it's going to be something quite amazing in a way, not sure about sales and yeah .. finally .. David Cage is an a... #46
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Yes, unlike the reason they want it on PS3:

Unicorn Milk #12
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Err, the news is fake, famitsu scans are out and there's no mention to all that. #20
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