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2 hours in and only on Chapter 2. I am taking my time and enjoying the setting and the amazing details in everything. I am sure I missed collectables along the way so I will have to play it again.

I am not plowing my way through the game just for the sake of it. It is not a game for tha. People need to play the game the way it was meant to be played and not like a standard third person shooter. Secondly I didn't even notice the black bars when I was playing, I needed to... #19
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About time.

It has been a year since the first part and I look forward to continuing it. #1
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It's odd to be excited for a patch but I can't wait for this one.

I will start my canon playthrough once it goes live. I hope it is not too long a wait. #1
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Nothing wrong with the actual game just the technical errors around launch .

People seem to forget all new generation games are extremely buggy and Unity is no exception. It is a rebuilt engine for a new generation so errors are expected.

I do fault them for releasing it in that state. Delay a week or 2 would have been better.

But I don't think they could since the game was bundled heavily with the Xbox and some pressure from Microsoft... #8
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Obviously this guy on NeoGAF who has played the game start to finish

"The Order 1886 is for lovers of old fashioned single player experiences. For those who want to see strong efforts in storytelling-focused games make a comeback. It's a highly curated museum piece for old-timey, story driven videogames, and if you cherish having a collection of finely produced games, then that's the value of The Order in a nutshell. If you're excited for a strong new IP wit... #8
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Those names are still attached to their old games, so they're probably just keeping thems safe. #11
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The next game should run better. It happens with most first games of a new generation. The engine is bugged on the new hardware but should be a smoother experience this time around. #10
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See the link above. It is a private event for MVP members. It is not like the event back in December. It is move like the Windows 10 event. #2.1.1
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I think it is just a rebranding of the SEN account back under PlayStation Network containing Playstation music, playstation video etc

It is a services event and it would be hyped up on the PlayStation Blog and other sites if it was important to gamers. #2
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Can't wait for the game and the movie.

I hope it bring Insomniac back to form. #13
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I hope they can pull through or bought by someone who cares about Sonic and the other IP's.

I don't want another THQ with scavengers picking the last meat off the bones. #5
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Oh I am a bit behind in the news today.

Thank you kindly. #5.1.1
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Bethesda don't have a conference at E3. They appear at one of the main publishers conferences instead. #5
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Interesting move.

It will generate more hits because people will have have to go and read the review instead of looking up the score on metacritic or on N4G. #19
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This is the new Mass Effect not the definitive edition.

If it was a definitive edition it would be Mass Effect Trilogy Definitive Edition not just Mass Effect.

Since the new game will not be called Mass Effect 4 they called it Mass Effect as a placeholder.

If I was going by a listing like that then on Amazon UK the game will be called Mass Effect 4 and Shepherd will be in it going by the box art. #7
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It's the new game not the remaster or definitive edition.

Until it gets a proper name they just call it Mass Effect.

On the UK Amazon they call it Mass Effect 4 with an image of Shepard. #4
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Not surprised since the main focus until way after E3 will be Elder Scrolls Online. We might hear something in December at the game awards with a late 2016 release. #3
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It looks good.

I didn't watch the whole thing as I have no idea what is going on so I will wait for an English version or English subtitles. #7
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Not all abandoned it

Apple Inc.
ARM Holdings
Epic Games
Imagination Technologies
Intel Corporation
Samsung Electronics
Sony Computer Entertainment

Blizzard Entertainment Inc.
Huawei Technologies
LG Electr... #2.2.1
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People are assuming because Sony Computer Entertainment is a prominent member of the Khronos Group and have voting rights on the final spec on this new OpenGL they would make sure if benefited PlayStation in some way. #1.5.1
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