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I bet it also didn't help that it was the main holiday bundle for Microsoft. If they didn't know they had the problem until the very end, I bet it was too late for even Microsoft to change the game bundle with all the boxes they would have to print.

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Why Watch Dogs 2? I think it's still too early. They did the sailings in AC 3 and Black Flag well so a Pirate game should be on the cards.

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The article is a bit late, it was announced last week. Is is multiplayer dlc with a new class that will be unlocked tomorrow.

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They have been bug blasting for the last two months and not everyone in the studio is doing that. It anything most of this new content it still in pre-alpha stage or they haven't even started yet. They will be slowly releasing it over 6 months. I would not be surprised if it was just character skims for the first few months while working on the bigger chunks for later.

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It was announced in May 2007 and released October 2008. So 17 months before it was released.

Skyrim was the shortest wait time of 11 months.

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He is on life support in the batcave.

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Black Emporium is also out Tuesday.

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That was well done.

If anything it gives a decent idea of a control scheme if the game appears on PS4.

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I hope it is true.

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It is being teased by PlayStation Italy so a Esports League is not likely to be it.

Edit: Might be an EU version looking at the link.

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I hope it's Age of Empires. It's been too long since we had a proper Age of Empires game.

With the re-release of Age of Empires 2 and Age of Mythology last year and that Phil said PC games will be at the E3 conference, I highly expect it's that.

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Once it doesn't delay the release.

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I was ignoring the game because it was Mad Max but after that video it has my attention.

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Is it confirmed Victorian London or are we going by the picture?

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I loved it. 3 different playthroughs with about 120 hours each. I have no problems with fetch quests or collectables, I enjoy the world that is presented to me.

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Sony's conference is shaping up fine this year.

MGSV trailer
Battlefront trailer
Ratchet movie and gametrailer
Level 5 game reveal
Uncharted 4 trailer
Uncharted Collection
Destiny Expansion trailer

Then the Third Party Productions stuff will be interesting. One guess will be Suikoden 3 become a PS2 Classic.

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LBP3 wasn't even rumoured and Bloodborne was also a surprise.

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We have no idea what the NX is. It could be their next handheld. They won't even take about it until 2016 and may not release until 2017.

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Once Microsoft's exclusivity ends with Ea Access I am sure it will be on PS4.

Still not convinced EA Access is not one of those exclusive deals they have with Microsoft, like Titanfall for example. If it was a problem with Sony, EA Access would also be on PC but it is not the case. Also one source made the claim with no one backing it up. The response they allegedly gave it similar to the one they gave to the Rise of the Tomb Raider exclusive deal. They praised their firs...

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If you look up all the responses Sony have given to Microsoft exclusive deals they are ready with the similar PR. This is what was said about Tomb Raider

"Well, you know, we've got a very large and very powerful network of studios on our own, all of whom are working on games that will be fully exclusive to PlayStation, and we feel that this on top of partnering with third parties where it makes sense. I think the partnership we have with Activision on Destiny is a go...

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