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I must have read through about 15 books in my lifetime and I forced myself to finish most.

Example I read the first 2 Harry Potter books and forced myself to finish it.

I watched the movies and reread the books with the characters voices in my head and I read through all the books. I am doing the same with Game of Thrones at the moment. I have Peter Dinklage in my head when Tyrion speaks.

I won't have that in these games.

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I think the the author is misinterpreting the press release,

The "series" they are talking about is the XIII series. Not the franchise as a whole. So it is just FF XIII-2 and Lightning Returns #4
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Good to know, still, it is all in the delivery and Japanese voices fail to do that.

I have tried on a number of games but without a dub I fail to connect with the characters and end up abandoning the game. There personalities don't shine through and lose the emotion in the scene. For example There is a sad scene and person uses a sad voice in Japanese I read it in a monotone voice and it fails to get across the emotion. #2.1.1
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I hope you can turn off all the voices since it is only Japanese.

It is a pity I always enjoyed the after battle banter and the skits will lose there humor without the english voices.

I am really enjoying Xillia 2 at the moment but the lack of English VA is kind of a deal breaker. #2
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Violence goes down but waistlines and diabetes cases skyrocket. #1
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Sunset is not at the right time. A week before COD, 2 weeks before Halo, AC Unity and 3 weeks before GTA V,Dragon Age and Far Cry 4.

It should have been released now before Forza to do far better than it will be at its current release date. #5.2
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Not really a surprise since the UK was 360 territory but nowadays we are interested just in PS4 and Xbox numbers but combining the 360 and Xbox One to manufacture a win is just spin.

This is a duplicate article there is one already saying PS4 took nearly 50% of UK sales. #3
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So it the japanese dub is as bad. It takes be out of the game and I don't connect with the characters.

I would rather horrible English VA than even more irritating Japanese VA. #12.1.1
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They said the movie is based around the Spanish inquisition so it won't be based around Ac2. #7
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"While its text has been fully translated, its slate of voice acting remains entirely in Japanese."

That for me is a deal breaker. I will wait to find out if I can turn off every piece of voice acting before I even consider it. #12
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I am currently watching Game Grumps playing Mario 3D World. It is great watching them and listening to their commentary while on the treadmill. They reduce the bordom of exercising. #28
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The lack of Suikoden on that list saddens me. #5
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I would like to see a video of what is transformable about it before I put €200 down on it. #7
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How many years will that PC last at max settings. Maybe a year or two.

I spent €1400 of a PC and it lasted nearly 10 years. It is time for a next one. I got it when 4gb of Ram was considered excessive. #53
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It will help in the sales department alright but to what extent.

If you are in one of these countries getting the Xbox today if you really really wanted it you would have imported from Germany or Amazon UK or drove to country that already had it since all the launch countries used the Euro. I know lots of people who did that and some shops had them since launch back in November even though they officially launched until now. #2
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I am disappointed there is no Tali/Merril type character to romance.

I am not a fan of Cassandra's character just based on DA2. I am not sure on Josephine either. They both seem like Ice Queens but might be different in game.

I have no problem on the break up of the romance but I don't like the straight only characters. #4
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They have limited resources and they only have a choice in the beginning on which platform to ship on.

They chose PS4 for the higher userbase or the approach to indies Sony currently has but it is not stated. #1.3
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So it you dominate the 5 guys is there another layer after that? #6
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I may not agree with the subject matter but the demo looks amazing. #8
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Jealous? No, concerned is more like it.
I am a huge Insomniac fan and I don't want them to fail but look at the lack of hype for the game. Not in the top 100 on Amazon official forums are dead and a 30 second Xbox advert with Sunset, Unity, COD and Halo where Sunset received 6 seconds of time and 4 of those was wall running.

If they wanted to expand the base they should of went multiplatform instead of cutting off 10 million customers with a dedicated fanbase for... #18.1.2
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