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This clause is the school yard comparison of play with me or I am taking the ball and going home.

Microsoft does not have the advantage of biggest install base anymore and this clause has become a problem. #9
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The strong Yen is killing them as well.

They have lowered the prices somewhat but the exchange rate destroys it.

If Samsung and Sony release the exact same spec Tv with the same costs Samsung would make more money per unit on the exchange rate. #22
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Bob Hoskins #5
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Sony have over 1000 indie developers making games compared to Microsoft 250 yet we don't see Sony under an pressure or ignoring any developer.

You can see Sony planned there indie response months ago while Microsoft cobbled it together over the last few months #4
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I would have guess because it was a beta the experience gain would be higher so the reviewer would not die trying to get past a certain part. They only have like an hour to play it and contantly dying would limit the reviewers experience.

I would like to tell you about "Planet B" but I kept dying at the end of "Planet A" and ran out of time. Please look at a competitors review as they managed to get passed the boss. #11
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It is a crime this is not on the store yet.

It is a must buy for any JRPG fan. #1
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Sounds good to me.

Can't wait for the game. #9
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Yes he can do that alright but I must have misread your post as I was thinking about games.

People think he redesigned the whole E3 conferenece in 4 month. To make a trailer or gameplay segment they need to pull people off the project back in November to get it ready for E3.

Still he needs sit down with his boss and show in detail his plans on what he wants to do. 4 months might be long enough to get things started but we don't... #1.1.6
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He is not in the job long enough to make a huge impact that will be next year. What they plan on showing was planned months before he got the job.

I am sure he made a few changes to the show since he took over like he could have taken out the Xbox orignials and added new games instead but the bulk will remain the same. E3 2015 will be all him. #1.1.1
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I do.

If it has Pc high resolution textures a good steady framerate and short loading times it will be day one. #12
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So 63k on a system with a user base of 8 million is a flawless victory.

So 230k on a userbase of 545k is more impressive but it is not a system seller if the majority of people who bought the Xbox already had the system. Not a flawless victory either. #1.3.1
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Well there is a price war going on in the UK on Xbox Ones. They were selling them at the same price as the PS4 on Amazon for the Easter holidays. It was the only time it beat the PS4 in the top 10 Titanfall bundle never did that when it released.

Still calling BS on these numbers. UK don't have an NPD like the US so it is impossible to know the true numbers. Vgchartz had the Xbox leading the whole month of March and NPD came out and the PS4 beat the Xbox by 60k. #1.5
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The Remasters enhanced editions will die off eventually it is just the beginning of the generation. Once things are in full swing they will be gone.

It the PS4 version has the high resolution packs and short loading times it will be day one. #39
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I am amazed by the sudden swing in favour of the Xbox on this site. Phil talked about drm and it's advantages like the other executives all hated him. Asked to mention games more he is the Xbox national hero.

It is great PR move by Microsoft a change in perception and people are eating out of their hands again. I just hope Elop approves of all him ideas. #14
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I liked the Spectre board and I like how it will be fleshed out. #4
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I don't know what is better Microsoft giving one or two features every month or Sony a big update every couple of months. #9
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It depends on what type of gamer you are. People who tend to buy Xbox games tend to like FPS games and western made games.

PlayStation gamers like FPS games as well but Japanese games and JRPG's tend to sell better and PlayStation tends to get more unique titles like Beyond: Two Souls and Puppeteer. #29
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I think it would be a little early for that. Dragon Age is the big game from Bioware. They have just started working on the game last year while Dragon Age has been like 2 or 3 years now. #1
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or if they release Suikoden 2 on PSN have a collection of 1-5 with the first two as downloads.

They did something like that for Metal Gear. #7.1
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You have the timeline all mixed up. It was rumoured that Sony had the DRM as well before E3. This time last year there was a massive twitter campaign saying no to DRM. Sony listened and removed it. Microsoft ignored it and announced the drm.

The article you linked sounds like a conspiracy theories to me, light on evidence and proof. #6.1.3
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