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I read somewhere some time ago it is the equivalent of a credit card put in front of your eyes and the image in the article kind of supports that.

Microsoft like using smoke and mirrors, Milo for example also look at the original Kinect PR and what it turned out to be.

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Then Metal Gear and Mad Max on the same day in September. Again both with Sony marketing.

Sony will be fine this Christmas.

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June 26th Batman Arkham Knight
September 9th Tearaway Unfolded
October 9th Uncharted Collection
October 16th Tales of Zestiria
October 16th Dragon Quest Heroes
October 23rd Assassin's Creed Syndicate
November 10th Fallout 4

4 of those are PS4 or Sony exclusive, 2 marketed by Sony and releasing anything near Fallout will be hazardous unless you are a huge franchise like Battlefront.

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Tomb Raider is out the same day as Fallout 4. Fallout is one of those game you either get your game out before it no a month or so after.

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It can't be topped, that was a once in a decade conference

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Looks amazing.

You can see the newer game influences to the classic worlds.

Mr Zurkon

The item collection worlds which was introduced in the second game.

Jet pack from A crack in Time

It looks like they took all the best bits from the series and combined them into this game.


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Well most remasters have improved elements like framerate and textures. It is also not guarantee the game you want will appear.

An example Borerlands will be compatible. Since they have the Handsome Jack collection they may not allow BC for B2 and the pre-sequel so you will have to buy it down the line.

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I wonder how long we have to wait until Lost Odyssey will become compatible. I hope it is in the first 100 games but we don't know.

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Free for PlayStation Plus members as well.

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Also it will be free to all people with PlayStation Plus.

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I recognise that people are disappointed that Stella is gone, even if I had no attachment, but I don't understand some of the comments here accusing Tabata of not following the spirit of Nojima's beat sheet. The purpose of that entire section, beyond clarifying the aspects that won't be in XV any more, was to enforce the notion that the game will still follow in the same spirit. Nojima gave his blessing, recognising that some things will have to change, but only wanting to be asso...

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What may have happened was Uncharted 4 was delayed and the collection which may have been planned to release earlier was pushed into the Uncharted 4 release window to cover it.

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I would love Mario Galaxy without the Wiimote controls and using a proper controller.

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It's new hardware we don't know if it's a 3DS replacement or a Wii U replacement.

The 3DS is due a replacement before the Wii U.

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A plushy Slime? Day One.

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E3 is US centric, Paris in October we will get a date.

The beta is already happening in the UK so it won't be long now.

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I was hoping for a Remaster at E3 but with this happening it's not likely to happen.

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Day One

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N one of the concept art pictures there are posters on display which were used in previous XCOM games

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I will buy it tomorrow. Look forward to playing it.

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