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Sounds interesting,

I hope we get this

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Could just be bad wording. Or emphasising how it's not coming to PS3.

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Don't know how they are creating these since the kit won't be released until next year.

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It would be a nice feature but I don't need it. I have 7 games coming out for the rest of the year and a backlog of PS4 games to get through.

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They are promoting Project Morpheus and not being at the biggest public show in Europe is not the right way to go about it.

The article is nonsense.

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They are only missing the conference they'll be on the show floor.

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In King Trode voice: Dhoulmagus

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Well the site is wrong. The EU blog manager confirmed they will be on the show floor.

"Fred Dutton 11 May, 2015 @ 10:07 am
Yes, there will still be a PlayStation area at GC as normal. It’s just the media briefing that’s moving to Paris. With E3 being a week or two later than usual this year, and GC a week or two earlier, it was just not feasible to have a fresh show ready for Cologne. "

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I know 5 people who went through 5 consoles each. These are free repairs then they bought new consoles after they kept breaking so that's 25 extra console Microsoft counted as sales.

I wonder what the lifetime sales for the 360 are when the RRoD consoles are taken from the total.

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Since the release date for Kingdom Hearts has been set internally that Project must be nearly finished.

The remake started production last year even after they announced the Pc port. Potentially the game could be in production for about a year.

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Very good.

Good as bought.

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If you are going by preorders Rise of the Tomb Raider is 134 and Uncharted 4 is 65. Going by that Uncharted had a better showing.

It's a bit ridiculous this far out. I have yet to preorder any of the E3 games.

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No just more bosses, I thought it was a platformer but even the official site says is a boss rush game .

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Not a big fan of boss rush games but it looks amazing so I will give it a shot.

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I would like to see something like PlayStation TV but for BC.

A hardware device that has the PS1, PS2 and PS3 technology in it to run the old disc based games and a HDD to play the digital versions of the games.

Then you can stream it to the PS4, connect it by USB stick or through HDMI on the TV.

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It would have been great a year ago but it is not needed now. It's a nice feature but completely irrelevant at this stage.

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It's not that way at all. Sony is using the Pub Fund, and Third Party Productions is going to make the PS4 port and use some marketing muscle. The vast majority of funds are coming from the Kickstarter.

Sony weren't involved in getting the situation to where it currently is. Yu Suzuki managed to get the rights from Sega himself. Sony wasn't involved in that.

And Sony's not the only partner in it. He's getting money from other investors too...

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If they do a survey anyone can contribute to it. I could suggest it should be a cover based Third Person Shooter.

This way fans are more than likely back it and are financially invested in keeping it true to what they want.

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I sympathizes with Crystal Dynamics, they are launching the same day as Fallout 4.

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My rest of the year
June 26th Batman Arkham Knight
September 9th Tearaway Unfolded
October 9th Uncharted Collection
October 16th Tales of Zestiria
October 16th Dragon Quest Heroes
October 23rd Assassin's Creed Syndicate
November 10th Fallout 4

4 of those are PS4 or Sony exclusive, 2 marketed by Sony and releasing anything near Fallout will be hazardous unless you are a huge franchise like Battlefront.

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