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The US price does not include tax while the UK price has a 20% VAT. There are other EU taxes as well and import costs.

A straight currency conversion doesn't work. #11
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More than likely they will be download codes just like the launch bundles and the Titanfall bundles. #1.1
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Really tempted to get this one along with the Guillotine edition for AC:U

Does anyone know if there is an email address or somehow to contact ubisoft.

My Watch Dogs Aiden statue was missing the gun he is borrowing Lara's gun from the Tomb Raider CE. #4
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I was watching Intelligence and Holloway seems perfect.

He looks like Drake and the same personality more or less.

Joe Flanigan would be good #14
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Microsoft have not changed at the core just the new smiling face is all we see.

One of their top PR guy said just before E3 that people are not upgrading to Xbox One because they are more satisfied with the 360 than PS3 owners upgrading to a PS4.

If that is not arrogant PR speech I don&... #1.3.3
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I miss the series and I have no option to play them again.

I really wish their would be a kickstarter or something to get the game made. #1
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I will be interested if they have a European beta sometime next year. I have 200mbps and 5mbps upload wired connection. Wifi doesn't seem to work in half the house for some reason. I am afraid of the pricing but my local shop charges €7 for 3 nights. If is it lower or the same it would be okay. #26
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20 Dragons that's good. Usually we would just get one dragon per game. #2
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Wow I don't know where to start.

How is he meant to lead when you have an entire party dedicated to make sure he doesn't. He wants to do something even if it was the other party platform the previous year is now a socialist program. The Iraqis don't want boots on the ground just weapons and support the last time they did that they were used against them.
The illegal immigration is a problem but most states turn a blind eye as they use these people to do j... #3.1.4
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It was not too long but that SCEA CEO in the middle was boring to listen too. He is not good at public speaking and was annoying. I forgot what he was pitching due to it. Andrew House was way better but I miss Tretton. The first hour was amazing the next 30 was a pain but the last 30 was amazing again.

Microsoft were good as well they showed games but for me they failed to change the narrative. #1.1.3
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According to this site Sunset Overdrive is taking advantage of the 10%.

It must have been 792p beforehand. #27
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With rumours of Uncharted Collection and Mass Effect Trilogy I say it is far from finished. #3.1
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About time he has been years trying to get the Odd World remasters on the Xbox by they kept saying no. Finally Phil did the right thing. #2
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Excellent news

His gentle tone has always been perfect as a guide through the game. #3
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Joker is only back in terms of in game references and voice recordings. #13
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Really? I have not heard a peep from him since December and it was something every month and most of the time it was Yes or No over twitter not an interview every week. #7.1.1
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As much as I like the guy I think he is getting interviewed far too often. Is the state of Xbox really that bad that constant reassurance each week is needed to try and change people's minds about the Xbox.

Even when PS3 was doing poorly we didn't have Tretton every week. Yet we have not heard a word from the new CEO of SCEA since he took office. #7
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Do we know how long Sonys conference will run for?

90 minutes or 2 hours? #6
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It looks fake. You can't believe anything this close to E3.

Like in 2012 with a release date for FF V XIII #15
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Then at E3 SE announce a western release for the Vita. #3
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