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The article is rubbish. They had a good showing but if you compare it to the articles saying is this a game changer in Europe. The answer is no. #6
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Not another one of these articles. I don't remember these articles when Microsoft never attended Gamescom.

Sony has 3 more shows this year. Paris in October is a good idea for Sony. Give everyone a reminder of the titles just before the start of the Christmas run. The games will be fresh in peoples minds compared to Microsoft which will be 3 months to fade. #12
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It's a great deal to people new to the series.

For me I save money by not buying the Ultimate Edition and just using the discs from the 360 version of the game. I also have all except 2 from Games with Gold. #16
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Ha, Fred responded to my comment and that is the basis for the article. #4
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The beta is all the multiplayer you need.

Seriously people need to stop with the no multiplayer thing.

They can't win. People will moan if it's the Uncharted 2 multiplayer instead of Uncharted 3 and they will moan if it's the Uncharted 3 multiplayer when they wanted the Uncharted 2 multiplayer. If they did both the lobby's will both half full and they will blame Naughty Dog. #8.1
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Not having a conference is not a big deal. They have been announcing games on the blog nearly every week.

For example they announced the last 3 Ratchet and Clank games on the Blog but not at the conferences.

I do expect a few small game announcements but nothing major. #19
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You do realise Sony released 8 exclusives on PS3 the year the PS4 launched 2 were new IP's. the 360 has 2 that year. It takes 3 years to make a new generation game and Microsoft more or less abandoned the 360 2 years before and focused on the new Xbox. Sony supported the PS3 right until the end.

It takes time to make new games and they are coming. It was the same with the PS3 It took 2 or 3 years for the PS3 to gain it's stride.

... #15.1
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Then why are Microsoft not attending TGS?

Sony have Paris Game Show, TGS and PlayStation Experience.

Microsoft are finished now until E3 next year.

Sony have a huge booth at GamesCom so 350,000 people will get to try Morpheus. #1.1.6
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I hope so, I only played this game once. The PS3 was just out and I never got around to play it a second time.

I read up on the international Zodaic board. It seems interesting. It was created because the players just unlocked everything for everyone and didn't differentiate between characters, so they went back to the traditional job system.

I like having my characters have defined roles so I set up my party like Ashe was a White mage and Penello was a... #3
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No they are not getting lazy.

The plus games started late in the PS3 life cycle so they had plenty of older games to choose from, games that have been out for some time and plus gave them another lease on life. Some of these titles were released a few months before the sequel to help the sequel sell more. As for now most of the high profile games have already been on Plus, people moan when really old games appear. I think we were spoiled by the selection looking back.
... #3
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Hopefully it's not true. But it doesn't effect me since mine doesn't expire until 2018. #2
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Late 2016 early 2017. GAF insiders say don't expect in this year or early next year. #3
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We are assuming they went to Sony first but Ted said they wanted to go multiplatform and they would known Sony's policy from years of working with them. I am sure they looked at the third party publishers first. #30.1
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It was expected, it was only announced less that 6 weeks ago, if they didn't have much to show at E3 GameCom won't be any different.

We will more than likely see something at N7 Day.

I am still hoping for Mass Effect Trilogy on PS4 and we might see something Dragon Age Inquisition related. #1
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Actually Sony are dominating GamesCom

Sony's booth

Microsoft #1.1.3
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Do we know if there will be a conference? #6
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I like Lightning, she is one of my favorite FF lead characters. #8
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If digital was the only option why include a steelbook with the CE? #1.1.3
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It might be free for when the game is finally fixed. #3
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PS4 is selling around 7:1 and this continues the trend after last generation with a 4:1 lead the PS3 had.

Spain is a PlayStation Nation and using your it's a marathon, not a sprint example the PS4 sees the finish line while Xbox is still trying to locate it's running shoes at home. #4.2
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