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I tend to play the game longer if they have trophies. I played Hyrule Warriors but once I finished the campaign I stopped playing it.

Dragon Quest Heroes I would play far longer even though I prefer the Zelda universe.

If there was a reward system like get a free exclusive theme when you hit 5000 trophies etc. #20
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He lived long and Prospered. RIP

A coincidence that the Japanese VA of Xehanort died 6 weeks ago. #8
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There are certain items you may want to keep.

I got a sword far stronger than my own but I can't equipment it because it is 3 levels above my current level. It will be sitting in my inventory all that time taking up space. It is the same with fire resistant charms and upgrades which sit there which could be of some use later. #3.3.1
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Extremely sad news.

He lived long and Prospered. #2
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The comments are over the top. It's battlefield it's not like it is a story heavy game, it's a twitch shooter. PS4 players won't be at a disadvantage on the multiplayer. It is just Xbox players paying money to play 10 hours over 5 days earlier.

I have asked a number of times for evidence on Sony saying no but never received any. Please enlightened me. #52
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I don't know why Sony allegedly said no to it since we don't have any official word from either side.

It is good offer if you are digital only but not much else. There are very few games on the list compared to the hundreds I have on plus. EA even gave away a free game what is in the vault to all PS4 owners #47
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We already know this.

They blog post was last week. The beta is Pc only. It will be on all consoles soon enough. #7.1
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I hope for a Pirate IP. It has been 2 years since Black Flag, if they started a new IP from it it should be out later this year. #2
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I can sorta see it.

If you compare PS3 launch to the Xbox One you can see people forgave Xbox more quickly than PS3. It took about 3 years for the hate to stop. If you look at the Xbox the hate has more or less stopped in half the time. #22
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It's scarecrow. The final image of him is what he looks like when a person is under the effect of the fear toxin. #13
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If Jak 2 had more mission checkpoints things would have been better. The vehicles where difficult to control, the side missions were near impossible to complete with the overcrowded narrow streets and the suicidal guards on the bikes. #8
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I hope this gets released in the West.

Then make a Final Fantasy one and take all my money. #2
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It could be down to the amount of engineers they have working on new features. Sony might have fewer so it takes longer to get the features out.

I would rather they take their time and avoid any buggy features causing problems. #10
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Can't wait for it.

If Microsoft get the marketing deal again let's hope they allow them to bug fix more instead of forcing the game out unfinished. #15
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Crystal Dynamic and Microsoft are working on the game now and Microsoft publish it and release it later this year.

Square Enix and another team will work on the PS4 version and release it maybe this time next year.

I don't think there will be a long wait. 90% of the sales will be for Christmas season. After Christmas there is no real point in holding onto it. #13
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I would like it but it is not necessary at this stage. You can buy the retail Disc for £24.99. The season pass is £19.99.

At this stage they should offer it as a full Ps+ title and forget the Ps+ edition. #17
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Every minute I play the game I love it more and more. I was on Chapter 2 and I was planning to play to Chapter 5 but I could not stop playing and ended on Chapter 9.

If it was boring I would not be so gripped on what happens next. The QTE is not as frequent as the reviews say. Yes there is a good few of them but not that off putting. I have played for 8 hours and according to YouTube I should have finished the game by now.

The game is designed to be played s... #13
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Like the time when he said there was a rumors where there was a delay on the Tier 2 countries release date. He said there was no plan to delay in these countries. Hours later he then confirmed it.

What is actually said

The next few tweets confirmed it #9.1.1
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If last generation is to go by the first few games had low scores but things improved over the generation. Sony are generally more creative in their first party titles covering all different types of gamers. The Order is a good game but it depends on the type of game you are. I am on chapter 5 and I have played for 5 hours. According to YouTube videos and reviews I should be finished by now. I enjoyed the world and the atmosphere of the game and taking my time playing it.

Ki... #37
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I will wait until someone more trustworthy says it is safe. You can't trust Greenberg. #9
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