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It's a fake survey

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So nothing for Ireland and the UK.

I have not preordered it because I was waiting for the CE they mentioned on the blog.

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Is there anything this man doesn't like?

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Microsoft announced more first party games but 2 of them were announced 14 months ago and won't be released for another 14 months.

Sony seem to have shortened the wait period between announcing and the release. The Last Guardian is an exception.

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Microsoft could have easily skipped Gamescom as well. They had 2 good shows but if they didn't spend so much time with Hololens they would have had one amazing show and might have outclassed Sony.

I don't know why they showed Hololens when the first generation won't be used for gaming. Crackdown needed more time in the oven as did Scalebound. If they were left until E3 next year and worked out the the technical issues it would have been amazing.

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It gives me a initiative to trying something I normally would not try.

I enjoy collecting them. I was that kid in school who would go that extra mile for that gold star under their name.

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Microsoft have a lot to do in Europe. The up to 90% marketshare for PS4 is not a good start.

Gamescom while a good show did nothing to incentives people in Europe to buy an Xbox. It was more of a 2016 show with repeats of E3.

Then software sales are poor outside the UK. Greece has no Xbox games in the top 10, neither did Spain, Italy, France and Sweden. In the German top 100, 36 were PS4 and 6 were Xbox.

They need to develop more games that ...

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It you convert Euro to Yen they receive less money from the 1 month and 3 months compared to the dollar. But the 12 months they receive the same amount.

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Also Gamestop will make a killing on 360 games.

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How is it derailing from its vision when they are compensating for the poor exchange rates?

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If that is how it actually went down. For all we know EA and Microsoft have some sort of deal in place. This is from when EA and Microsoft were getting all the timed exclusives and Titanfall exclusivity.

We don't know what deal is in place. Sony PR always up plays it's own services. Look at the Tomb Raider Xbox exclusive response. They knew full well it's coming to PS4 but said that.

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It's not like they are doing it for the laugh and the article just ignores Sony's response.

The price increase looking at the exchange rates they actually get less Yen out of the 1 month and 3 month in Euro compared to the dollar. The price increases brings up back in line with other regions.

The Euro have been weakened greatly and businesses have to adjust. I had to increase my prices in my shop on a lot of items because I am not getting the return ...

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PGS is the second biggest show in Europe. Still 275,000 attended last year

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It's not a Final Fantasy game without Chocobo's, Tonberries, Cactuars or the Victory fanfare.

Hopefully all will be included.

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It really depends, I like remasters if they do more than up the framerate and resolution like The Uncharted Collection.

I do prefer new games first, remasters second and backwards compatibility last.

For me BC is last because I don't really plan on going back to last generation games for a long while as there are too many new games coming out in the next year. If a remaster of a game is release it will bump it up the must play list.

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Ratchet Future series Remastered

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Lucky it is more than that. They are rebalancing the 3 games and adding features from the third game to the two others.

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They mentioned that these changes had to be made in order to contain the story down to one game. It seems to me that the challenge that they faced with Nojima's script was that it was part of the Fabula Nova Crystallis mythology, and undoubtedly contained fal'Cie and l'Cie

For all we know, Stella was a l'Cie that Noctis had to face down, reversing the stakes of XIII, truly being Versus XIII.

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A price cut with a COD bundle or a Star Wars bundle would give Sony momentum.

The US might still be a battleground but Sony has Europe on lockdown.

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Didn't see these articles when Microsoft never attended any Gamescom.

Seriously these articles need to stop, there was nothing in the conference that would give them the upper hand especially in Europe where the work needs to focus. It was all 2016 stuff most late 2016 stuff. It you look at the release dates so far nothing in the first 3 months, Quantum Break in April and then nothing again until September when another Forza gets announced.

Paris is at th...

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