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They should have just say they are not. Not giving a comment will start unneeded flame wars from Fanboys from both sides.
For example-
PSfanboy- M$ is leaving the console busines lolz

360fanboy- They are cutting it to release a bigger hard drive and giving the pro the 120GB hard drive. Expect 300gig to suspass the PS3 160GB. DD FTW #5
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I find it ironic that people say that RPGamer was the best review site and WKC was going to be terrible because they said so. #28
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It is still worth a play. Rent it first and see. They get it cheap. I played Lair and Haze so I have a low standard of games especially DAH.

I hope THQ will sell it and EA buy it as well. #2.2
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Yes Pandemic games were good and DAH 2 was the best version and I will have to play it again. I played it for the humor and it delivered. #1.2
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I bought the game on the PS3. The graphics are not the best but graphics are not everything.

The humor is still there and pop culture references kept me amused.

Crypto body snatching a Jack Nicholson look-a-like and destroying a Scientologist like cult was funny. #2
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In all fairness he reviewed the Japanese version we don't know how the English version will do.

Level 5 have used epic voice actors in previous games so that should improve the score a little.

RPG fan gave Suikoden 2 80-84%
Dark Cloud 70-83%
Final Fantasy XII 97%

I wouldn't take his reviews to heart. #3.5
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May I ask what paper you write for? #18.1
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I wonder what the theme of the game will be this time.

ICO- Save girl from a Castle
SOTC- Revive girl by defeating giants.
Team Ico third project- ?/PROFIT

It won't be SOTC 2 but I enjoy whatever they make. #25
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There are numerous places Atlantis can be.

1. Off the coast of Ireland.
2. Middle of the atlantic .
3. Off the coast of Spain
4. In the Mediterranean the Island of Santorini.

I would say it would have been number 4.

Santorini or Thera was an Island that disappeared in a day and a night and inspired Plato of Atlantis. #5.2
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Controller Issues
“We have not stopped looking into the complaints and will see what we can do about it.”

Hope there will be no change #11
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Scare tactics work unfortunatley but advert like this will have little impact like the picture of blacked lungs on ciggurette packets. It did little to stop people smoking.

I had some back experiences I lost a friend who loved sports and his heart could not take it and died on the pitch playing football for his team. Another instance is next door to where I am working died after lifting a heavy box up a ladder. He had one medals for cross country running.

So ther... #4.2
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Change4Life campaign is stupid I saw another one yesterday.

It is a picture of a little girl with a cup cake and in big writing
"Is a premature death so tempting"

It was an advert for diabetes. It is just a scare tactics and I just recycled the advert. I bet these people who started the campaign are the same people who hit Mandleson with the green custard. #4
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I fall under the old gameboy in this category #5
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Enjoyed the first one and I will be defintly getting this one. #1
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Another low score but I bought it and I am enjoying it. #1
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I loved Prince of Persia and I did not hesitate to get the DLC. #5
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I love all the Final Fantasy games and I love FF XII equal with all others. #5
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As the saying goes
"it ain't over until the fat lady sings" and the fat lady has not appeared at the opera hall yet.

The 360 has still a way to go. It the PS3 was to curl up and die then may be but this won't happen.

One big question for me is now many people are Playstation fans at heart waiting for a PS3 prise cut. I personally know 10 who have 360s for the wait. All the articles about a price drop will stop people thinking there is one in the near future. #16
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I looked up FF VII and said "Sony Computers Entertainment presents" but do Sony still have the rights as SE didn't publish games back them.

Edios had rights to the PC version but SE bought them so...

Sony would have received dividends from SE but profits are in short supply and they have people on the Board of Directors.

I don't know how they would allow FF XIII go multiplatform. #15.2
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SE said they want the 360 to succeed in Japan and they need to put RPG's on the 360 to do that. I don't think the SE received money they are just testing the water.

This strategy has partly succeed and partly fail. The 360 has increased presents in Japan but they don't have the lasting power like the Wii or PS3 in the Japanese charts.

The huge amount of RPG's have past and we will see what will happen now.

We have 3 options
1. They did recei... #14
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