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First we see articles saying the PS3 needs a price cut. Now with a rumors of one we are getting articles saying it will change nothing.

Off topic when did the 360 get the price cut? Was it last October or November?

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Will there be a key note or something like that. I prefer to hear it from the horses mouth than read it in an article.

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I got the game today and it is a bit like Chrono Trigger but with alternate dimensions than time travel. I am enjoying it.

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It looks like the whole industry jumped the gun again. I was right to be cautious yesterday as the press release didn't say exclusive.

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Is this a joke right? This wasn't in the movie...or was it?

I haven't seen it so I don't know.

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I don't see the word exclusive which is important nowadays so I will wait until 2010 and see.

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I will get the PC version sometime but as it is not on the PS3 it won't be a first day man be 3 months after release.

I will have so may games to play around Christmas it would take me months to catch up.

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PSN is nearly on the same level as Live. I don't need game chat the text massaging is all I need.

One feature I like is they put full retail games up on PSN. I read on GameFAQ's why didn't the 360 do the same and the general consensus was that you actually didn't own the game just renting it and could be lost if the hard drive gets damaged. Kind of a damper on Microsofts plans for DD.

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I will miss the parade this year as I have to work. Double pay is hard to pass up.

A virtual parade I prefer to watch it on tv it is far better.

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Fanboys keep saying this but I don't believe it.

I thought so but at E3 last year after the big announcment I am more worried about what will happen this year. Saying that the rest of the show was bland.

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I have the same problem as well. I need two months off to clear even a third of the backlog. I have yet to play DMC4 and I got so much on DS as well.

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I was hoping for a pack for St Patricks Day. They did one for Chinese new year and I will be disappointed if there is none.

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LucasArts I can't give a monkeys **** about Star wars. Speaking of Monkeys MAKE ANOTHER MONKEY ISLAND

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I am not sure they asked the right questions.

Which of the following older consoles do you still play with? (Sample size=1,040, multiple answer)
Votes Percentage
Playstation 2 414 39.8%
Playstation 1 64 15.8%

Which next generation consoles do you have? (Sample size=334, multiple answer)
Votes Percentage
Wii 256 76.6%
Playstation 3 123 36.8%
Xbox360 39 11.7...

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SE have some making up to do. At the moment it would be like walking into a junk yard with prime steak around your neck. SE are going to be attacked one way or the other.

I hope we get a St. Patricks day Sackboy this week on the EU store.

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I am more interest in that Perfect Prosecutor collector edition. It look amazing.

On topic- Good numbers how did Star Ocean fair this week. I can't find it in the page.

edit: HA HA Godot coffee cup epic

Interesting fact for you all. On the 140 major European wars since 1495 they won 50 Austria 47 and England 43.

Since 300bc they won 109, lost 49 and drew 10.

Don't mess with the French.

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A Star Ocean on the DS would be like Crisis Core on the DS it would not have the game feeling. For me I feel less emotion towards the characters if they are a few pixels but on the PSP they may resemble more like Humans and have more of a feel for the characters.

I will be getting Suikoden on the DS this Friday and I have to see how it will fair.

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Thats true but the tips are still good even if they help the PS3 running 20 years or longer. I have Sony cassette player that is at least 30 years old and still works fine.

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Some good tips but you don't have to be super sensitive with it. The PS3 fan works well.

I will thing I will go and clean the vents now.

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