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They have started early. It has just passed midnight and there are already out.

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There might be a price drop announcement tomorrow but we won't know until them.

At E3 two years ago the flatly denied a price cut on the Monday then at the Keynote on Wednesday they announced a price drop.

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She is good looking ut there is very little real there.

The chest is obviously implants and the butt is fake you can see it is part of the costume.

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If the 360 was not getting it I would be looking forward to getting it on a world wide release but sadly I now have to wait longer.

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Wow those screens are amazing. The kitties are cute as well.

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That didn't happen last year. MS announcing FF XIII shocker overshadowed Sonys conference.

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That was an excellent touch lets hope something like that will happen again. The most boring part became one of the best parts.

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So that would be 7pm GMT I think. Hard to know especially with the time change at the weekend.

I will try to book that afternoon off.

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I know it can't fit on the DVD9 but I thiught that Kojima was not directing it this time. The new director might not be as big as a perfectionist as Kojima.

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There was a screen at the end of Kojima keynote with MGS5 written on it.

It might be PS3 exclusive but we don't know yet. They are assuming that MGS4 was exclusive the new one will be as well.

edit: why the disagrees and the bubble loss.

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I think my wallet is after hanging itself after this announcement.

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It is insomniac so anything can happen.

You should enter the weapon competition with that idea.

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I was hoping a new Zelda game would be announced but it looks like another casual game but I could be wrong.

edit it looks like the usual zelda game with a new machanic like the boat in Phantom Hourglass.

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It will be interesting to see what he comes up with.

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Thanks for the link bubbles for you.

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Sorry but I can't access the site at the moment so how could I have read it.

wtf I lost a bubble for asking a question. I phrased the above question wrong sorry.

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Does anyone know if there is a keynote or something were they will announce well anything?

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Could be also true but you think they would say something when the announced the EU release date.

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It will be interesting to hear what he will say.

Iwata- Due to the decrease demand for the Wii we will milk Zelda and Mario again to rake in the money of our demoralized Hardcore games.

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This has to done on purpose. Most games this gen have been coming out at the same time in the US and Europe so I don't know why it is taking so long.

edit: I have a theory
Blue Dragon- EU 24/08/07 US 28/08/07 360 exclusive
Eternal Sonata- EU 19/10/07 US 17/09/07 360 exclusive then multi
Infinite Undiscovery- EU 05/09/08 US 02/09/08 360 exclusive
Star Ocean: The Last Hope- EU June 2009 US 23/02/09 360 exclusive rumor multi
Tales of Vesperia- EU...

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