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Suikoden is good for doing that. In suikoden 1 you recruit nearly all of the Enemy Generals. In Suikoden 2 it was Kiba and Klaus.

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It is Steve Ballmer Chief Executive Officer of Microsoft.

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But here I have the cloak of anonymity while on facebook you use your real name.etc.
I don't like sites like facebook and I avoid them like the plague.

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Looking at the Reno one makes me want the Final Fantasy pack even more.

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I hate these social network websites. You never find me on one

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Its true


edit: Looking at the date it was posted it might be an April fools.

The date is Tuesday 31 March 2009 11:18 pm. But there is no story saying it was a joke a week on.

I am a dragonball fan until they stopped showing it on Cartoon Network in the UK. They moved it to another cartoon network chann...

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They can't cut the price as the PS3 is competing in a different market at the same time.

If you cut the PS3 price companys like sharp or sansung will complain as they can't lower the price and they will lose sale. In an extreme they will stop producing players and slow the uptake in the format.

I got 2 PS3 and a Sony player. I am lucky as my governments budget yesterday has raped me and I am still walking funny.

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2/10 it is like they are reviewing the movie.

I will give the movie a go when it appears on BD.

It is scary that fox is planning a sequel to be released next year.

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It will be interesting to see what happens.

Sony could have other games to announce as they showed off half there PSP releases and the other half at E3.

Nintendo seeing slower sales might bring out the old reliables like a Mario and Zelda.

MS being silent like last year ended with that big upset and I wonder what they will try to get next. They might bring another lips or in the movies and Halo possibly Alan Wake and a few others.

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I will be getting TOV and if my theory is right Star Ocean as well.

I have about 10 hand held RPGs I have yet to play.

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VC is epic and so it the other games you mentioned. I am a die hard Suikoden fan and have a near perfect collection.

I like trophies and this game deserves them and it would make me play again even though I have a backlog of games. I got MGS4 at launch and I have yet to play it.

Off topic- What is so good about Crono Trigger. I have played it and I have yet to see what makes it epic. I have yet to finish it. I just revived Crono and I wonder it its the end of som...

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Lord of the Rings will be epic on blu-ray. All I want now is Battlestar Galactica and I will be happy. Stardust will be good as well.

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All I need is trophy support on top of the dlc and this game becomes truly epic.

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If this fanboys rage is more wide spread than it appears it could be bad for MS. Japanese gamers will wait and see if a better PS3 version will appear of 360 JRPGs past, present and future.

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It must be an older version of the game with all the polish not applied.

It could be damage control but I am looking forward to it anyway.

I have seen on other forums fanboys claiming the demo will be what the 360 version will look like and the full game will be the better version on the PS3.

Sad I know but just enjoy the demo.

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Guillermo del Toro would be good. But he will be directing the Hobbit.

Peter Jackson would also be a good choice.

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This says it all. /joke

If it is true it would be good.

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I thought it was a port of the original worms but this looks like Worms 2 a better game. I will be getting this then.

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Confirmed Altair this time round it Leonardo da Vinci.


I wonder if it will have anything to do with the royal blood story.

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I hope it is longer but making it less repetitive is a good thing but I hope there is no major change to the gameplay. It would become the Warrior Within of this gen.

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