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Not likely it will die of loneliness before that. #36.3
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Yes those as well.

I edit my post with the other games you mentioned before you published it.

Anyway bubbles. #2.2
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This is a joke

"EA dropped support for Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 and never even considered bringing Command & Conquer 3 to the system."

As we know it is back on and it is the superior version to boot.

"Destroy All Humans! Path of the Furon. Tales of Vesperia was published by Namco Bandai only on the Xbox 360 because, according to them, the PS3 development platform was not ready when development on the game began."... #2
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I feel your pain I am still waiting for the Breen language patch. #9.1
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The third one was garbage but I like the first one and I heard good things about the second one.

My garbage list
Arc the lad TOTS
Xenosaga considering I second one was released in Europe and the first was sumerised on a DVD and they didn't release the third one.

This is off the top of my head there are more. #54.1
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Look at the last Photo the guy behind the cosplayers says it all. #1
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I am an RPG fan I have over 50 of them in my collection currently and I have to say I played some god awful ones and gems. Star Ocean 3 was the worst one in my collection and I am currently playing the PSP version of the first and second one Arc the lad TOTS was just as bad.

I still have hope in this version even though I can't play it for principle reasons but it saddens me they SE have ignored PS3 fans but this is the last title we know of that has 360 exclusivity. SE say it... #49
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Yes they did score well but they didn't sell well. Blue Dragon for instance has sold less than WKC and that has been out two weeks.

It is sad the SE have to use MS money as a buffer for poor sales but I am surprised they didn't release it on the PS3 in Japan even to make a natural profit not free money profit.

It is funny also 360 fanboys are comparing sales to score. It was yesterday one of them stated that it is not the review scores tha... #2.19
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LOL at the picture. #2
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It is like a class system on PS3s

1st Class has the full BC

2nd Class has part BC

3rd Class has no BC

I have seen people going about doing this. #20.2
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Wow another reason to buy the game. #3
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I see what you are coming from.

I play checkers before I get owned in Resistance.

I prefer to text as I only have a few English speaking friends on my list and the ones that do speak English I can't understand them with the accent.

Anyway I am a RPG fan I don't like FPS games. I like resistance 2 though but I am a human target most of the time online and people are not quiet about it so I just turn on mute every match.

It is most lik... #2.8
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Why is cross game chat be important? I don't consider it to be. I would rather just text them or meet in HOME. I can't concentrate on my game if I am having a conversation at the same time. #2.6
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They could just keeping it quiet. Just today they said they unveiled Home too early just may be they learned something from that. #2.2
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To each his own I guess

I for one won't be using a PC as a TV and proper HD content won't fit on movie collectors hard drives. There need to release at least 100TB drives before I even consider it.

Broadband is poor here at leass. Steam depending on the game will take 6 or 7 houses for a small file. #3.4
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DD will only appeal to some. I have a 60" TV so I will always buy or rent. It is crazy that someone would want to use their PC to want movies.

I have over 200 DVDs and I have 20 BDs and it is growing. I am waiting for the release of the 4 Die hard film and the 4 Indiana Jones films come to blu-ray. #3
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You are complaining about it but you are approving it what is us with that. #1.1
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Its a lame article. Most of the points that are made have been disproven and the rest he uses some minor issues.

DD will be good for some yes but until they can get it look like Blu-ray it will not interest me. DD is far more restictive then people think. To me it is like buying out of date meat just because it is cheaper. #2
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That is good. I can't wait to see others.

Here is a Micheal Jackson one. #4
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I prefer oblivion. The world felt more alive. I don't know why but Fallout was a disappointment. #5
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