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I don't think Crash will translate well in this generation. What worked back then won't work now. He will end up in the same place as Sonic.

Suikoden is a must and I hope TGS this year will change that.

There is rumour of a Simon the Sorcerer Kickstarter in the works so that might come back soon.

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It's been called conference of the decade by some of the media.

People say Microsoft won E3 2014 yet they have 2 games out Christmas 2016, one stuck in Limbo and one delayed a year. They had mostly multiplatform bundles as well and last year was considered great for then as well.

FFVII and Shenmue are 2017.

But you forget about Uncharted 5, Horizon and No Man's Sky.

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Of all the Quiets outfits I like her Gray Fox one the best.

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"I'm sure people come up with the usual excuses of not having enough time, or more money than sense. Of course there are always people turning a blind eye to monetization like this."

They may be excuses but it doesn't make them any less true. People do have lives outside gaming and they really want that gun but it might take him 2 weeks to unlock and paying $2 for it and get it now is worth it to him.

Developer's need to find other sourc...

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I fail to see the controversy with microtransactions and announced single player dlc before release.

Firstly the dlc, there are very few examples of this content being cut from the game and asked to pay for it. I am not saying it doesn't happen but it is rare when it does. Assassin's Creed 2 is an example with 2 memories locked out.

They have to a long term plan for the product and the dlc is decided upon at a early stage but doesn't go into ful...

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Lucky you can unlock all that stuff as you play the game. The microtransactions are just quicker. Uncharted 3 multiplayer didn't suffer because of microtransactions and this one won't either.

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Announce Suikoden VI. For the love of God announce Suikoden VI.

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That a strange reviews, it basically faults the PS4 version for changing too much from the Vita version.

Developer's can't win. Get a lower score review for a direct port with just a resolution bump. But now getting a lower score because they added content.

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Microsoft had a fair year so far. They have the timed exclusives in Elite Dangerous, Never Winter and Tomb Raider. Remasters in Rare and Gears and full exclusives in Halo and Forza.

Next year will be good for both consoles.

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Good to know. I saved money not buying the UE just because of backwards compatibility in November.

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"please provide dates for the JRPG's you have listed coming out on PS4"


Dragon Quest Heroes 10/13
Tales of Zestiria 10/20
Disgaea 5 10/06

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My mistake, I thought the Battle of Jakku dlc was exclusive. Apologies

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As LoveSpud said play early for 6-10 hours, get addict and left waiting for a week to continue.

It's more down to how patient you are than how big a fan you are. I am a huge Tomb Raider fan but I am waiting an entire year to play it.

Buy an Xbox and game - play 10 hours early
Buy a PS4 and game - Get exclusive content and a themed console which you can continue to enjoy long after the novelty of playing first has gone.

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Love these goal post moving articles which completely ignore everything Sony has already released this year to focus on 3 or 4 months at the end of the year.

"Microsoft, for example, has a huge first-party and/or exclusive game every month until the end of the year."

Ignored the fact Sony released a first party and/or console exclusive game every month so far this year.

"Last week, the company started early by releasing Gears o...

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A week early for about 6 hours then you have to wait until it releases.

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Backwards compatibility give them something to play until April when Quantum Break is released and again after when Forza gets released in September.

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This game will be my highlight of October. I can't wait.

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Thanks for the link

This is the breakdown for anyone who is interested.
PS4 16
Xbox 13
360 6
PS3 2
PC 1
WiiU 1
3DS 1

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Just for some clarification it's a summer chart and doesn't take much to be number one.

The average this week for Rare Replay 6,000 copies sold and 20,000 since it launched. I seen the numbers on Gaf and they are a good approximation for the numbers.

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Another big factor is Europe. The main reason the PS3 caught up was Europe and the reason the PS4 is so far ahead.

If the PS3 and 360 launched at the same time not 18 months apart in Europe the numbers would be a lot closer.

If the Xbox One had a perfect launch I think the PS4 will still be winning but by a lot narrower margin.

It also didn't help being called a Tier 2 country.

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