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"please provide dates for the JRPG's you have listed coming out on PS4"


Dragon Quest Heroes 10/13
Tales of Zestiria 10/20
Disgaea 5 10/06 #18.1.2
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My mistake, I thought the Battle of Jakku dlc was exclusive. Apologies #17.3.2
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As LoveSpud said play early for 6-10 hours, get addict and left waiting for a week to continue.

It's more down to how patient you are than how big a fan you are. I am a huge Tomb Raider fan but I am waiting an entire year to play it.

Buy an Xbox and game - play 10 hours early
Buy a PS4 and game - Get exclusive content and a themed console which you can continue to enjoy long after the novelty of playing first has gone. #17.3
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Love these goal post moving articles which completely ignore everything Sony has already released this year to focus on 3 or 4 months at the end of the year.

"Microsoft, for example, has a huge first-party and/or exclusive game every month until the end of the year."

Ignored the fact Sony released a first party and/or console exclusive game every month so far this year.

"Last week, the company started early by releasing Gears o... #18
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A week early for about 6 hours then you have to wait until it releases. #17.1
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Backwards compatibility give them something to play until April when Quantum Break is released and again after when Forza gets released in September. #7.2.1
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This game will be my highlight of October. I can't wait. #2
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Thanks for the link

This is the breakdown for anyone who is interested.
PS4 16
Xbox 13
360 6
PS3 2
PC 1
WiiU 1
3DS 1 #6.1
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Just for some clarification it's a summer chart and doesn't take much to be number one.

The average this week for Rare Replay 6,000 copies sold and 20,000 since it launched. I seen the numbers on Gaf and they are a good approximation for the numbers. #3
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Another big factor is Europe. The main reason the PS3 caught up was Europe and the reason the PS4 is so far ahead.

If the PS3 and 360 launched at the same time not 18 months apart in Europe the numbers would be a lot closer.

If the Xbox One had a perfect launch I think the PS4 will still be winning but by a lot narrower margin.

It also didn't help being called a Tier 2 country. #17
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It's a fake survey #38
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So nothing for Ireland and the UK.

I have not preordered it because I was waiting for the CE they mentioned on the blog. #6
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Is there anything this man doesn't like? #14
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Microsoft announced more first party games but 2 of them were announced 14 months ago and won't be released for another 14 months.

Sony seem to have shortened the wait period between announcing and the release. The Last Guardian is an exception. #11.1
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Microsoft could have easily skipped Gamescom as well. They had 2 good shows but if they didn't spend so much time with Hololens they would have had one amazing show and might have outclassed Sony.

I don't know why they showed Hololens when the first generation won't be used for gaming. Crackdown needed more time in the oven as did Scalebound. If they were left until E3 next year and worked out the the technical issues it would have been amazing. #12
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It gives me a initiative to trying something I normally would not try.

I enjoy collecting them. I was that kid in school who would go that extra mile for that gold star under their name. #11
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Microsoft have a lot to do in Europe. The up to 90% marketshare for PS4 is not a good start.

Gamescom while a good show did nothing to incentives people in Europe to buy an Xbox. It was more of a 2016 show with repeats of E3.

Then software sales are poor outside the UK. Greece has no Xbox games in the top 10, neither did Spain, Italy, France and Sweden. In the German top 100, 36 were PS4 and 6 were Xbox.

They need to develop more games that... #5
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It you convert Euro to Yen they receive less money from the 1 month and 3 months compared to the dollar. But the 12 months they receive the same amount. #5.1.1
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Also Gamestop will make a killing on 360 games. #1.1.2
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How is it derailing from its vision when they are compensating for the poor exchange rates? #5
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