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I think it's Link's sister.

We might be playing at both. #6
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Or is could be the fact he was voted in back in April when Nintendo asked who they would like to see as a Smash Character. I remember Cloud getting a decent following during that time so I am not surprised when it happened.

I think people are jumping to conclusions on this. Just like the Wii U was meant all these games like this gif.
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Sony's PR
“We are truly humbled by the success of the PlayStation 4 and look forward to celebrating with our fans at PlayStation Experience in December,” a Sony spokesperson said. “Thank you to our community for making PlayStation 4 the top selling console globally.”

Congratulations to Halo. #31
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It won't really affect any Remasters.

If a company wanted to remaster a game they have 30 million PS4 gamers and 16 or so million Xbox players to choose from. Publishers could potentially but unlikely make the remaster on PS4 and use backwards compatibility on the Xbox. #2
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It's possible,

They released Uncharted 3 in October and announced The Last of Us at the Spike Game Awards in December. #5.1
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It will take longer to cross that 11 minutes as you will get distracted by all the different things to do.

If it's anything like Fallout 3 DC itself was a huge zone by itself outside the wasteland. #15
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It was a good conference, it had something for everyone, most genres were covered in that conference. #3
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It is like Star Wars... Episode 1-3

It is also like Star Wars that the original 3 are far better than the last 3. #21
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Thank you kindly,

I hate how reviews are left to the last minute. #14.1.1
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When are the reviews meant to come out? #14
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Now I will be able to watch Sony's Paris conference on my TV instead on the Pc. #9
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Took me about 6 months to get the Fallout 3 platinum. I didn't go for the New Vegas platinum as you have to play multiple times. There was no way I was going to spend 100 hours each to play through them all. #8.1
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Seriously they should have started with the Wii U.

I would have spent far longer playing Hyrule Warriors if they had them.

Dragon Quest Heroes will be played for far longer. #4.1
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Also the games they announce in Paris will be freshly in peoples minds and influence their purchase. #20.1
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Halo is a big title and I still see Xbox "winning" but by a smaller margin.

Sony's Paris conference is on the same day as Halo's release. Sony could unleash some megaton to take some wind out of Halo's sails and get people talking about that rather than Halo.

Microsoft could lower the price again but they are already selling at a loss, digging the hole deeper is not a good idea. #19
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How COULD I forget Horizon.

*Smacks self* #4.1.1
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Paris Games Week is the second biggest show in Europe but it never got much attention until Sony decided to move the conference there this year. Frankly I never heard of it until Sony mentioned it.

Can't wait for the conference, Media Molecule, Quantic Dream and possibly Ubisoft with the new Far Cry. #4
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I watched the unboxing and I am still getting it.

It's €100, so that's €60 for the game, the slime is about €20 and I assume it's €20 to make the keychain, lanyard and the box.

It's the first Dragon Quest Special Edition to reach the west and they are playing it safe. If the game sells I hope they will provide better Special Editions in the future. #3
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The hoodie is a higher quality than on the Bethesda store. Loot Crate said it's worth $60 alone. #1.2
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If there is a western price cut it will be in Paris.

The conference is the same day as Halos release and just at the beginning of the Christmas shopping season.

It will take a bit of Halo's limelight and set Sony up for a good Christmas period. #11
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