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same, it looks far far better imo #1.1
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I don't read it either, it's always been about more than just boobs lol. as 14 year olds we only just skipped to the boobs, there is always articles on games, sports and news.

its basically maxim but with full on nudity :D #4.2
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You personally review a game don't you? as do other users, so why not a playboy writer?

you do know playboy magazine doesn't only have tits in it right? lol #4.1
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Spot on Baka,

honestly thiss game and ff13 has the most intentional hate i've ever seen.

they buy it even though they claim they hated the demo (even though they enjoyed it) then they bash it.

the complain that part 5 is too bright, that you can't walk and aim, and that its not scary.

then in re6 they complain that you can aim and walk, then complain its too dark, and even though the game is pretty tough, even on normal... #2.2.1
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didn't the game ship 26 million or something insane like that?

either way Im loving the game, Leon's side so far atleast. difficulty is def a big step from 4 and 5, and it's atleast the hardest game of its genre, compared to the laughably easy deadspace.

some odd design choices but the game is fun atleast.

so much hate on this game though its insane.

the old RE classic games were judged back then for being the same... #1.2.1
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Mika is trolling because he likes a game? wait what #1.2.1
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funny because me and my fiance are loving it. If the old school players dont like leon's campaign there is a problem. It's way tougher than RE4 and 5. more enemies, You die a lot, the ammo runs out so fast, your stamina drops to zero if your grabbed.

i can understand the hate for chris' campaign, but not leons #1.2.1
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it does suck that its so hard to unlock. I know there are certain moves that you can do that the ai cant beat, but its still annoying. even on normal the game isn't easy.

on legend.....thats insane #1.4
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the engine has needed an update since before it first came out, it looks like a dated original xbox title. #5.2
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hey, its the zombie game that isn't scary what so ever and is super easy that everyone loves. (except for me ofcourse haha)

well good news for fans eitherway #1.1
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Sorry Kind sir, the stuff rubs off sometimes. for those of you who do not understand Urban speech.

Nah = No. Im good = Im fine without it

Rat's Booty was a way to dodge saying Rat's A$$ :D.

I mean I could Say Bollocks, I don't Give a Bloody Damn about trophies, Perhaps it would be more understandable to you? #4.1.1
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I can give a rats Booty about trophies, So nah, im good #4
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Honestly, the closest thing this gen to survival horror is Dark/demons souls

yeah its not a horror game, but the setting, the atmosphere, the tremendous fear you have of whats around the corner, the knowledge that you can die from anything.

I think its one of the reasons the souls games are so successful.

Imagine a game like thhe souls series without the swords that was focused on being a survival horror. #10
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while Zombie-u could be promising, it doesn't have much lasting appeal....Ok wait thats wrong, It will be one of those things that once you beat it, it will be easy and fast.....

well what im trying to say is the game wont be that long what so ever since you start completely over.

I think its a good idea but maybe if they expand on it and do something like Dark/Demons souls, where you do start over but you try to unlock easy access points.

that wa... #3.2
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not even close. just like when people hated on DMC4, we got the New DMC instead.

capcom will think the series is failing because its not western enough, so they hand it back to racoon city guys.

that is the future of RE. #10.1
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Lol perhaps not goty, but it is very fun :P #1.1.1
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heck yes! #1
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? Nope, Me and fiance absolutely loved re5, beat it 4 times straight.

We love the tiny bit we played and can't wait to get back to it after she finishes her anatomy test.

lol nothing wrong with me enjoying it. if you don't like it, its cool, borderlands 2 just came out so go enjoy that great game.

Some people Like drugs, some people Like getting punched in the balls, Some people like cliff diving, Some enjoy smoking, and some enjoy Re... #1.1.1
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Fantastic Game #1
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yes, yes it is. I think the problem is reviewers are way too bias these days. hey review Genre's they don't even enjoy, which honestly makes no sense.

obviously If i reviewed madden 2013 i would give it a .01/100 because I hate madden, but why would you take my review seriously?????

then why do people take most other reviews seriously?

if people want a game to fail they only think that the bad reviews count, if they want the game to... #1
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