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It says in the article that he has threatened and wanted to kill her before. He just used the game as a final excuse and he clearly had problems. If my boys were troubled I would never even think about buying them a gun.

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And I think that is where it killed Gearbox because their head guy was saying that.

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Sorry, but I played it on the 360. They only gave us 360 and PC copies, so I wouldn't be able to tell you any experiences with that. The one glitched that annoyed me was losing the sound for some reason, but it only happened twice.

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Yep, like I said, if you enjoyed the first you'll like this, and if you didn't there is no point in even thinking about this game. And you bring up so very good points, but I still like making weird weapons to beat zombies faces in.

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Yeah, if you didn't like the first there is no point at all on getting this one. The game was good, but it wasn't anything great at the same time either. I still had fun playing it though.

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Not a problem. I hope it helps you out.

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I can agree with that, but remember with a betty you can just crouch down to avoid its damage ; )

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The reason why I made this class was for people I knew who never used their secondary or equipment. I thought it was a waste to do that, so I thought about making a class for that. However, I'm going to stick to Black Ops 2 for two more episodes before I move on. They both will have all 10 slots filled and one of them I'm going to make really interesting.

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I could have listed 100 and people would still be mad at me : /

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While I think Liquid is up there is bad guys I always found him to be to preachy and bored me at times.

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