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I feel uncharted multiplayer wasnt tacked on tho. UC2 was amazing online but UC3 felt like they tried to do too much which I didnt like but alot of ppl still enjoyed it. I thought ND nailed the multiplayer with TLOU which I feel is one of the best multiplayers out there. It can only get better with UC4 online with what ND has learned. OT tho tombraider was never about multiplayer to begin with so i glad they are focusing on the campaign because it looks to be an awesome game.

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I think the genre that xb1 lacks in are jrpg's this gen compared to last gen. Surprised they havent announced a Lost Odyssey 2.

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I think MS is finally showing the capabilities cloudgaming has to offer & its a great step forward but talented devs like Naughty Dog have proven they can create great games without it. This is just a bonus feat MS has for its devs & 3rd party teams willing to take advantage of it cause of cost.

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Sony doesn't have to prove anything. They proven every gen they deliver the goods. MS is doing great with their turnaround but they still have to prove they will keep this up through out the whole life cycle.

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I kinda agree but internet speeds are evolving the only thing that worries me is when the internet becomes the main priority of playing games I fear that internet services like comcast will cap their users & will milk us for more money. Hope it never happens.

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Yeah I forgot to mention that they wont have the multiplayersfor UC2 & UC3 in there but the campaign alone will make u love the series & the Beta for UC4 is a plus because UC4 looks EPIC. Cant wait.

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I think its worh it for those who never played the series most butalso for fans who love the series & love the multiplayer. I feel the Beta will be badazz so im buying it for that and replay the series again.

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1 year exclusive may not sound like much but its a big deal to die hard fans of the series especially if they dont own an xb1. I dont like these kind of deals but it does help boost sales for these corporations.

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I cannot believe this news. What a huge loss to not only the gaming industry but especially his family. Im still shocked. Wow i still cant believe this. RIL Mr. Iwata.

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I can agree with that but I forgot to also add that I am also helping fund shenmue because I enjoyed 1 & 2 very much. I feel if the dev has a good history with the games they create, most likely I will enjoy the game. So yes if their track record is good most likely the game will be good. It would be a different story if it was a different director beind the game then id be more skeptical but its the original director so i have faith it will be a good game.

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See for me I feel that a kickstarter for games that are classics are more meaningful to gamers because we KNOW what to EXPECT from the game & what were GETTING compared to a small team just tryin to fund a NEW PROJECT that we dont know what to EXPECT out of it. I would rather spend money on a game I wanted a sequel to then wste it on an average or new game were not even SURE will be ANYGOOD.

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The Vita can handle ps4 games even online. I dont see how a WiiU game would be any different unless the dev does a lousy job. Just saying.

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^^^Sorry tried to edit & it double posted my comment.

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I can agree with that but then again takin advantage of Morpheous or Hololens could ENHANCE the "EXPIRIENCE" on a whole nother level if Ubisoft actually tried taking advantage of Morpheous & Hololens & do remember they have more power to work with, with the ps4/XB1 so imagine them using the engine for the division or assassins creed for the new Zombie game. That alone would bring the immersion to another level for the player & with VR would also add another level of imme...

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I kind of agree but then again if they used it on Morpheous or Hololens I believe it can be better then the pad especially if u can use the Vita or an IPad or Tablet to do the same thing as the WiiU Pad did.

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I find it funny how ppl make fun of QTE's in other games yet they loved TWD Seies lol smh.

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ANY corporation with the money that MS has would just buy up anything that can make MORE money out of, that includes Sony & Nintendo if they had that kind of money. Lucky for them there is a LIMIT to wat u can go after otherwise if it was up to MS they would just buy up the best 3rd party IP's & as timed exclusive's & force gamers to have to buy an xb1 just like they did with Tomb Raider which sold %70 more on ps4. That is proof that MS will go out on a limb to sway ps4 ga...

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I feel like alot of japanese devs last gen tried too hard to attract the western crowd and kinda lost alot of fans in the process. Im glad they went back to their roots. The more JRPG's, the better.

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WOW I cannot believe what I just watched. If that doesn't make u want a ps4 then I dnno what else can. I think if they showed this at the conference E3 wouldve melted lol. Damn I still cant believe the mud physics & that fire look so freakin real & that car chase omg that just blew my undies right off. Simply unreal.

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She did a great job but i feel TLOU writer did a better job. He also helped her with UC2 story aswell. UC4 should go out with a bang.

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