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Im all for it. Looks like ppl dont agree & like seeing the same tracks & just drive around doing nothing lol. #8.1.1
We need more twisted metal type games. Kinda tired of seeing all these racers. Their cool but I want to blow other cars up. #8
Lol whatever makes u sleep better at night mate.

Edit: Sony is doing very well with sales. Good sign for more awesome games on the way. #6.1.2
Yup I agree mate. Or a new AAA IP. #13.1.1
Well wont that only hurt the user since they are the ones doing it. I say let users have mp3 playback but obviously have u read copy right & agree that anything u do that is copy right will be accounted to you & not the corporate. #4.1.1
I still can't believe they didn't have this feat at launch. I love my ps4 but Music Unlimited sux. I wonder or the XB1 has mp3 playback or do they have a Music Unlimited bullcrap service of their own. Oh well, hopefully this is true because it sux seeing that last gen systems had it. Wouldnt be surprised if the wii u already has this. SMH. #2
Great move by Sony. Square Enix has gone down hill. I really miss when they were Squaresoft. They are still alright in my book but, they aren't the one of the power houses like they use to be. Look how they have fallen off big time with JRPG's. They use to be the standard making everyone else try an catch up. Now since they tried to cator to a more western style approach, all the things that made them huge are all utter crap nowadays. Hope they comeback strong with the next FF game &a... #13
Great job Sony. They deserve it. Im kinda surprised MS has been quiet with their sales numbers. Not like their doing bad but its just odd because last gen they were usually always the 1st to announce sales for the month. #14
Im excited to try out the new weapons & perks in the multiplayer. This is going to be awesome especially in those new maps. Cant wait to play this & buy it again when it releases on the ps4. #4
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Agreed, Survivor mode actually put the player on their toes trying to sneak around & get stealth kills. U learn that bottles & bricks will become your best friend since u hardly get much ammo & supplies, it forces the player to be more cautious approaching every area u go. Even though there were times where I was low in supplies & ammo in very difficult areas, there were times I felt like there was no way I was going to pull it off but I would think back what Itachi would say,... #1.1.3
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Well DC Universe Online did do better on the ps3 then the pc version sales wise & now that the ps4 is up to pc standards the ps4 is just a better choice since it is selling very well & PC Devs are having an easier transition from pc to ps4 without having to run into alot of bottlenecks like the xb1. #4.1
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True but seeing that there are alot of fans of Sasuke & Naruto, there would be conflict between fans if one won over the other. I understand the writer is trying to keep both camps happy & also remember that Sasuke finally knows the truth about why his brother did what he did. If u look at it, Itach knew that the Uchiha Clan was cursed & obsessed with power which eventually they would have all ended up like Madara. Sasuke seems to have broken that hatred & may end up being a n... #2.2.2
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If u watched the last episode it brings more light to the table. He actually was very strong. It is starting to make sense now why Itachi wiped out his clan. I wont spoil it for others but I love that they are going back telling us more about Kakashi & Itachi & others.

Oh & the last manga chapter was awesome for both Naruto & Bleach. Cant believe we finally see Zaraki Kenpachi's Shikai. http://i.img... #2.2
PPl gonna hate but TLOU is coming & will make a big impact for the ps4 sales wise. #5
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Whats useless about being able to still play online while maintenance? Whats useless is trying to play a free 2 play game thats suppose to be free 2 play but u cant if u dont have an xbl account which basically means u will have to pay to play that game that was suppose to be free 2 play. Now thats useless. Same thing with using netflix. U cant even access that without paying an additional fee for xbl even if u aren't a big fan of online multiplayer games. Thats useless. #12.1.2
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Exactly I dont know what he is complaining about. If your already signed in & playing a game while the maintenance u will be just fine. #7.1
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Still though I would rather have this instead of forcing ppl who dont really care about online to pay for xbl just to use apps like netflix, hulu plus etc. etc. which u dont need ps plus to use & free 2 play games dont need ps plus. Those things alone is worse then anything u are complaining about. #8
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Dont be surprised if this next Uncharted game is darker with TLOU writers under the helm & Amy gone. #2.2
Gotta agree the campaign was good but the multiplayer was lousy. If anything maybe co op or horde mode would be cool. #1.4
I was excited about this game but there are alot of bad previews. I hope the final product improves before release. #9
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