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U guys should get an award for being the coolest hackers in the world lol. Bunch of losers. #11
It would be an ok idea if it were a similar game but The Witcher 3 is open world and a whole different experience compared to batman games so NO i dont agree with this article. #12
I agree, i swear this is why game reviews are rubbish because instead of reviewing a game for what it is, they deduct points because they wanted the game to play the way they wanted it to be. #1.3
E3 this year should be very exciting. #5
Exactly & exclusive dlc is a given. It makes alot of sense though why they would spend so much on these devs & the ip. #8.1.1
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In all honesty its only a good investment if they play their cards right & leave the game on all consoles. As much as the game sells, I dont believe limiting this kind of franchise to a single platform is a wise decision. MS will be smart to leave this game on as many platforms as possible. Jeopardising even one platform is giving up millions of potential users and sales. Its a win/win situation for MS so I would be surprised if they treat a franchise as such as just a exclusive especiall... #8
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I think you forgot to take your crazy meds lol. Anyways OT I always wanted to have crossplay. Would be fun to compete against other platforms. #6.1
Lol u sound like a few those who said the same about MGS4. QB looks to be a great game. Hopefully people actually buy it and support Remedy this time around. #6.1
You shouldn't of even commented. lol #4.1
Exactly but I do think this can be a success if it is affordable. If it is too much I can see PC users buying it but console owners dont like to spend too much on addons. #9.1
I agree medman but its definitely an impressive tech nonetheless. #1.1.4
See thats the problem with games nowadays. The lack of making a good campaign because they focus too much on multiplayer is ruining the single player experience. U need to understand that...

1. Nobody is forced to buy the game if they dont think it is worth the money.
2. U can always wait until its cheaper before buying it or buy it used for cheaper.
3. U can buy the game at launch & if you didnt like it, u can always trade it in and get credit to grab ano... #2.2
One of the most hilarious comments ive ever seen lol. #1.3
Never played a game that made me love Ellie & Joel so much. Im glad millions of ppl feel the same way. TLOU was an amazing game. #2
This is exactly what sets ND apart from the rest of the gaming industry. They will push to no bounds with what the ps4 has to offer. The crazy thing is UC4 will set a new benchmark & ND will push the tech even further to surpass UC4 with its next game. Its why I respect them so much because they strive for perfection in all their projects.

Edit: Below, Exactly. I still remembered when I 1st played Uncharted DF & was literally blown away at the jungle environment. Wit... #1.3
The ps4 & xb1 are both future proof consoles with different areas of weaknesses and strengths but not by as much as fanboys put it out to be. In the end of the day the "DEVS" are the ones who will show the true potential of each machine. Besides if u know your resources u will already know Sony strengths lie in hardware & MS in software tools. Like I said regardless of which platform is weaker or stronger, the "DEVS" will showcase each machines strengths & weak... #9.1.2
Well this does look awesome but the price is the real question and doesn't look like it will be cheap. #15.1
It looks amazing but from that demo it dont look like its going to be cheap. I mean if Kinect itself is $100 to $150 and its not even close to the capabilities of what this can do, this could range $500 & up. Id be surprised if it was cheaper. #14.1
This game will not be for everyone but for those who enjoy a dark scifi with wolves & baddazz guns & storyline. Count me in. #3
Pacman was just about eating pellets & ghost yet it was very repetitive it was still an awesome game. I dont understand why people complain so much about repetitiveness because u can say that for every game smh. #6.1
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