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Nintendo are greedy for their youtube demands but they are a huge part of the gaming industry. Hope they can turn it around and stop being so arrogant. Remember nintendo that u need gamers support if u want to survive in this industry. Be humble. #8
Conratz to From Software, I am loving this game. PVP is tons of fun. #11
Wow thats a shocker, they were starting to become the old Edge. QuarterBy3 or whatever that is called will prolly give it a 1 out 5 lol. Still dont understand how they are on meta lol. #4.2.1
Polygon will find a way to drop the score. Didnt they give TLOU a 6 or 7? Besides 9.1 isnt a bad score from IGN.US. #4.1
Aslong as they rehire better talent those who get layed off always get hired by other teams looking for certain positions. Naughty Dog's founder is no longer with Naughty Dog but the team has still showed that they have not lost a heartbeat. If anything they seem to improve as time goes. #1.4.1
I havent got the game yet but I checked out a few pvp videos and it looks fun as hell. I'll play the story mode 1st but the pvp looks so fun. #14

Now that i look at it, your prolly right. #3.2
Its still a Indie Game but for such a small team its crazy how massive the world is. Prolly the biggest game world ever created by a Indie Dev. #3
They prolly hate it because they keep dying and suck at it. They shouldve looked in more to it before buying it lol. #11.1
Cant wait to play this. Im still sad Uncharted 4 got delayed but this should keep me busy for a few months. #7
I understand your excitement but no need to bring other system exclusives into this. Besides Ori had good reviews too. Enjoy your games on whatever platform u prefer. #4.3
I cant say until after i played it and beat it myself. Cant wait. #9
Look for the lower scores to start coming in late because of difficulty lol. #2
I likey more of these games please. #7
The demo they showed off was awesome. I love these kind of games. #7
All im saying is I dont mind at all if their is a game about Jesus Christ, in fact I would not mind playing a game about him but as a christian I am skeptical about who is creating the game. If anyone has been up to date with your movies, a few bible movies have been created and they turned out quite disappointing and after doing research, it figures the directors were atheist's.

Tell me this, why would an atheist someone who doest not believe in god create a movie about... #2.3.3
Ok so lets say your dad was a retired soldier and he has done so many great things for our country and alot of people respect him and here comes a guy that wants to create a story on your dad but he never believed in wars and do not like soldiers because he believes wars are not the way to solve problems so he creates a game of your dad and adds and edits things out from the original story and adds things he preferred to make your dad look bad instead of being this hero the game twists the st... #2.3
If its made by an atheist, u know its all bad. #2
See I disagree only because if TF were truelly a system seller MS would not hesitate to buy the franchise like they did with Gears Of War so MS didnt want to negotiate about exclusive rights for the IP & let it go multiplatform because it wasnt worth the investment to them. U should know how MS works, If the IP isnt a system seller from a 3rd party dev dont expect them to waste any more money making it exclusive. They will most likely get new dlc 1st but will focus on other major games th... #13.1.1
With all the hype that surrounded the 1st, it had potential to be another COD sales wise but after leaving out a huge fanbase in the ps3/ps4 community im sure there will be those who want to play the next but I can almost guarantee that there will be alot of angry gamers who felt left out and wont support the game. #13
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