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This is just a remastered upgrade. Uncharted 4 on the other hand will make MGS Demo u played look outdated. #17.2
The problem with this service for me is that this is an extra $30 on top of another subscription & its only for EA games which i dont really dont care for alot of ea games besides BF & Madden but im not much of a huge fan of their games. For those who enjoy EA games I guess they will be happy. I would rather have had a service like this from Ubisoft or Sega. None the less those who own an XB1 who enjoy EA games will enjoy this the most. #9
Yeah well the difference with this game is this is the most awarded game in history & many ppl who were just 360 owners last gen own a ps4 this gen & have always wanted to play this amazing game & now that its coming to the ps4, its basically a New IP for those, obviously those such as myself who already enjoyed such an amazing game bought it again just because the multiplayer alone is amazing & @1080p & 60fps I cant help but buy it again.

There will defi... #10.1
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Yet this game even the ps3 version of TLOU is better then any game out on NEXT GEN so the author soundz butthurt lol. #3.1
So happy for the remastered version getting good praises, but I bet even with all the improvements & photo mode, der will be a couple sites who will give it a low score for hits despite all the improvements. Hope those who haven't played it enjoy it & for those who already have, see u online baby. #7
Titanfall might be a fun game but thats all it iz. TLOU on the other hand iz a complete package with amazing single player & multiplayer. It triumphs Titanfall in every freakin catagory. Both fun but it dont come close when u ask for a complete game thats worth your bang for your buck especially for those who never played TLOU. You lucky son of a gunz, enjoy dis masterpiece. #8.2
Lol enjoy coming in last place again haha. Love the tears from u guyz lol. #22.1
Lol I love that GIF haha. #1.1.1
GOTY AWARDS is their TRUE identity. I know ppl who dont like playstation will never admit it but, Naughty Dog are the best devs in the Industry right now, & thats not just a personal opinion, its a FACT. #6.1
I believe XB1 will outsell the ps4 in the US someday but worldwide I believe the XB1 will be outsold till the end of this gen. Not just spouting fanboy theory, just my honest opinion. #9
WTF are u going on about? I dont even think U understand WTF your even talking about lol. #6.1
I been playing the ps3 version for a while now but i'll be grabbing the ps4 version next week. I cant wait especially for the new DLC. Just a bummer that ps3 players cant play with ps4 players but I guess der is a good reason for it.


Totally agree, u try using smoke on a good team you wont even make it to dat smoke. #3.1
My favorite multiplayer to this day. I cant get enough of this multiplayer. Naughty Dog definitely nailed the multiplayer aspect for this game. Had my brother try it out who is a xbox fanatic & hates playstation period, & he fell in love with it & when I told him about a ps4 remastered version in 1080p 60fps he said he was buying a ps4 just for this game. People dont understand how good the multiplayer of TLOU is. One of my favorite multiplayers ive ever played. #2

For MS to have all that money, its pretty sad if u ask me especially since Sony delivers a ton more AAA Exclusives then MS yet ppl like u enjoy MS phat wallets more then great games, smh. If the gaming industry does die one day it'll be because of ppl like u. Im huge Sony fan & its great that the ps4 is selling well but its never been about sales when it comes to why i love playstation, its because of quality games u can only find on playstation. #1.1.9
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This game was the complete package. Its rare to find a game with an amazing single player & also have an amazing multiplayer. TLOU & Uncharted 2 were 2 of the best games last gen to do those things. TLOU though was just an amazing experience. Going to be hard to top TLOU. #3.2
For your information TLOU is a new ip & was 2013 GOTY so please go cry a river to Justin Timberlake. Thanx. #3.5
Well i agree it is a stronger all around machine no doubt about it but if my favorite devs Naughty Dog aren't creating games for it then, I dont care how stronger a pc is. #9
Your 1 in a few that have that opinion, ive seen more POSITIVE feedback from those who played the demo at E3 then NEGATIVE feedbacks. I thought many demos were pretty boring but after playing the full game come out with a different opinion & enjoyed many of those games. MGSR had an awesome demo but I thought the full game was missing so much. Fun game but didn't enjoy alot of it because it lacked alot of things i wish was in the game. Does that mean its a bad game? NO it just means i... #1.2.1
They will definitely have one no matter what because a slim will definitely help Sony save money. #1.3.1
The funny thing is I think 3 was the worse out of the series but when I say worse, I mean it was still a great game, its just it couldn't top UC2 but then again a few of the heads who worked on UC1 & UC2 & TLOU didn't work on UC3 so that is why UC3 turned out that way. Great game but didn't top the game before it. UC4 has the main team working on it so u know it is going to deliver. #4.1
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