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I can agree with that but I can also add that there is nothing wrong with having better graphics aslong as it doesn't hurt the gameplay, storyline etc etc. Im just saying that graphics may not be as important as gameplay & story imo but it does bring the game to life & gives gamers a more immersive world that makes us pause for a second just to check out the beauty of the world the devs have created. #3.1.2
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Well if it doesn't matter then whats the use of enhancing graphics, we mightest will have stuck to atari graphics. Obviously it matters but should that be a reason to stop u from purchasing a game u want to play? Of course not but it does matter to others.

Same can be said about reviews but again that shouldn't stop u from buying or not buying a game based off others opinions but reviews do matter or should I say, they use to matter until the media went hollywood on g... #3.1
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Lmao horny azz mofoz, go out and get the real thing if u gonna flash your weener around haha. This wouldve been cool if i wasn't married so this is uncalled for lol. She prolly gets a kick out of it since she said every 14 minutes haha. #3
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I agree, I think the real problem is finding the right reviewer to review that certain game. Lets be honest, there is no way that any gamer enjoys ALL GAMES. Sure gaming is a hobby for alot of gamers but we all have different taste in games. I feel that reviews should be given to those who enjoy that certain type of game instead of giving it to a reviewer who doesn't enjoy that certain genre. Atleast that way the reviewer would be more fair with their review. Thats like me asking Dwight H... #18.1
Its pretty simple. If devs dont give sites freebees or money, its the same as not buying insurance to cover your azz. Obviously not all gaming sites are like this but getting hits is a way to generate money for your site and the best way to do that is create anger in the gaming community. When others trash a game that is suppose to be huge from hype the best way to continue the onslaught is have a game of who can give it a lower score. Thats where u will see the 4/10 & even lower. Games l... #10
Funny thing is reviews matter all of a sudden but when a game like uncharted 2 or the last of us wins the most goty awards, that means nothing compared to reviews haha. Thats what i find worse is when people cant give props where its due but reviews are what set games apart lol. #7.1
Dont say good things about the order 1886 or the media will get mad lol. #5.1
Reviews do matter but ive also learned that reviews can be full of shit nowadays aswell because in all honesty there are games that got bad reviews which ive enjoyed for example, dc universe online, dynasty warriors, beyond two souls, & the order 1886. All these games had average review scores but for me these were all great games to me. I buy the games I want to play because if I were to go by reviews i wouldve missed out on alot of hidden gems. #4
I think there is more pressure on Tomb Raider devs then ND. Reason I say that is ND has been up against stellar competition for example TLOU vs GTAV and beating GTAV & Bioshock Infinite with more GOTY AWARDS. That is not an easy task especially when GTAV & Bioshock Infinite are both multiplatform games which reviewers tend to favor being multiplatform games. #4.3.1
Yeah when was the last time your avatar won GOTY? Hmmm lol. Uncharted 4 will blow us away at e3 like the always do. #3.1
No doubt they will blow us away at e3. Haters gonna shit their pants lol. #1.1

Your on every The Order 1886 review talking down on it. For a person that reviews games u are proof game sites are a freakin joke nowadays. U should learn to take your own advice on that link u posted. What the heck does Ryse have to do with a review on The Order 1886? #2.1.4
Everyone has their own opinions. Just remember that if u arent so sure about a game because of bad reviews, u can always rent the game instead of buying it. #1.3.1
I am happy for Ready At Dawn. Well deserved. I know the sequel will be even more badazz. Cant wait. #24
I think it has more to do with what u are getting in this package deal is why they gave it a good review despite early troubles with online multiplayer problems but 5 minutes to find a match after this long from release is kind of sad especially after all the criticism drive club got and that issue has been fixed. 343 studios needs to get on it and fix that issue. #6.1
I agree mate, I honestly liked the order 1886 better then uncharted drakes fortune and i played both games at launch. I think the real reason the order 1886 is really getting crucified is because of replay value. The game itself is an awesome experience but if there was one downfall in my opinion it was that i wanted more but doesn't that mean they delivered on their vision? I believe so, im already craving a part 2, i just hope they can add co op & multiplayer so the media can STFU.... #1.1.1

I understand where your getting at but I can say the same for watching a movie at a theater which ill prolly pay over $15 to $20 on just myself if u add in popcorn and a drink. So to say the order 1886 isn't worth $60 isn't really a valid point. Also its a way different game then GTAV because its not open world & GTAV is not a cinematic experience, their 2 entirely different games and experience's. #3.2
So your saying u didn't use a controller to move the character around? U sat their and beat everything just by watching a movie? Funny thing about u is u try an act mutual but in reality your true colors is starting to show. I see there is no point in continuing this conversation. #4.3.4
You must have played a different game then me. Yes i'll admit the controls weren't as smooth as TLOU or Gears as a cover system shooter but it was still good once u got down the controls. Just like any other story driven game, the order 1886 story was awesome and the atmosphere & the half breeds and other enemies had me on my toes.

Difference with u & me is gameplay to me isnt everything especially when it comes to a cinematic experience type of game. In my o... #4.3.1
I understand where your getting at but the way I look at it. Take our backrounds as an example like race. Lets say japanese prefer playstation & americans prefer xbox, how would we fix that problem if both sides can never interact with each other? Yes obviously there will be those extreme fanboys who wont ever accept it but I think youll be quite surprised of how things can change from just something like cross platform play. I actually have a few friends ive met on both xbl and psn who i... #4.3.1
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