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Usually its 1st year is the slowest sales wise depending on its PRICE. As the price gets more affordable sales begin to INCREASE. I can only imagine a $299 ps4 & when it hits casual price at $199 its going to sell like crazy. No other console in history has sold this fast in its 1st 9 months, not even the mighty ps2 & thats crazy. #25
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Ape u do know MS has deleted that 5 million comment and said, "Millions" so as of now were not even sure if they sold 5 million yet. If they did, they would have announced it already. #3.1
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Thats because most people who are hardcore COD fans only play that game. They are a casual crowd but COD fanatics. I haven't enjoyed a COD game since COD 4. Played the latest one & it sucks. #1.3.1
Huge Madden fan but will skip this Madden & prolly redbox it. Dont need publishers trying to tell me where to play a demo. #3
Man I want to create a kai. Soundz cool. #3
Lmao sorry guys. #7
Maybe they need to be REMINDED of how crazy MS advertised the hell out of Titanfall & it didn't even put a DENT in ps4 sales so what makes them think TR will do better? #7.1
This game looks good. I cant wait to see more. #2

And what happened last time when Kojima announced MGS coming to XB consoles & was HUGE hit on the net & the game comes out & u guys didn't even go out & support it & sales bombed on all XB consoles. Dont be surprised if u see Silent Hill stay exclusive to ps4 especially with 10 million ps4's sold. I did not hear of an XB1 version release yet. #2.7.6
If that were true then why is ps4 leading in sales? Its not about having one exclusive that attracts gamers. The company with the best all around portfolio of games & their track record & consistency of dishing out great games also has a big part to do with that. Even games like The Order 1886, Drive Club, Quantum Break, Wild, & alot of new IP's can sell systems aswell but if a certain system has a HISTORY of lack of support for new IP's that also plays a huge part of why... #17.3
Exactly, but MS knows they have never been a POWERHOUSE with their 1st Party Offerings besides Forza which is the only HUGE 1st Party game I know from them & Halo but other then those 2 franchises everything else that was exclusive for them were from either 2nd party or 3rd party devs. #12.2.1
I will admit that MS with TR was a bummer & QB showed off cool time freeze features but Sony also impressed me with Bloodborne, Wild, The Vanishing Of Ethan Carter, TP Demo, Infamous First Light, Until Dawn, & what really surprised me was The Order 1886 trailer because it showed that its just not a QTE fest like ppl make it out to be & obviously Drive Club & Uncharted 4 & LBP 3 are on the way & whats crazy is we dont even know what other IP Naughty Dog, Guerilla, Sony... #7
Going to miss him. RIP popeye. #9
It does suck that they would do that to loyal fans of this franchise but MS needed to do this to help improve sales for the XB1. I think it was a needed move & I dont blame MS for this because with Uncharted 4 on the ps4, MS needs some kind of game to compete with such a JUGGERNAUT. GJ on MS. As a ps4 owner this does suck but Uncharted 4 puts me at ease.

I guarantee u that TR sales will not be what MS was hoping for & will eventually come to ps4 & pc. Based on TF... #12
I think the time freezing looked awesome, my only problem is the enemies look way too easy. Plus it seemed like he was able to slow down time very frequently. Not saying that, thats a bad thing but the main character looks a little overpowered imo. Maybe it was just the difficulty level was on easy but yeah, I gotta say this game looked great overall. I say this can be xb1's super hero to compete against infamous for ps4. This game is the only game id grab an xb1 for. Great job Remedy. #24.1
Dont get me wrong, if we were just talking about EA & this service it looks pretty good but this is EA's "1st Step" to getting rid of used games. If it succeeds what do u think every other 3rd party & even 2nd party devs will do? They will follow suit because obviously they all want $$$.

I know we all want the best for our systems but what happens when gamestop goes out of business & everything goes digital & streaming? There goes our BIGGEST CHO... #16.1
Its like MS plan A & B didn't work but found a loophole to still EVENTUALLY still be on track to get everyone to take the bait & u just opened a backdoor to let plan A & B be a success despite its rough start.

Also the real reason for EA &MS with the Exclusive deal was as I said in my 1st post, EA was hoping gamers would accept MS's plan to get rid of used games. I truelly believe this is why Sony rejected them & is why EA is still fighting hard t... #6.1
The way I look at it for Sony it makes alot of sense to reject it obviously because of ps now & plus u gotta remember Sony will eventually give out games like Battlefield 4 for free down the line to plus members but im sure EA does not want that & would rather have ppl pay something to play their games then give it out for free on ps plus. Also for those saying u dont need XBL to play Battlefield 4 or any other EA game that supports online, if the user wants to play those games online... #6
Trust me keep playing & just try out different weapons. Once u find a weapon u really enjoy & are good with u can find different loadouts to add to your arsenal as u progress. Once u really got a hang of everything, create a new PSN Name & start fresh beasting it. Youll learn that higher rank level dont mean sh*t unless they are a squad but u can still do well against them if u have a good squad. #7.1
Exactly GhostRobo also brings that up. If u think u can just go in der like a lonewolf in COD & take out a good team that plays TLOU the way it suppose to be played, your going to be not only the 1st to die but your going to continue dying & wasting your teams lives & your team will get angry at u & u may not like it just for that reason.

U can lonewolf it if your a smart lonewolf & play stealthy. I love flanking them while my team distracts them. U can w... #5.1.1
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