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I cannot wait to explore the wastelands again no matter where the location is i know we will have a blast. #3
Damn that looks clean, i miss wearing that armor & miss my dog companion. #5.4
I hope they add gear u can put on your dog or bear or deathclaw if we can get them as helpers lol. That would be cool. #21
I been dying for this announcement. I cant wait to see it in actionat e3. Thak u lord for giving us this game. #18
IMO I think its a waste of money but then again i guess if it helps either side make extra cash then it makes sense but I never really liked exclusive or timed exclusive stuff for a multiplatform game, it just shows there is no loyalty to the fanbase of 3rd party devs & is a reason I stop supporting alot of 3rd party devs who do this to their loyal fans. Thats why I support 1st party games more and jrpg's & rpg's more nowadays. #6
Cant wait to play it, hope they give beta access to users who go buy until dawn, would be an awesome e3 announcement. #11
I hope they make the mutiplayer aspect better then the last. I know the campaign will be stellar. #3.1
As much as I hate mobile gaming, developers can make alot of money with mobile games. Im just glad there are devs out there that know there are also millions of die hard gamers who love triple a titles & are dedicated to that crowd regurdless of how much more pressure it takes to create triple a titles. Hats off to those devs & their teams. Their the reasons i still love gaming even in my 30's. #3.1
Cant wait to see this & UC4 go head to head at e3. Should be awesome. #19
Nintendo are greedy for their youtube demands but they are a huge part of the gaming industry. Hope they can turn it around and stop being so arrogant. Remember nintendo that u need gamers support if u want to survive in this industry. Be humble. #8
Conratz to From Software, I am loving this game. PVP is tons of fun. #11
Wow thats a shocker, they were starting to become the old Edge. QuarterBy3 or whatever that is called will prolly give it a 1 out 5 lol. Still dont understand how they are on meta lol. #4.2.1
Polygon will find a way to drop the score. Didnt they give TLOU a 6 or 7? Besides 9.1 isnt a bad score from IGN.US. #4.1
Aslong as they rehire better talent those who get layed off always get hired by other teams looking for certain positions. Naughty Dog's founder is no longer with Naughty Dog but the team has still showed that they have not lost a heartbeat. If anything they seem to improve as time goes. #1.4.1
I havent got the game yet but I checked out a few pvp videos and it looks fun as hell. I'll play the story mode 1st but the pvp looks so fun. #14

Now that i look at it, your prolly right. #3.2
Its still a Indie Game but for such a small team its crazy how massive the world is. Prolly the biggest game world ever created by a Indie Dev. #3
They prolly hate it because they keep dying and suck at it. They shouldve looked in more to it before buying it lol. #11.1
Cant wait to play this. Im still sad Uncharted 4 got delayed but this should keep me busy for a few months. #7
I understand your excitement but no need to bring other system exclusives into this. Besides Ori had good reviews too. Enjoy your games on whatever platform u prefer. #4.3
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