Waiting for Modnation and E3!


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This whole article is such fanboy propaganda its insane to think that this got approved to be published on here. Apparently anyone can go create a blog or website, spew out whatever suits their agenda then post it on here as actual news.

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Excuse me!? Why should I be banned for posting this? It was news to me because most people that I talked to didnt think of moving the screen around to uncover these messages.

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People saying that PS3 is in last place or down sales etc are seriously just lashing out at Sony and really even Microsoft. Mostly Microsoft though. I guarantee you that if M$ had any kind of a line up this year as far as exclusives there wouldnt be anywhere near the anger in these comments as there is. The truth is, Sony got off to a slow start this generation but has really hit its stride in 2009, 2010 and 2011...as far as exclusive games, online services and hardware/features. Im sorry...

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I find this hilarious. If you guys only knew the whole story. Back to the article however, whether you are a PS3 fan, 360 fan or a neutral observer thats doesnt give a damn, when you look at the lineup for 2011, there is no contest as to who has the strongest lineup and to be honest, in my opinion, the best lineup any year this generation across any platform. Sony is just stepping up its game year after year. I have grown quite tired of the "IS 2009 the year of the PS3" articles...

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How retarded was this article? No, no, how retarded was it that someone submitted this article? No, no, no, how retarded was it that people approved this article. Wait, how retarded would someone have to be to believe this article? Thats right, really, REALLY retarded. What a bunch of fanboy bullshit all the way around.

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what a bunch of 360 fanboy bullshit

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Most people that play U2 have been playing U2 since launch and have millions of dollars (Im around 6 million). Thats less then a 1% penalty for me if I leave a match. It is absolutely justified because prior to that everyone would leave if their team was losing and leave a few people by themselves against the rest of the entire team. Is that fair? No, absolutely not. Im glad they implemented the penalty

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..but if you are, go suck it you little fanboy flaming fatty. Because of the BS you talk about Sony, the PS3 and how sh!tty your development team is...oops, I mean how "hard" it is to develop for the PS3 you continually reignite conversations like this one.

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Look at the VG Chartz! Uncharted 2 has sold almost 2 million already and I imagine that will more then double over the holidays. Freaking drama drumming 360 fanboys. PS3 will be dead in a year my @ss. PS3 will destroy 360 this year guaranteed. Have you seen Sonys line up!? Im a 3 console owner and usually dont take side in this stupid debate but you would have to be a retard to think that MS has even a chance this next year.

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What you are suppose to do with that check IS CASH IT and then give it to some charity. Because you burned it YOU DID SQUANDER wealth.

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Wow, who approved this story!? Absolute garbage. Why is it Gamestops fault if people are dumbass' and dont realize that the servers wont go live till just before the ACTUAL launch date. Absolute morons....the people that approved this story, the person who submitted it and anyone who actually bought the game prior to launch and returned it when the servers werent live yet because "the multiplayer is broken".

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Dude, R2 absolutely sucked. Resistance Fall of Man was great (i played it straight for over 16 months) but R2 is crap. The story short, poor quality and extremely disconnected. If they even make an R3, they should bring back the narrator as they had in R1. You are 100% correct though that they need to bring back the old rfom weapons and do away with the crap R2 weapons...the splicer? wraith? and Marksman? Are you kidding me? Those weapons are all crap and rip offs from other games anywa...

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yeah, just wondering when it will be posted? Ive been looking all over for it besides IGN and nothing so far

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thats retarded. If you want to blame something for 3 out of 4 kids not ever swimming in the Pacific blame climbing gas prices, a poor economy, or how about the fact that Americans are working longer harder days then anywhere else in te world and taking fewer vacations! That is whats to blame...not video games. Talk about trying to make a scape goat. What idiot wrote this article.

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You need to update it that it is also available in the U.S. now as well.

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lmao, yeah, that guy in the article isnt a M$ groupie or anything. Better games? Better online? Better DLC? My @ss! PS3 FTW!

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Yeah, that means KZ2 wont be coming until January of 2009! Wow, so much for 2008....already.

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This game has been in development for like 5 years now...no joke. They showed a demo at E3 2005. I just hope it was worth the wait. I really hope we see it come out this year.

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Basically Microsoft is encouraging idiots like this guy and apparently others on this forum to talk complete bullsh!t about something that are obviously intimidated by and dont understand. Long live the PS3

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All I can say is this...."FU!" to all those people who tried to report my initial story on the problems with this demo!

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