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"Thin shaming" being used unironically killed all credibility this site had. #18
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"And there is nothing 'unfair' about the 'portrayal' of women in games."

Yes, there is. Women are often treated like sex objects or victims in games.

"The men who made those games worked damn hard to make it and I think they deserve even at least a little bit of freedom of expression wouldn't you agree?"

They also deserves to be criticized, if their portrayal of women are poor. And crying about these es... #22.2.1
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If you think acknowledging the unfair portrayal of women in video games is an "agenda," I truly feel sorry for you. #22.1.1
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Every time there's an article that raises awareness about women being treated differently than men, the comments always devolve to "but what's about us men?!" #22
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Biggest load of bull I have ever seen. Should have stopped reading at "Nintendo NX retailing at $149.99," but I continued on. Nintendo has shown no interest in reviving Diddy Kong Racing and with Mario Kart 8 still delivering sales, there's no need to. Believing Iwata held those bananas to tease DKR2 and not making a reference to the previous time he did that is just reaching. #17
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The executions is disappointingly complex (one gay option in one version; one lesbian option in another), but it's still a big step for Nintendo. #5
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Shit like GamerGate set the impression of gamers back a century. #21
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"Then they have the cheek to criticize that Law and Order episode when it's their bloody fault it was written in the first place."

The harassment coming from GamerGate is why the Law & Order episode was written. Especially when it was picked up by mainstream news sites and highlighted by The Colbert Report. Blaming Kotaku and Polygon for reporting on harassment is ludicrous. #3.2
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The source is KDramaStars: a website that repeatedly post fake news for hits. #16
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"The same people crying wolf refuse to report that Zoe Quinn destroyed TFYC attempt at their charity."

Except she didn't.

You're only objecting to the Swatting story because its yet another example of GG targeting women. #3
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"Women aren't allowed to report harassment. Especially when it involves the Ethics in Gaming Journalism Idiot Brigade."

Sorry, but reporting on facts isn't propaganda. #2.1
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Now what about the non-game journalists that reported on the same thing? Such as The Guardian, The New York Times, CNN, MSNBC, and Newsweek? #4.4.1
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"Gamers" should realize that the world is not their enemies. Particularly people with different opinions than their own. They should also know no form of harassment is justified against anyone. #10.1
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Ah yes, every time a company denounces Gamer Gate they're suddenly the most shadiest company in the world. Like how every news outlet that called out GG for what it is are now labeled "corrupt." #5.2
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"Not only that, but because some game scored less, and is receiving less than favorable reviews on metacritic, people are losing jobs over that."

How is that the reviewer's fault. It's the fault of game companies for depending highly on Metacritic, along with Metacritic for cherry picking reviews from certain websites. #10.1
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Looks like the Sonic Boom bug tester from 4chan was right. #12
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Facts my asteroids. Every news piece I see from this site has been sensationalism.

"No worries, we've contacted the FTC/FBI. They'll decide if Klepek's actions were respectable. ;)"

I'm sure he shaking in his boots right now, while he's actually writes credible news pieces and well respected game reviews for Giant Bomb.

Meanwhile, the FBI is investigating the death and rape threat... #5
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The only thing this site seems to post is pro-GG news pieces that no respectable website would post, while downplaying the harassment and conflicting message behind the movement. Anything for hits. #2.2
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"Gamer Gate doesn't hate women, we swear."

"Please, let us kill three women involved in the gaming industry."

Because it's not bad enough these women receive a disturbing amount of death threats... #3.2
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Can't wait to get this on my Vita. I've been dying for this game. #6
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