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Can't wait to get this on my Vita. I've been dying for this game. #6
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"Also, I wish people would stop referring to GamerGate as a feminist issue."

"It was started because Zoe Quinn got caught sleeping around like a whore to "promote" her 'game'.

And this is why Gamer Gate and misogyny go hand and hand with each other. #26.1
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Forgive me for supporting the idea of women being treated equally in video games. How silly of me. #5.1.1
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It's funny to see all the pro Gamer Gate people who says it's about "ethics is video game" resort to name calling and other childish remarks about Anita. Honestly don't know why so many of you are surprised to see Colbert ridicule a movement hellbent of harassing anyone that doesn't agree with its views, particularly women. #26
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If she named three, then the discussion would be about those three games and that's no what the discussion of female portrayal in video games should be about. #7.2
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Loved this segment. #5
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'Or is this going to be gaming from now on, another 'movement' every time someone publishes an article that upsets a section of the audience?"

That's where it's heading if #GamerGate has its way. See: All those letters sent to Intel because "a woman said something mean." (Amazing how that Leigh Alexander article went over their heads). Or, doxxing, like when Felicia Day expressed her concern.

No one's allowed to disagree... #4.1
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"If GamerGate loose then we all loose...."

With #GamerGate harassing women who dare speak up about this hurtful movement, I say the video game community is already losing. The movement has failed to uncover any shady deals (no surprise, consider it all began with gossip from a female dev's ex). However, for a movement that wants to fight corruption, #GamerGate advocates want advertisers to have all the power regarding what a websites write with false threats of... #1.4
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But death and rape threats are and it all comes from #GamerGate. #15.1
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It's always funny to see #GamerGate advocates claim mainstream gaming sites should be more like journalist sites, until journalist outlets like Newsweek prove how toxic #GamerGate is.

Professional news writers don't know what journalistic ethics are; only #GamerGate does. These female developers and writers aren't being harassed; only #GamerGate knows what's harassment is about. BTW, Anita is a professional victim and deserved everything she ge-bla bla bla. (... #19
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That medium link has been debunked:

#GamerGate is not about ethics; it's about harassment. #3.3.1
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Was online play going to be as heavy as DriveClub? Perhaps the sever problem with DriveClub may have influenced Project CARS delay? #20
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Oh, good. Think pieces on a Bayonetta 2 review.

It's embarrassing how everyone is foaming at the mouth over this. Polygon has every right to give Bayonetta 2 a 7.5--which isn't even a terrible score to begin with. Reviews are opinions and if the review didn't like a certain aspect of a game, he or she has the right to dock off points. Just because other publications gave the game a highers score that doesn't mean Polygon is obliged to do the same.
<... #4
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Always hate how terrible news like this that demand sympathy and action bring out the "not all gamers" out of people. Yes gamers as a whole aren't terrible people (and that's not even what the article is saying), but let's stop pretending everyone that plays game is a saint. This shit has become way too tolerable and it needs to stop. It's not going to go away if we still have people trying to protect their fandom first, than the actual victim. #14
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"You know what if you've been keeping up with the GamerGate stuff, the amount of shit MALE people..."

I have and it doesn't compare to the crap female reviewers, writers, and developers suffer on a general basis. The fact you tried to downplay this sick event with "b-bu-but men get this" speaks volumes.

The only "abuse" I've seen aimed at Milo Yiannopoulos is when he's called out for his terrible reporting and ch... #10.2
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"But when your God and saviour, Anita, says anything, it's automatically taken as gospel. Gotcha. Because a woman would never ever lie about being a victim. /s"

And that's exactly the arrogant attitude I was talking about. Which, again, tells me not to take anything this person says as serious. #5.4.1
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"And you don't have the tiniest comprehension of what gamergate is. It's always been about corruption, but for some reason you refuse to see the evidence."

This whole thing started out of gossip from an ex-boyfriend.

It's funny how certain people don't take any threat against female devs or a certain female vlogger seriously, no matter how many speak up about it. And yet, one guy's word is treated like the absolute truth. #5.3.1
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"Or maybe that was just a desperate attempt to push your feminist agenda."

And this little quote right here let's me know not to take anything you say seriously.

"You're not welcome here."

And that's ultimately the goal of Gamer Gate: Telling people they don't belong, who just happen to be women, minorities or anyone who dare criticize a game on social issues. #5.2.1
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Easily the dumbest thing I've ever read. I like how so many of these pro gamer gate articles try to make criminal accusations out of everything, but refuse to take death or rape threats at female developers or writers seriously, particularly when it comes from their own kind.

But so many want to believe in a big conspiracy. Everyone is out to get the "us gamers." Oh, please. #5
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Quickly, before Zavvi sues. #5
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