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"If you looked at your character and thought 'someone's going to be offended' that's censorship."

No, it's not. If I made the decision myself, it's not censorship. Censorship is forced; taken out of my control. Be aware of others isn't censorship; it's being thoughtful.

The devs came to the conclusion that Mika's animation was too much and went in a different direction. #9.2.3
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That's not censorship. If I drew a female character, but decided to reduce the size of her breast, that's not censorship. That's me changing my mind.

And to the game developers, the original animation for Mika didn't work for the game. #9.2.1
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This is the lamest attempt at manifesting a controversy I've seen so far. Along with the continued misuse of the word "censorship."

If a dev removes something out of their own free will - for a game that's still in development - than it's not censorship. #9
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Nope. #1.4
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The NX is clearly taking up all of Nintendo's attention. With no third party willing to lose money on the Wii U, Nintendo had to fill the holiday release schedule with something. #15
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The timing was horrible. MS and SE should have held of Rise of the Tomb Raider until next year, where it could shine on its own. However, I think MS really wanted this game out this year to boost its lineup. #61
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Sure are a lot of ignorant racists comments here.

God forbid a website suggest the inclusion of different skin colors, which has been added is countless games before. #11
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The graphics look underwhelming for an HD port. Explains why Nintendo chose to give Wind Waker and HD port first.

Hope there's some gameplay tweaks, at least. #3
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Why the Love Live image?

Anyway, the paragraph about the misconception of Japan being A OK with sexulized images of young girls was good.

"The point is, next time you think Japan is entirely welcoming to the ecchi stuff we see in niche games, remember that it is still indeed a niche, even in its homeland. Not everyone is on board with using a touchscreen to jiggle a 14-year-old’s H-cup rack out here." #1
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What a Merry Christmas Konami has given to all those now unemployed developers.

Christ. #5
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DLC done right. #1
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What a train wreck. I'm glad WB is acknowledging the PC port of Arkham Knight is sill unfinished, but Steam users shouldn't have to put up with this four months after release. WB has really killed the good name of the Batman Arkham franchise with this, the disappointing and pricey season pass, and Arkham Origin. #1
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Yeah. Despite all the cool looking weapons in the game, I was satisfied using only the saw cleaver during my first playthrough. It's such an effective weapon. Really matches my style of quick and strong offense. #4.2
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I've never been a fan of his views, but it's terrible to hear his health has taken a dramatic turn for the worse. Hope he pulls through. #30
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"Thin shaming" being used unironically killed all credibility this site had. #18
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"And there is nothing 'unfair' about the 'portrayal' of women in games."

Yes, there is. Women are often treated like sex objects or victims in games.

"The men who made those games worked damn hard to make it and I think they deserve even at least a little bit of freedom of expression wouldn't you agree?"

They also deserves to be criticized, if their portrayal of women are poor. And crying about these es... #22.2.1
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If you think acknowledging the unfair portrayal of women in video games is an "agenda," I truly feel sorry for you. #22.1.1
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Every time there's an article that raises awareness about women being treated differently than men, the comments always devolve to "but what's about us men?!" #22
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Biggest load of bull I have ever seen. Should have stopped reading at "Nintendo NX retailing at $149.99," but I continued on. Nintendo has shown no interest in reviving Diddy Kong Racing and with Mario Kart 8 still delivering sales, there's no need to. Believing Iwata held those bananas to tease DKR2 and not making a reference to the previous time he did that is just reaching. #17
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The executions is disappointingly complex (one gay option in one version; one lesbian option in another), but it's still a big step for Nintendo. #5
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