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Kind of like the "material" design of it, but certainly prefer the style of the current site.

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I just... want it... so bad! Three days from now couldn't come soon enough.

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Even though I do think the PS4 is more powerful, I'd like to hear it from a dev that's not making their game exclusive to the PS4 console-wise.

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I want solid reports of specs, all I've seen are rumors. But if the performance of these new GPU's are fantastic, and it's all under $600, then Nvidia better hope they have some tricks up their sleeves.

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This is true, however, the PS4 will *probably* age at some point, then PC's will be on the top again. Happened with the PS3 and x360.

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How can current-gen handle BF4 if its using more then twice of the power of BF3? I can't wait to see this...

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Yeah, it's not the review "image" if you will. Just my profile picture.

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Those are truly some great posters! Nice work. :)

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