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The PS4 is "A games machine for gamers".

Ummm, starting at $100 less than the Xone might have helped just a little as well.

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-It will still cost less on Xbox one.......$0.00
-You can video capture the old games
-they can all be played offline
-It plays natively on the console itself(something the PS4 cannot or will not do)

Also, the only PS3 that could play the PS2 games was the original 60 gig PS3 that literally had a PS2 circuit board inside the PS3. Sony dropped that version soon after production to cut costs.

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Death, don't worry.....most people here that say they "bought" multiple consoles are just here to troll.
Anyone who owned that many consoles absolutely had to have known about the 3 year warranty.

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Ok, so maybe some people go out and buy a bunch of 360 games at a pawn shop or off Craigslist for dirt cheap.........now you have tons of older (but still great) games to play????
Also, all future Games with Gold will be backwards compatible.
I guess those things aren't a big deal to you, but they are to others.

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Wrong. The new 3 year warranty started in July of 2007. This means all systems from launch until then were covered......AND ALL new systems until July of 2010, as long as they were under 3 years old.

So if the system was over 3 years old, too bad.

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If your friend bought 5 xbox 360's and didn't try and return them for free(since they had a three year warranty) then he was just straight dumb.

We had two fail early on and we had both replaced for free because of the warranty. Yes it took a couple weeks, but so what....the the machine was almost 2 and a half years old!

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@sinspirit and @utalking2me,

Microsoft was not court ordered to do anything, they chose to extend the warranty on their own.


next time try googling a few facts before making them...

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What peripherals are needed for what "standard" features are you referring to?

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You do realize what a "communist" govt is don't you. This IS what they do. The government controls (or attempts to control) every aspect of the Chinese lives.

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Direct X12, 32mb of low-latency Esram, and the proper SDK will be a bigger improvement than high-latency gddr5 ram.


No one is expecting "secret sauce", just the correct API that the Xbox One was built for. Which most of what I have read moves data much more ...

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No you said quote:
"the DX12 will have huge benefits."

"these benefits will show up eventually on PS4 as well"

You should learn to comprehend your own comments as well as mine, since no where did I say "miraculous benefits". I asked the question where would the PS4 get its so-called "huge benefits" like DX12 will give miraculously?

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"these benefits will show up on PS4 eventually as well, through their own API"

So the people that developed the Xbox One and Direct X12 at the same time, didn't make the Xbox one benefit much from this new revolutionary API??? But at the same time the PS4 will miraculously get benefits??

Remember your predictions and revisit them in about a year.

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Google is your friend:


"with DirectX11,I can talk to exactly 1 of them at a time."

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That's because Microsoft controls the manufacture of the 360 unlike the original Xbox. Nvidia made key chips for the original and stopped making them in 2006. So it was a done deal after that, there was only going to be a finite number of Xboxs.

Besides, all original Xbox games were playable on Xbox LIVE up to 2010.



Aaron Greenberg:"DX12 will have a substantial effect on Xbox One and PC...but it will be up to the devs to take advantage"

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its as though you didn't read the article at all.
-the Xbox One is dual lane and has two graphic compute processors and two command compute processors......something the PS4 clearly does not have. So the "inferior" GPU argument is not relevant, it is a GPU built specifically for DX12 and the benefits it will bring.

OR- do you honestly believe that MS built a brand new gaming console at the same time they were developing a new API(DX12) and...

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"its only going to help PC and not XboxOne"

Suuuuuure, you guys keep thinking that. So MS is designing and building a new DX API at the same time they are designing and building a new console (that is named after DirectX.......ahem Direct X Box) and they just forget to make this new console so it can't benefit from the new API............Yeah, right.

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So what you are saying is that Microsoft(who has been working on DX12 for a few years now)did not build the Xbox One to benefit from DX12?

The Xbox is named after Direct X. Its initial name was "Direct X box".

I know MS has made mistakes in the past, but this would be one of the stupidest things they have ever done.


Read the article and watch the tech demo video:


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Please name ONE PS4 exclusive game that actually shows a 40-50% more power. Just one.

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