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Well, hey, I was gonna get the PS4 and judge that too, but even though I preordered it in either July or August, I apparently can't get it until the new year. It is at least one thing the XB1 has going for it right now. And yes, I know I'm being selfish on this.

Point is, EB Games willing, I would have dictated whether a PS4 launch game was strong as well.

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I don't really care how many Mario games there are. It's not quantity I'm worried about, and it's not even something I feel is affecting the quality of the series, because it is more or less equivalent to the output in the last two generations, especially on handhelds.

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It only just came out in Australia.

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Somehow, this was put back in Australia until next week, but I'll pick it up as soon as I can.

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Download size? I don't know, I got this one on disc.

Length? Yes, but not by much.

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What a shame.

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I'm afraid you're incorrect, chap. A spritely lad already posted that there cannot possibly be trillions of people being preached to as there are only around 7 billion people alive today.

I can't directly reply to that guy's comment, but if you are reading this, why does that even matter? Really? Why so pedantic?

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Haven't actually gotten around to playing that, though I doubt it's anywhere near Jim's 9.5 nor Micah's 5.

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*WOULDN'T be on there. Man I suck at editing.

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And yet I had a disclaimer at the end saying that stuff that's obviously bad and no gamer would have an interest in playing (ie, movie tie-ins) would be on there. I mean, how much Wii shovelware did you play last year?

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Is expecting a game to be good from promising preview material and being disappointed in the final result bad?

Gamers are not as clairvoyant as you think, and sometimes things can be different from what they first appear to be.

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In fairness, I can't say I own a superpowered PC, but I assure you everything else is fair game.

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They did look great, but they weren't exactly new frontiers for graphics as far the stuff under the hood went. Crysis 2 is the only one on the list which comes close to simply being good.

If I were to put Killzone and Uncharted on there, I'd have to put Batman, Portal et al on there.

If anything, you guys should be saying "Where's El Shaddai?", because that's an entry I regret not putting on there.

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