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A win for everyone except EA

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Wut? I wanna shoot peeps with a web like bullet and see a head exploding...the hell is this?

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It's the Shao Khan of Fifa kek

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Guess this reviewer got the ninty BS shield resistance! Kek

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Kek Thanks supposed to be 2018..See how excited I am..damn it

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This will rock my gaming world for 2019. Damn so excited!

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Hey man it's ok. I felt the same way with Witcher. There are just some games even if you would like to love it, you can't force yourself.

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It got Ninty bonus peeps. Stop asking and wondering...

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Kek. dude Vaan in FF 12 is even worse..the guy didn't even have any purpose at all same with penelo...Useless af

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Yeah full game.

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Kill the series. It has run dry...

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1. Final Fantasy 14 - Phenomenal Story at least around the end of ARR 2.55 patch all the way to the newest expansion
2. Final Fantasy Tactics - I mean this is just amazing in every department...
3. Final Fantasy 8 - I like the characters and the story. I love time traveling story
4 Final Fantasy 10 - Great cast of characters, story was good too. It was such a huge improvement from PS1 to PS2
5 Final Fantasy 9 - The story is great, but the slow battle syst...

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Damn the switch is killing it in Japan. They might even over take PS4.

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P5 is less known...

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But Ps4 still has the most exclusive and has the largest library of games..Switch has nothing in PS4 when it comes to power and yeah

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You can take the PS2 gen at best graphics game and leave it in Switch. Please do not bring this abomination in other consoles...

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Kek comparing persona 5 to this garbage...

You should be thankful because of the +nintendo bonus on those scores..

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Hey man, I don't need to be a blind sheep to know there's something up when it comes to Nintendo game scores. Feel free to be blind, but I say what I see.

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HOLY CRAP! A website not giving nintendo a pass, and review the game for what it is? Can't believe I will see the day.

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