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My God! SO5, Persona5 and FF15...FML!

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my god!!! this looks unbelievable!!

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I purchased this from steam. Can't even beat the first boss on the first area. I keept getting bad maps and my team kept getting stressed like hell. As a result, I had to spend money to relieve their stress...Very good game and addicting. Best narrator of any game ever.

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Technically, the raid right now is breaking static group in every server because of high difficulty. This is Yoshi P telling everyone that we're all puss...

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FF 14 says hi. Playing since beta release of ARR.

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I'm thankful for all gaming news in one single site you provided.

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Definitely feels the same. FF8 is just too special of a game.

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Condolence from Goblin

--Loki Linz

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add ravana and his sexy music

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Or Alex Savage. I don't even know if anyone has cleared Alex 4 yet.

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Cause they released a full pledge game worthy of its price? Yeah I bet that is the reason.

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Patcher is that you?

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Uncharted theme give me the chills...what a music!

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As it rightfully deserved. Xboxone deals was amazing and really night and day compared to the competition.

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That's really good music.

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"Forza Killer" my ass. Lmao.

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When Demon's souls was first released(Korean). Me and other people imported it from Korea and Flamelurker was named as "Ninja with steroids".

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Like Demon's Souls..I'm glad they're returning that feature.

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I believe when Bayoneta 1 was released in Xbox 360 it has less than Wii U numbers, yet it sold more copy.

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Sorry fool, but The Last of Us was the best looking game in the whole PS3, Xbox, Wii Generation. Even the Uncharted series can't beat that amazing game.

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