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It's actually 4 vs. 4

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Or Nintendo needs to get their act together and increase their inventory. I would love to see these "scrappers" lose money for once.

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Didn't MS do this with Final Fantasy 13?

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You can get those on PC though making "the beast" a paperweight even before its release. What a useless piece of machine when it has nothing to differentiate it from whatever's already in the market.

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No worries, Nintendo will continue that stress then.

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This game looks boring based on the gameplay preview in E3. However, I bet Nintendo fanboys will rave on this crap as if it's the second coming of God Himself.

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Isn't it Jason the 13th or something

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Do we get a plastic surgery simulator as a replacement then?

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nah. It's like this Nintendo > Sony = Microsoft

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Both Microsoft and Sony's conference are pretty underwhelming this year. In my book, they have the same score...

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Same here. OMG finally a Monster Hunter on a powerful console....Finally

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OMFG! Just this 1 game and Sony destroyed competition. WTF

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This game looks absolutely amazing. I was impressed with the gameplay demo they showed.

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It's an article. People can comment and say whatever the hell they want. You seems so butthurt that people are not kissing this games ass. Move on and do the same advice you gave to liran.

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The best game this gen so far. Can't believe how good this game is.

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For me Persona 5 destroys all of the releases in 2016...

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But the main reason why it wasn't in XB1 was because MS won't concede with the XBL fees. If they truly wants crossplatform, they would have waive XBL fee for FF 14 players right?

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Like FF 14 Online...oh wait...

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Why the F are you reviewing a game that you know doesn't appeal to you in the first place. You know you will give it shi* score anyway, so what is the point?

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