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Chris are you on your way out too?

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Good. Which is the reason why whenever they unveil something, the internet explodes.

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Prolly time constraint and push from the higher ups. Money could be a deciding factor as well. One way or another they need to get in some revenue to keep the updates.

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Love Bethesda games. They also don't release it yearly, so gamers always yearns from their games..

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Lmao another one.. it's really works wonder when a big company invest in their first party studio rather than buying exclusive stuff for a limited time.

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It's good for some saturday night with friends drunk game...Laughter, vomiting and over all fun for sure.

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1. Persona 5
2. God of War

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This franchise is not dead yet? Goodness

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The looting most likely...

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I disagree. so here's a downvote.

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Well if the other install base praise an empty game like the one with the kraken, I mean how low can they get...

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Lol yeah man. The carbuncle glam and mount was more expensive than the actual expansion and a few months sub, and people eat it like cake!

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FF 14 is and will be SE biggest money maker...The glams and mount you can buy from the store is more than the whole expansion and sub lol and you will see people in reddit and in game going crazy about it.

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kevnb made a good point.

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All those years missed revenue....

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Another flop in the making. Give us Alan Wake! That was an original game and was really the game that pushed me to buy the 360.

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Already? Damn.

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Looks amazing!!!

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Looks like a PS3 game...what the hell

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