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"Clense the planet!"


Apart from the 15 exclusives they mention that are coming in the first year. Plus all the multiplats that are announced. Im guessing the best part of 30 ganes in the first year of launch. #2.1
A fee to play used games? Wtf i didnt here this? Unles your on about online passes. Oh btw not always online ...confirmed #22.1
The 1st e3 for both the original xbox and 360 was jam pacjed full of games. I dont see how the first e3 of the one will be any differnant. Both xbox and playstation have drawn the lines and e3 will be the battlefield. #10.1.2
8 brand newgames we havent heard about not current franchises #14.1
Microsoft own over 20 first party studios. Today was to get the features out the way. E3 is about the games. Both sony and microsoft are waiting for e3 to show off their games microsoft more so. Currently 8 new ips in the works. Bring it on! #7.1
Halo 3 for me was the multiplayer that offers the most competetive gameplay. Team doubles capture the flag. Slayer. Btb. Love it. Shame halo 4 was a lot differant. #2
I love gears, halo, bioshock and mass effect music.

Uncharted worlds-mass effect
Ghosts of reach-halo
Gears keep turning-gears of war
Song bird-bioshock #5
Black tar are you nasim? #3.1.2
BRITANNIA RULES THE WAVES(with no aircarft carriers) #2.2
Thats 1 rams more than teh sonies! #9.1
Wait a moment... So this 'xbox' can play games ( 0」0 ) HOLY SHIT!!! I R BUY 4 NOA!!!1

The article is rubbish dont click

(in b4 trolls) #2
Camilla if you happen to be reading this. Please marry me!! #1
Whats to say gearbox wont outsource this and take some profits from it. Homeworld will be fine.

Im just glad the ip has new life. I have been waiting for almoat a decade!!

The game was beautiful
halleujah! #1.1.3
U mad poor fag? #8.1
So what? Times are hard and with a world wide recession going on jobs are getting harder to find. Not all of us have 20k+ a year. im on 11k before tax and just over 200 a month after bills.

Fuck the world #6.1.1
I r can i liek templar? #2
Not sure if serious or trolling. #20.1
Skip comment. Sorry #22.1
Cool stry br0 #1.1
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