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Would love a new Age of Empires, just don't have it watered down!

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I play P.T and I want to play it complete with Kojima, Toro, and Norman Reedus.

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Haha!I did as well!

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You don't really know if it will be bigger than the tanker mission, so I would jump to conclusions. Whilst I would rather have them together its obviously not feasible for them to do it that way financially. They want to sell it when the PS4 and Xbox One have more boxes in peoples homes. They don't want to wait for a few years for that to happen either.

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A good point, but I wont but digital until they have competitive prices. It may be good for future gens when you can only go digital.

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Ah cheers dude.

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I'm picking up a PS4. I already have a powerful PC and so I will pick up PvZ2 & Titanfall for PC. They missed Dead Rising 3 under Xbox One. I hope that comes to PC as well.

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Hmm maybe its an install on your HDD and you just boot Steam OS. The thing is they'll push for software more so that eventually you wont need windows for anything. Like they might get development software supported on Linux. I wonder what non steam games will do I hope they bring it to Linux. I really want to hear a Source Engine 2 announced and the obvious games as well as a new IP.

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I don't think you're as clever as you think you are either.

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I think the steam box idea was meaning that Valve weren't developing actual hardware, instead third parties could support it, that piston console that released for $1000. Steam will provide the software, like big picture but tbh I think its a better investment to just buy a PC. I dont think Steam is an exclusive kind of platform, they wont stop games going on to console I reckon. I really think Steam will support the consoles and stick with PC.

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I would buy those cut out characters if they came out as DLC, thought personally I think they should be free, hope to see some DLC for it, good price, not to many for the sake of it but a nice healthy stream of Characters. Hope if they release a character they bring a patch, so that the people who paid for it can play it but the people who didn't doesn't disrupt the people who did. Maps and items should be free.

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As long as consumers stand up and make a stand against DRM then no it wont be the future. Even steam dont need you to be online to play and just because you can or because people have the internet doesn't mean they should. Their is a lot of examples of people not being able to access the internet all the time ( within 24 hours) whether their provider is crap and cuts out or in relation to where they live. If you look at consumers you can see a lot of people going for the PS, some will emb...

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Either everything is okay or none of it is, to every religious person that gets offended, anyone at all. If you choose to play certain games, like COD, that includes violence in their game, and then demand that something should be pulled I disagree. I disagree with the protests against the Church in Resistance and I disagree with this now. This is a game, which if you choose to pick up, then are faced with the consequences, of any such content which you deem offensive in this game, then you s...

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Wtf is matter with Ninja Raiden. Also they plan to add characters from the same game, so any standout enemies or characters in the game would probably mean Snake and either Liquid Ocelot, so he has Liquids CQC and Ocelot's shooting ability, like ricochet, or maybe vamp. Evil Cole will prob be an alt skin, and why does everyone have a boner for the older Dante, I liked DMC and all and it would be good to switch from old to new Dante as a skin. As much as I love FF and would love Cloud and ...

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ME 2 :D

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Should be out tomoz EU gets updated on a wednesday, usually before 6. I recommend you play right through it with headphones, no distractions. It's pretty amazing

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No way, episode 2 was better than 1. I loved every moment of it. I played right through it with my headset on full blast. Was just intense. It is a bit crap that some of the choices didn't go through I hope this is a bug. This game series is epic.

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This games going to be great, I hate all the hate for the franchise because of Super smash bro style, and most people hating on it probably don't play smash bros. I actively play smash bro's and I am happy this game is coming out. Everyone compares a slight building game or digging game straight to minecraft. It's fucking nuts. Smash bros is a fucking amazing game why not take it and make it your own, these guys are not downright copying it.

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This would be really cool, I hope they either snap up both of them, or steam snaps up onlive. Cloud gaming will please everyone in the sense of movies,music and demos. Although not everyone is pleased about playing full games. I use onlive and its a decent service, but you need strong internet connection between 2-5mb and it has to stay there. To be honest. I'd much rather see a stronger partnership with Steam and Steam buying over one of these.

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