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1746d ago by Lord_Doggington | View comment | Offensive
Sony seems to be doing everything they can in this situation. #1
Here's the thing...

*plays xbox live #1.1.16
oof look at those jaggies... #1
there's no reason to not believe sony hacked this site (or asked someone to...) #1.1.3

Are you Kdub from the podcast? what the hell are you doing in the comments section of an article?

lol #1.1.34
When people paid for their PS3 in 2006, they received a number of promised services, including online play. They are now not receiving the service that they paid for. Therefore, they have every right to feel entitled.

PSN isn't a privilege. It's a product that has been purchased and utilized at the consumer's discretion.

Don't let Sony fanboys convince you that a paid-for service is now a privilege. You paid for it, therefore, it's... #1.3.2
I suspect MS and Nintendo switching places. Nintendo seems to be going for a more hardcore system, considering the IPs they've solidified and the type of controller they're possibly designing.

If MS makes a next gen Kinect and make it wholly for casuals, then they will clearly be going after the casual market, with a possible intention of promoting their hardcore user base through a future console altogether (or not at all...).

Maybe why so many of t... #2.1
op, remarkable that just because it's free it means you can be treated poorly as a gamer.

everyone has every right to be mad because they would like to use their ps3 to play games online for free.

they can't, therefore they have the right to be mad.

If you read the article, they're stating that Sony is not legally obligated to reimburse anyone for their troubles.

HOWEVER, because they don't want to lose an... #1.3
space ace is amazing. so's dragons lair.

this game is crap. #4.1
this game sucked #1 killzone 2? #2.1.2
because it makes him feel better #1.8.2
This will be why I will buy a 3Ds. #1
goin for the hahas #5.2
Which ever one plays better. #1.1
it'll essentially boil down to frame rate/screen tearing comparisons #1.2
who cares it's still 95% better than most games #1
waiting for head2head

something tells me this could be another screen tearing debacle #23
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