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I have been waiting & waiting & waiting... PLEASE bring SSX Tricky to HD gamers = PLEASE !!!!!!!!!

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Not much info on Sony's lineup - guess we'll have to wait & see...

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Ive played Luke on Halo 3, I recorded the vid & made some pics because of his flaming ninja recon armor. He is a very good player, but not as good as these noobs made him look.

The team slayer match I played against him, his team won but not by much. I am definately not the best HaLo MP player, but I definately have friends that would smoke Luke on any given day.

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Only 2 more Weeks Peeps !!!!!!!!

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I like the avatar stuff but I agree it can be overpriced. But I'd like to believe that buying avatar stuff for my favorite games (ME2 & Gears) that some of those proceeds go to the developer to fund making better games.

Hoffman hat confirmed - lolz

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As much as I like the manuals, this makes sense. It is essentially a waste of paper & trees.

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I dont care or expect HaLo ReAcH's graphics to compare to KZ2.

But thats all KZ2 has afterall. Clunky controls = mediocre experience, mind-numbing story, repetitive enemies with no variation, mediocre AI, ***NO CO-OP, no vehicles, & a MP that shouldn't even be mentioned in the same sentence as HaLo.

Start crying now 'Sony Only' folks, because the Kill Zone series will never be in the same league as HaLo. Only fanboys think KZ2 is sooooo great, lolz, I played ...

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Welcome to ReAcH Theater !!!

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Y'know, thats not really a '3D' screenshot, what that is a paused frame in Theater mode, manually swing the camera around 360 degrees...

Man, I cannot wait to film my first Aerial Assassination & edit it up & send the vid out to friends on XBL !!!

The graphics are soooooooo much better than HaLo 3, with all the HaLo 3 features (Forge, Theater, Co-op, ect) + the new game modes + new weapons + the new armor abilities & customization.... WoW, this game i...

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This is such a tired topic. XBL is eaily worth my $4.00 less a month. Cross game chat, XBL partys, Twitter, Last.Fm, Facebook, Demos @ 10:1 vs. PSN, exclusive Betas, Netflix (no disc required!), ect. EASILY worth it just for the demos alone + cross game chat + XBL partys.

Pretty soon you will have to PAY FOR PSN to get sevices that XBL has offered for a LONG time, & you still won't get all the content XBL offers:


-Access to Beta Ga...

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Epic please read ABOVE.

Oh, and FIX THE L A G !!!!

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Lolz, he's right without ripping off Nintendo EVERY generation, where would Sony be today ?

- D-pad
- Analog Sticks
- Rumble
- Wiimote = Move

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More Gears of War 3 articles please !!!

Maybe it will annoy you 'Sony Only' folks to stay OFF the 360 threads !!!


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Hey Cliffy B:

Not a Gears hater, just the opposite. But you guys screwed up the MP so bad with Gears 2, you had better quit worrying about 4 player co-op & new weapons & concentrate on creating decent netcode for the Gears 3 MP - Here are some suggestions:

1. Fix the L A G

2. Dump the crappy Matchmaking system for at least P2P or PLEASE = DEDICATED SERVERS !!!!

3. Make the weapons' damage more balanced like Gears 1

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Hey Cliffy B: the 'arcadey' thing about Gears 2 vs Gears 1 is how detuned the weapons were, thus resulting in everyone running with Shottys because it is the most effective weapon & has the same range of the Lancer.

If the weapons werent so screwed up & the MP wasnt so laggy, the player could use different weapons effectively. As it stands, the shotty & the power weapons rule the MP because they WORK BETTER due to YOUR MP design.

Not a Gears hater, ju...

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Fix the L A G.

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Yes its Dom, it is not Adam Fenix ppl. They have aged. Cole is Bald. The War has been harsh & now a female has joined... looks to me like the COG have finally fallen & they are all thats left & now they have to deal with the Lambent as well as the Locust.

And yes guys, unfortunately ASH is GREY. I guess it would be purpley pink if it was on PS3 = lolz

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Fix the L A G...

Fix the L A G...

Fix the L A G...

Dont get me wrong - i am a HUGE Gears fan, my favorite MP this Gen, but Gears 2 really screwed the pooch on MP. They had better start Beta testing NOW.

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Absolutely, Mass Effect 2 is the best game I have played this Gen hands down. Serious props to God of War too, it was fabulous.

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"Mass Effect 2 is an all-around excellent RPG and is one of the best games to come out this generation. You won’t find a better title released in the first-quarter of 2010."

Couldnt agree more. God Of War is an *outstanding* game, but it doesnt have the depth, length, story, nor the incredible replayability of Mass Effect 2. Not to mention it is the best IP created this Gen. So far ME2 is my #1 GOTY contender.

I know alot of ppl on this site will disag...

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