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"I create feelings in others that they themselves dont understand."


well considering this is on the PS4 and not other console there is no reason to include the others right? #11
Here in silicon valley is done with the driver's license. #1.5
hey man keep it civil, there could be kids reading this.

jk #6.1
I always though that chuck e cheese was a bay area company. Well, it started here in silicon valley. #5
lol #1
I don't get it
on may they sold half less than april
on June they sold half more

if anything they are back where they were. #8
serious question;what is the last thread of hope for xbox fanatics and extremist now? #6
a lot better than card board...... #6
just switch to PES and upgrade the players your self or trade saved data with other people. #6
will it allow biting as an option? #2
is there a video game calendar for google cal to subscribe to? #10
Actually from the very beginning sony laid out their plans to focus on games, game related content, game related updates. Then they would bring out entertainment applications. There is no secret sony would do it this time around. It was well documented. #1.2
you make it sound like i didn't. Thankfully a single sentence in the article can summarize what i said above.

"the cloud, a marketing slogan without substance." eurogirls #4.2
It's good they dropped the smokes and mirrors. Dedicated servers is the cloud. Now they are just calling it what everyone else calls it. They also used to call it xbox live even though it was P2P. #4
i don't think ICO was ever in a production limbo before, but it is a masterpiece. Ico was from 1997 to 2001. Due to the lack of computational prowess it molded ICO into what it is today. Shadow of the colossus was from 2001 to 2005

Also, as far as i know fueda has his own company and only has a contract to finish the game.

If it ends up at E3 it will be great, but if it doesn't lets just let it go to development heaven. #3.3
Regrettably, let the game die already. Obviously if its taking this long to make there will be compromises. The director left a while ago and only works as a consultant. I really don't think the final rendition will be his original vision. #3
i think it went pretty good. at least, knowing fox, they didn't claim luigi is influencing kids to kill their parents with his stares or how he is mentally affecting our youth. #10
they really need programs to help them export talent for futbol. Football. They do fairly well on the olympics. there is no excuse. #1
what no IMAX for the previously own Metreon in San Francisco :(. To make it worst they picked a theater right next to it. #1.1.9
If the booth has Sony's branding, people will see everything in there as Playstation related even if it's going to other platforms. Perhaps not so nice but more business minded. Who knows maybe it won have PS written all over it. #8
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