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The best racing game ever made just got better.

This game grabs hold of FLOPZA 4 And destroys it.

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Graphics are hardly better, still crap ingame cars and shaders, lighting still not right.

Forza3 fandroids everywhere.

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What looks amazing about that,lol.


Forza 3.2

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Most demanding part of crysis is the part with the tanks battle.

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Hand animations still well wrong, watch the video,lol. hardly moves the wheel. FORZA4 VS SHIFT for ARCADE GAME.

GT5 is still sim king.

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They still haven't fixed the hand animations lol. Just a newer coat of polish,lol. Reminds me of shift at the start.

Only one SIM king.


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Probably because Forza was never the KING.

You all know this to be true.

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Don't agree MP is lacking, it's very good imo.

Could always do with new maps, but that could be said of all games.

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You can easily see it in this video.

PS3 looks closer to dx10 settings.

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Really well done, love the quality of the chimera character, looks fking real,lol.

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How was it a bad move.

The game is in beta format and as such everyone knows this.

There are a few holes in the ground, It's too hungry on processor resources on PC, not nearly as bad as f1 2011 and dirt3. Stupidly high specs need for cpu, and quad broken.

I'm getting the game day 1, i just want them to add more fx to the explosions etc. When you throw a nade,or fire a rocket, there should be more pump to it.

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Wouldn't bother releasing warhead, was only pushed out to get more money back from needing more crysis sales.

CRYSIS 2 was/is better imo, not open. But action/aliens etc.

Crysis 3 is set in london (you heard it here first)

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THey are good updates, but they really should be seriously doing damage updates. Better shadows, drop the rez to 720p, cut x4aa add mlaa.

Seriously they could pump out a much better driving and looking game.

Also Arcade should be arcade, FUN.

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The reason the world doesn't feel alive is 60fps.

If they gone with 30fps on consoles, although it would not be as smooth, you could alot more physics wise.

It's a decent game though.

But tbh, the only game i'll be playing for weeks,months,years will be BF3.

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12million played the beta, yes massive failure,lol.

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Not quite sure how this got approved tbh, sounds more like they included the GT5 name to get the article noticed.

Sounds more like HHG.

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I like the beta, but the flashlights in your face gets on my nerves tbh.

Fair enough if the lens catches the sun outside, i like that.

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You cannot judge what runs better while online, many things can change fps, explosions,tree's falling over, animations.

Look at the pic, PS3 Wins graphically.

PC wins overall, but is buggy as well, and they really need to release a map with vehicles.

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News flash big slim.

Those saying the PC PC PC.

The pc version is a buggy mess, glitches all over the park.

Grab your PC the end is near.

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