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Wish they had this in 3rd person view

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So glad to see people not forget about Socom. My first online addiction. Ive lost hope on H-Hour when David sears left after shortly getting out kickstarter money. They say it's getting prepped for PS4 development but at this point it's almost too late. I'd rather them put it on the 5 and capture an audience early so we don't start up then the servers get torched.

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Or baseball batting/homerun derby

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Resistance 1 multiplayer was great, with modern control scheme and a remaster it would be non stop playtime. Resistance 2 multi was good, the co op rocked. R3 was a "phone in"

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Ps now included would be awesome. That would free up a bunch of hdd space.

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As usual SOCOM, warhawk, Resistance trilogy would be great but the first one with traditional controls same multiplayer maps with the glitches fixed would be a blast.

MAG could be revived from the dead and reworked.

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Before too long it's gonna be like the mobile games my kid plays. Start with 5 lives, die and wait 20 minutes to get a life back.

I can just see the battlefield/cod loot boxes to speed up the timer. This shit in these games is getting old. Too much more of this type of garbage and I'll be done for good. Retro-pie for the gaming itch.

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Socom 4. Killed the franchise with it.

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Sounds Cliche but just heard from someone who works at Sony facility hit with lots of job cuts this past week and they informed the staff that the ps5 is hitting 2019 and that they would be dealing with it and 4 k discs.

Take it for what it's worth but that's what the higher ups told the remaining line staff in the shutdown meeting.

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Picked up both jack boxes. Think those could be interesting for get togethers.

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Back in the day loved a lot of EA games.
"It's in the game"
Now it's in the game behind a shitty paywall with Random loot boxes

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Wish they would have made an adapter cradle for the controller to use while playing ps4 games on remote play. Saw something like it for the ps phone and I think the newest model vita but iirc it was released overseas. Not seen anything like that in the states.

I'd use mine a lot more if I could use a controller during remote play. Just can't grasp the controls for shooters or games where the l2 r2 are used frequently. Big hand problems. Lol

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Hannah Montana, Terminator Salvation etc...

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I never get these. Been signed up since the beginning. They spam my inbox weekly with everything except these codes when they are released.

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Had a notification on PSN that refunds will be given on things purchased from IIRC August until now. Hate to see it close down I was starting to enjoy it but at least will be getting some of my money back.

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Agreed. Options never hurt. Allow people to choose. Made several new friends with the random join in games without the hassle of begging on forums and dealing with "pro" gamers.

That aspect sucked in destiny when in game matchmaking was not an option.

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No way man. The devs at Trion made Defiance. I know different genres different games but this could have very easily turned into a war game rather than a kill the mutants/aliens games. Ghost recon actual gameplay is about the closest to the old Socom feel due to the squad format and team commands but it was still clunky at times. Using the wheel was cumbersome to command teammates and strategies on how you approcahed a scenario.

FFS you could control your teammates wit...

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Drop the regular PS4 price tag to dirt cheap, put the PS4 pro at current prices then maybe release the slim model at the new revamped price. Cut the legs out of the new xbox launch

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Baffles me as to why they have not done anything with this franchise. Seeing as how it was #1 on the official PlayStation poll.

With all the trash put up weekly on the App Store why has nobody done a clone of this yet. I've been playing Defiance as my go to 3rd person since 2013 but still nothing like that old school Socom/Socom 2 up all night gameplay.

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