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I've been waiting since launch for someone to have them around me they have been sold out since.

Now with your assumption why can't Nintendo put out any more of the Nintendo classics? Supply was gone weeks before Christmas and it is still sold out. Hell you could make an emulator with more games, better specs and as many roms as you want with the home brew kits so it shouldn't be hard for a giant like Nintendo to create something as easy you...

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Imagine how many they could sell if they were actually in stock. Only thing I've seen is a couple of cameras and wands since launch. Kick myself for cancelling the pre order.

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Would be nice if the digital games we have purchased or all ps+ games would be made available on ps now.

Would be awesome to be able to access some of those games from time to time without having to pull up the PS3/ download/ or repurchase something again. Would be a good benefit for ps+ members.

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Agreed on all points. It brought in the online gaming on the consoles/clans/etc...They had a niche product that the hardcore crowd loved. Zipper/Sony tried to cater to too many people and started straying from the core and started alienating the original patrons.
Actually in the same boat. I found a lot of great franchises and games I never would have touched had it not been for the Socom 4 disaster

I'm stuck now going back and forth from Defiance on the PS3...

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Sorry I should be more excited for the App Store games that are flooding the market at the time. Great games this gen are few and far between.

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Ps2 gave us 4 Socom games, PS3 gave us about 1 1/4 between the two games combined. PS4 still waiting....... where's my new Socom game or at least a remaster?

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Same here. I loved this game and have waited forever for something like it. There was supposed to be a mean greens or something like that but it died on the pc side before it even got a console chance.

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10 second search finds the bundle from another retailer on Amazon for nearly the same price.
Some of you bitch just to bitch. See below ¥

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Looks nice, great premise I just couldn't get into it. I can't imagine how many controllers are going to be broken because of this game. The blocking system and attack system are gonna destroy the analog sticks.

I had high hopes for it but I just couldn't get into the gameplay. I'm sure others will enjoy it but I'm glad I got into the testing because I had the gold edition pre ordered. Saved me some money/heartache.

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It's not about more of the same its about trying to re-invent the wheel.

Pac Man chases ghosts and eats kix, he doesn't need to solve puzzles and go into 3D mode. People played pac man because it was pac man. Nobody wanted guns added to the game.

I relate the same old thing to Socom. Socom had a formula that worked. Fans loved Socom 1-2, Socom 3 not so much, and it went downhill with each version after because it deviated from what made the ga...

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Maybe if they discounted everything purchased by 10% and offered psnow I could see the increase being worthwhile. As it is now no way is it justified.

For more "indie" games I could do without. I'd rather have the remasters of the ps2/PS3 games.

I could have sworn last gen ps+membership had beta access. I have yet to get any sort of beta invite since ps4 release unless I got it as a pre order bonus.

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Lol. Your book needs a new editor.

Carfox > Carfax

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Lol. "Their mission". If they choose to accept it. I haven't seen one yet. I guess we will see with the next yearly release. /s

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Thanks. Always brought the screen up but didn't turn off, just figured it was problems with apps. Guess I just needed to hold a bit longer. Thx again.

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Folders,the PS3 style keyboard layout, and for the love of god a quick controller power off option like it was on PS3.

Controller stays on for longer than the 10 minutes I have set when watching vue/Hulu/etc... Powers off when it wants.

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A few guys in a garage made something that is in nearly every home and has some sort of effect on everyone now. (PC)

This may actually benefit the game as a small dedicated team may be better than a warehouse full of monkeys copy and pasting the next Call of Duty as they actually care about the product and actually have to try to make the best game possible or they will fail as a company.

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@gangsta red

He had an award winning role in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back as Cockknocker. Lol

He also does the voice of skips on the Regular Show. (I had no clue of this). Outstanding voice actor but fill in his film role with anyone else and you get the same performance.

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Nice. Good luck everyone.

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Red Dead Redemption

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