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No way man. The devs at Trion made Defiance. I know different genres different games but this could have very easily turned into a war game rather than a kill the mutants/aliens games. Ghost recon actual gameplay is about the closest to the old Socom feel due to the squad format and team commands but it was still clunky at times. Using the wheel was cumbersome to command teammates and strategies on how you approcahed a scenario.

FFS you could control your teammates wit...

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Drop the regular PS4 price tag to dirt cheap, put the PS4 pro at current prices then maybe release the slim model at the new revamped price. Cut the legs out of the new xbox launch

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Baffles me as to why they have not done anything with this franchise. Seeing as how it was #1 on the official PlayStation poll.

With all the trash put up weekly on the App Store why has nobody done a clone of this yet. I've been playing Defiance as my go to 3rd person since 2013 but still nothing like that old school Socom/Socom 2 up all night gameplay.

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It launched November of 2013. Haven't the Xbox users waited long enough? How much longer should they wait? LOL

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This. Seth Luisi was a turd. That dude was a big factor in all the new directions to appeal to a wider audience.

Got a lot of hate for that dude.

Need a SOCOM 2 HD Remake. With voice commands and full online functions. They could borrow the proximity chat from Confrontation leave the rest as it was. Fix the glitch areas and we are good to go.

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Agreed. Control setups are so awkward. Like they have never programmed for a controller input.

Bought this due to seeing the pc have Michael Myers then find out he is not on consoles. Game is garbage.

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That Styx game is like 30.00 more than in PSN. Lol. Usually it's the other way around wow.

Definitely compare prices from the PSN store and Amazon before buying. This is one time the store may actually be cheaper.

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Lol. Reads articles....Who does that around here?

Everyone knows you are supposed to form an opinion from the headline and run with it. /s :)

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I really wish they would go back to the here comes the pain gameplay style from the old days. I hate the new gameplay style. Give me a remastered hd here comes the pain and they got 60 bucks from me

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Last of us meets horizon. Looks great

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God that would be awesome. So sick of the first person shooters.

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They should have made a dock for the vita to do the same thing. I can't stand the touch screen on the back as a control. Remote play of PS4 games would rock if I could dock the vita like that.

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I agree. Wish they would have had a jump feature. I hate the climbing only deal. Few times I have been stuck falling off a ledge have had to quit to get unstuck.

The interaction button to get ammo is a bit wonky as you have to be in a perfect position at times to access and would be great if they could fix that but other than that I'm really enjoying this game.

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I've been waiting since launch for someone to have them around me they have been sold out since.

Now with your assumption why can't Nintendo put out any more of the Nintendo classics? Supply was gone weeks before Christmas and it is still sold out. Hell you could make an emulator with more games, better specs and as many roms as you want with the home brew kits so it shouldn't be hard for a giant like Nintendo to create something as easy you...

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Imagine how many they could sell if they were actually in stock. Only thing I've seen is a couple of cameras and wands since launch. Kick myself for cancelling the pre order.

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Would be nice if the digital games we have purchased or all ps+ games would be made available on ps now.

Would be awesome to be able to access some of those games from time to time without having to pull up the PS3/ download/ or repurchase something again. Would be a good benefit for ps+ members.

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Agreed on all points. It brought in the online gaming on the consoles/clans/etc...They had a niche product that the hardcore crowd loved. Zipper/Sony tried to cater to too many people and started straying from the core and started alienating the original patrons.
Actually in the same boat. I found a lot of great franchises and games I never would have touched had it not been for the Socom 4 disaster

I'm stuck now going back and forth from Defiance on the PS3...

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Sorry I should be more excited for the App Store games that are flooding the market at the time. Great games this gen are few and far between.

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