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I spent a boatload on the ninja turtles, tabletop PAC man , and wwf superstars. Mortal Kombat I didn't spend too much on as I was whipping that ass and getting free games to play, but it was another game I loved. #3
Pick me....pick me #880
I understand there are always online issues to wrinkle out but the sorry ass state of the single player mode pissed me all the way off. Played through half the game unlocked trophies and weapons and the game save file just vanished. Happened to me 2 times on the ps3 and once on the ps4.

This is definitely the last BF title I will buy new. eBay/disc replay type stores are becoming my friend because of the shady ass used car salesman tactics these developers have become s... #1.2.2
Happened to me twice on ps3 version and once on ps4. This game had a chance and blew it yet again. #5.1
Nationwide Wi fi was one of his selling points to get technology widespread to everyone even in rural areas. I still can't drive down my highway and stay connected to my cellular provider yet. As far as Google goes, remember the walmart effect. When competition is wiped out they create their own rules and prices. The knight in shining armor could be just as evil as the bad guy ruling the kingdom or worse.

People won't fight for anything now. Almost everyth... #31.1
You are still not getting it. When this passes, your internet will become just like TV. This will start tier packages.
Could be bandwidth could be certain sites
for example: You want to access fox/Comedy Central you have to subscribe to tier 3 access. Tier 1 gets govt websites/certain news websites/search engine
Tier 2 gets certain business websites amazon/clothing sites etc...

This shit is awful for cord cutters. It's their way to mani... #10.2.2
Where I live charter has one end of the city. Time warner has the other. It's amazing that both offer the exact same channels/same speed for nearly identical service yet I am stuck with whatever district they cover to determine my provider.

This is bs. Look recently at AT&T and Verizon mobile broadband. It started out unlimited for both then one took the unlimited option away and went to a cap. Soon the other went the same route.

Conspiracy... #8.1
You didn't strike a nerve with me at all. I was simply throwing a "stereotype" your direction. Commonly gamers are perceived to be children or basement dwellers. Common sense tells otherwise, to which I assume you are lacking based on your comments on this thread

Sorry you don't enjoy a family entertainment event that others do yet take an interest in bashing others. My nephews enjoy it, I take them to live events and watch it with them on tv.
... #1.4.1
By your same reasoning anyone who plays video games should be in their teens, right? #1.2
Count me in :) #372
Jurassic the hunted. Not great but it exists #9.2
Get it on ps4 and remote play it. Realize it's not totally portable but all ps4 games remote play like a champ #15.1
Been waiting forever for this. Glad the kick starter brought this further along. Anybody got their stuff from SOF yet for contributing? I'm still waiting. #5
I am thankful for family, friends, and the shiny new ps4. Happy turkey day everyone. #450
Lmao. Touché. :) #6.1.1
Same here. Pre ordered on 1st day for launch. Shipped tonight said delivery date Monday 18th along with extra controller and the buy 2 get 1 deal. Blahhhhhhhh :( #6.1
Yet you are right in the middle of it. #1.6.5
Legends contracts. If they signed their soul away their likeness can be used for anything/everything as long as they pay the amount negotiated in the contract. #1.1.1
The only thing I get from Taco Bell is the chicken soft tacos and Doritos locos tacos. Can't stomach the other stuff after the years of horror stories. Meat/cheese/lettuce from there. That's it, occasionally a churro or cinnamon twists. Maybe I will luck out and they will add something for people like me who love the Doritos locos tacos but not the rest of the garbage.

"Gutter palettes, forever unclean" #22
Be ause there are still a lot of people not upgrading yet to the ps4. I've got a huge backlog of games I havent pulled from the plastic yet but am going to pick up a ps4 on release day. Several buddies have no reason to leave the ps3 yet so this works out good for them. They are planning on running with the ps3 for another year or two waiting for a price drop or a redesign.

This works good for those on the fence or with backlogs now they can still enjoy some of th... #8.2
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