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The wife says Josh Duhamel from transformers. Possibly younger drake

https://pbs.twimg.com/profi... #1.1.6

The lack of co op and the ridiculous cod perks they put in. Loved the 1st game, played the 2nd towards the end of its cycle and really enjoyed it, the 3rd was just pretty. Gameplay and gunplay was a step back from the 1st two games.

A co op in 3 could have really helped as it was a huge positive and praised feature in res2 #3.1.4

Similar game modes but battlefront was SOCOM in a Star Wars universe.

If it is a 3rd person game I'm all in, if it's a 1st person shooter I'll pass. #1.1.4
24 hr rental should be about a buck
Pack of 7- 24 hr rentals for 5 bucks
One 7 day rental for 5 bucks

Just like amazon mp3's did with albums, I will buy countless albums for 2-3 bucks each or even for 5 bucks but when your price starts to get up to the cost of the physical media which has resale value after I am done with it I avoid the overpriced digital service like the plague. Most companies still haven't figured this out yet.

Wo... #13
Incredible mods? Really?

Downloaded games free from the net was the purpose of that. changing pictures and icons is far from incredible. #9.1

As stated above Willow, the doors, a movie that nobody here probably has ever seen called Felon, and the best of his career TOMBSTONE :)

Don't just remember him for batman. Lol #2.1.6
The extra codes they sent me turned 2 people who were not interested in the game to now be waiting for the 9th to come with cash in hand for the game.

I don't mind the beta pre order incentive for this because then people who will buy this will be the ones who help shape the design and direction the game will take. I think that maybe you should have to actually purchase instead of do the cheap preorder get code then cancel copout however. I'd prefer people test th... #5
Me. This would be the first one I'll probably buy since smackdown here comes the pain #2
What kind of free phone are you getting free with your upgrade? It's gonna be a clamshell or an old model. If you want the newest tech you spend 99-199 or more with an upgrade. On top of that you are locked into another term.

Now if you wait for it that's another story but your comparison of a phone upgrade doesn't apply here. #13.1.2
No need now. We got SOF Studios making H Hour. Seth Luisi would have his greasy hands somewhere in the remake and screw it up anyway.

While I'd love the chance to jump back in a proper remake without fear of exploits I've given up hope until h hour. #16.1
I get a borderlands/bio shock feel from my time spent in the game. Never played halo so no idea how much is taken from that community. Seems this is going to pick up people from all kinds of games so it should make an interesting mix for play styles/trading. #6.1
Were you expecting tornados and hurricanes? The only thing I didn't like was all the ash/flakes on screen, I didn't get to spend much time in game to explore everywhere. Was a little distracting for me and took away how awesome this game looks. Hoping that was just in that area for me and not present in every outside environment.

Looking forward to the release. #5.1
This would be the ideal model that I thought something similar would drop for us. The decision to charge the prices they are during the beta is insane. The backlash and bad publicity is as bad as could be.

If they can't set prices reasonable because of other "publishers" demands then perhaps sony owned ip's be offered at a dramatically reduced cost to at least make up for the others greed. If this pricing scheme isn't chin checked early they may as... #5.2
Nope. It should have been an expansion pack. The last game they released was broke as hell because it was rushed. Theses guys at dice are now doing the COD yearly reskin and charging full price for it.

Star Wars battlefront is the only game I will pick up for a while from these guys. If they screw that up then I'm putting bf in the cod catagory. #1.1.3
Agree 100%. Amazon throws out mp3 albums for 5 bucks if it's something I like I will pick it up in a heartbeat for ease of access and support of the artist. If they charge 14.95 and I can go to best buy get the disc for 9.99 and burn it then resell it I would go that route

I e said this for a long time about digital distribution. It's only enemy is itself and the company trying to be too greedy and not keeping an ear to the market. If this is the psnow price... #4.1
Wonder if the 100kb unlocks included on disc will cost 10 bucks each again. Fall of cybertron pissed me off to no extent with the cash grab last go around. I'll eBay it or gamefly it this time. #9
It's out of beta? #14.1
I'd like to see red dead redemption 2 for ps4. Get a version fully optimized for ps4. Loved it on ps3 but it was held back, doesn't need to be held back again. #1.3.3
I spent a boatload on the ninja turtles, tabletop PAC man , and wwf superstars. Mortal Kombat I didn't spend too much on as I was whipping that ass and getting free games to play, but it was another game I loved. #3
Pick me....pick me #880
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