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This was one big reason I quit playing. Most friends moved on soon after release and I wasn't trying to lurk forums to find a group or the silly ass method they made to implement clans.

The clan feature was just ridiculous. Something that has been implemented since ps2 longer on PC and you still have to look for online tutorials to find/create/join clans...smh #1.1
I'd like a cradle to just hook up my controller and be able to use it. I saw a phone with a similar setup advertised a few years ago that used that idea. The analog sticks are difficult to use if you have man hands and the touchscreen fiasco in multiplayer shooter games is ridiculous. I don't care about it being big and clunky or not portable with that added on if it works and is an option to make the experience better by all means let's get it over here ASAP.

Thanks for the heads up. #2
Angry Birds....can't understand the love for this game
Cod. Anything past modern warfare2. Zombies was the only good thing after.
Move/Kinect. Perhaps if they would have supported them.
Operation Flashpoint
Killzone/crysis. Pretty but hate the gameplay.

Several games have really disappointed me based on my expectations. #1.6
49.99 #1.5
:) #3.2.1
Would have been nice for them to release some actual game footage or at least a picture or two of what it's going to look like instead of renders. This is one of the few games I want to pre order but the battlefield games have left me with my guard up.

Psn could have at least thrown up the battlefront games from ps2 even if it was offline action only. #3.2
Nice try. The cheerleader/DMG control in full force. I can tell by seeing the reflect and redirect . Justify your purchase all you would like. I don't like the fact that a shit ton of content could have been put into the game instead it was hidden behind the paywall and released the first day. If you accept the practice fine, you writing a thesis isn't going to change my opinion on any dev/game that does this garbage.

Source:my opinion. Furthermore just because o... #19.1.1
I can appreciate the fact of the maps being free, my issue is the hundred dollars worth of dlc they threw up in the online store before people even had the game in hand. I think this is the ordeal that has pissed so many people off. A smarter strategy would have been to wait a week or two and trickle out content instead of a dam size release of content that was held from the game behind that gigantic paywall.

I would have got the game in a week or two but shadey practices... #19
Since it was brought up about old unused ip's I want SOCOM 2 hd

They released a majority of the games I've seen mentioned on the ps3 in arcade packs. They should just put those titles on ps now or make em free to play altogether.

I would like to see an updated ghost n goblins/castlevania/or any arcade shooter that could make use of the updated move camera and wands that not a single game I have purchased makes use of. (Terminator 2, Dino crisis,... #8.2
Agreed....first had a great multiplayer map scaling was great according to # of players but I felt the controls were clunky cod style controls (only good thing copied by most fps games) were not mainstream yet, 2 was outstanding. Online rocked and co op was a blast. 3 bleh....it was Resistance of Duty killzone edition. It totally lost its identity and tried blending and fixing what didn't need tinkered with.

If new game went back to R1/R2 roots I'd pick it up,... #1.9.1
Same here. Since ps4 launch haven't had a single invite. Several on ps3, none on ps4 besides preorder access types. #3.1
Battlefront was SOCOM with Star Wars skins. #5.1.1
Yes another seller but after navigating 6 pages after a search for a sony ps4 controller. 3 for 85 bucks and 1 for 65.....not one sold by Sears. Insane #10.1.2
But you will earn 800 points buying it. Lmao. The web interface is so cumbersome and then finding things like this after searching for your product is what makes me close their website window. 30 dollars more....even if it is another seller I am on the Sears website I would expect to find sears prices. This is another reason why they can board up shop #10.2
I don't feel bad at all for Sears. They charge top of the line prices for old stuff. A greatest hits title goes for no more than 29 bucks, sears would charge 59 for it when you can get it cheaper everywhere. Don't get me started on their parts department pricing. They gouge everything there. Try buying bolts,washers for lawn equipment there and let that sticker shock jump out at you. They are pricing themselves out of business. Soon they will just be a tools/appliance chai... #1.4.9
Is this still a free to play game? When the hell are they gonna release. They have had full price games that have come out in beta format why couldn't they have dropped this game to us yet. It's gotta be better than most recent releases. #5
SOCOM hd remake
New Warhawk game
Star Wars force unleashed
Or maybe the marvel game that was supposed to be like dc universe? #53
Is this going to remain a 3rd person view game or are they just gonna phone it in and use battlefields 1st person? I haven't seen a confirmation yet. If it stays 3rd person I will pick it up, 1st person I will pass or get it cheap from eBay/gamefly. #4
The wife says Josh Duhamel from transformers. Possibly younger drake

https://pbs.twimg.com/profi... #1.1.6
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