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Paid DLC behind a figurine ;)

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It just recently released for on the PS4 with trophy support. I couldn't resist so I bought again. ;)

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GTAV Multiplayer Shark Cards 20% off ;)

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I'm a huge fan of Manhunt, and I totally agree with you. Even though I still own and enjoy both Manhunt 1 and 2, I hope they go back to the snuff film concept of the first game. Imagine how all that will look with updated graphics? ;)

Oh and there was a way to play the PS2 version of Manhunt 2 without the censored stuff using a GameShark CD and a code.

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Even if they do fix this one incident, it still doesn't make it right for them to file a copyright claim on let's play videos. They're the only company out of the three to do this, why? $$$ ;)

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WiiU is doing awful. I wouldn't be surprised if Nintendo were to leave the console market. ;)

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@ jcnba28 The WiiU came out a year before the PS4 and X1, yet that doesn't change the fact that the WiiU is still 1 million units behind the vita. ;)

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If it's going to be like the WiiU but on the go, then we shouldn't expect it to be some powerhouse. It's always one or the other ;)

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Splatoon would be a bad, first choice. Nintendo needs to do a Metroid film. ;)

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Nope, I don't even think the last one made a huge impact. ;)

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Congrats to Sony! Uncharted selling more than those Japanese games in their own turf is good news. Who's to say that Nintendo can't cater to a western audience and still be successful? ;)

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I own the game dude. What I meant was, for an emulator, this looks awesome. ;)

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Agreed. Kojima should've just went with a horror game. ;)

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Dude are you kidding? Look at the related videos they have everything emulated from DKTF to Pikmin and yes even Bayonetta 2! ;)

Here's Mario Maker running flawlessly

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This never ceases to amaze me. Despite what the naysayers were saying, they have come a long way. Keep up the hard work ;)

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His visions have held Nintendo back on various occasions. It's time for Nintendo to move on and acquire fresh talent IMO. ;)

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How could you enjoy it? Even the actors involved hated the film. ;)

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What's pathetic is people wanting toys and movies over video games. ;)

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Sure keep telling yourself that. She's definitely more reliable than that most of the users here posting fake specs ;)

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Who said it was a positive rumor? ;)

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