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Why are people disagreeing with facts? ;)

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It doesn't have much of anything. No web browser, no Netflix etc ;)

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Don't be surprised. I have one too and, to some extent, I feel the same way ;)

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It does't help your argument when you're recommending indie games that could be easily be found on other system and for much less ;)

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Voice chat! ;)

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I'm not digging the crossover so there being a price drop before it releases is great for everyone ;)

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It's been out for a while now ;)

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I hate that mentality. Oh look it's not coming to the Switch the game must be rubbish... ;)

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They've always been a generation behind. It's like they didn't learn anything from the WiiU ;)

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The Switch launched with nothing but ports. One of its flagship title Zelda is a port. Also I don't get where all this sudden love for indies came from. I remember the PS4 getting flak for it


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I don't get how you can defend this. Having to use your phone to do online voice chat is ridiculous for a system that released in 2017.

All the concerns that people had are becoming a reality. ;)

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Aslong as Nintendo keeps making games, then who cares? ;)

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We'll be different even if it kills us ~ Nintendo ;)

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Zelda is coming too! ;)

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This was bound to happen. I don't understand why it was even allowed in the first place. ;)

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I turned it off right away. I hated aiming with the motion controls on. Even with it off, some shrines require you to use it which is annoying ;)

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Maybe he doesn't have a Pro Controller? ;)

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It wouldn't surprise me if Nintendo did this. Just look at what they did with their handhelds. ;)

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Got to love the double standards... ;)

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It's upsetting to see people encouraging Nintendo to keep up with these mind-bogling business decisions ;)

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