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It's not a victory. I wouldn't want Nintendo to take this as an excuse to start focussing on mobile games rather than on console ip's something they've failed to do on the WiiU ;)

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This was totally unexpected. I'm glad that Sonic finally came to their senses and is giving their fans some classic Sonic ;)

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It'll eventually get modded thats what I'm hoping for ;)

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Im getting two one for collecting purposes and the other to play on ;)

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I doubt any real Nintendo fans would take this news as positive. Nintendo is bound to repeat the same mistakes all over again ;)

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Everything that we know so far of the NX indicates that it's aimed more towards the casuals than anything else. I don't even think Nintendo has even acknowledge the hardcore crowd yet like when they did with the WiiU. ;)

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It's fun amongst the casual crowd and so far has been a great success but this is not how I want Nintendo to be remembered. Here's hoping the NX is just as exciting ;)

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Yooka-Laylee that's pretty much it for me and of course Zelda ;)

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@Timesplitter "CEO Yves Guillemot talked about the company’s stance on the Nintendo NX, also mentioning potential casual appeal." Your wish may just come true ;)

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People disagreeing with you would rather see Nintendo go mobile which is sad ;)

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Time to make Monster Hunter exclusive for the PS4 ;)

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Publicity stunt IMO ;)

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Congrats to Nintendo! Even though I don't play mobile games, you can tell they have a real winner here with Pokemon Go. Everyone at college seems to be talking about it even my professor lol ;)

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What's even more sad is that they'll most likely won't invest that money towards a true Pokemon console game ;)

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Sorry to break it to you but it does count as news. There are many people still in denial over the WiiU's current situation and as unfortunate as it may seem, the WiiU has been nothing but a burden for Nintendo. ;)

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TRUST me you're not missing much. ;)

Oh and Smash Bro's > Mario Kart 8 just saying

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WiiU was my primary console of choice until the PS4 came out. I can't even keep up with all the latest PS4 games. My WiiU, on the other hand, is still gathering dust and going through droughts.

As long as Nintendo refuses to acknowledge the importance of 3rd party support, I don't see how the NX can be anyones primary console. ;)

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Doesn't hurt to try ;)

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They'll be lucky to get anywhere near what the GameCube sold ;)

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