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Come on man you're better than that. Are you going to blame Microsoft for the Switch's merely 32gb of internal storage? Or how about the voice chat not being integrated into the system? Nintendo is responsible for their own actions.

If they were really "consumer friendly" they would've voted against charging for online. Just like how they refuse to get with the times. ;)

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Agreed it's time for them to focus on software only. It's clear that they don't know what consumers want outside of Japan. ;)

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I still can't believe the whole voice chat thing being its own thing on an app. Then they have the audacity to charge for that app LOL ;)

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Well so much for it being $30 a subscription ;)

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Yeah how comical of him to say that the WiiU was a necessary failure which, in turn, led to the creation of the Switch. I Wonder what will they say if this thing fails? ;)

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They're relying on those early adopters ;)

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Probably a hardware limitation. This is why a lot of people wanted a traditional system so things like this could be prevented ;)

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Nintendo just can't catch a break ;)

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I bet you it'll be games no one bought off the VC like Mario baseball, golf, Excitebike etc. ;)

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Well said! ;)

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I doubt it. The controller has a sharing button which at one point it would be able to capture video. ;)

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This is Nintendo's first outing towards a paid online subscription and yet they somehow managed to screw it up already. All I have to say is good luck Nintendo you're going to need it ;)

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I'm not sold on the whole New York thing where Mario is walking along regular people but the rest looks great. ;)

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If that entry price point isn't enough to turn consumers away, I'm sure the paid online subscription will do the job ;)

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Nintendo are expecting to sell 2 million of these things in its first month. Those estimates are lower than what the WiiU sold in that time frame ;)

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I wonder if this is the same version that the PS4 and X1 got ;)

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Yeah, I wasn't really impressed. From the price, voice chat not integrated into the system, paid online and a weak launch lineup. Nintendo going for that classic bait and "Switch" ;)

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For what was shown $200 seems like a good price point ;)

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I don't understand why they invited developers who are only in the concept stages of developing their games talking about they have games for the Switch LOL. ;)

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Did you not watch the Nintendo event? They mention it's a home console LOL ;)

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