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Good to see a nice boost in sales for the PS4! Overall consoles are doing terribly in Japan ;) #7
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I have no doubt that the X1 will close the gap and take second spot regardless of how that happens they'll get there eventually ;) #3.1
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The PS4 is definitely leading the pack and its performance in sales and software will continue to improve leading into the holidays. ;) #4
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This is what I don't understand about Nintendo why make your own developers suffer by giving them such limited hardware?

Imagine how much more open world a Zelda game or a Xenoblade ip would look if Nintendo invested much more in their hardware instead of gimmicky controls? Even the producers of said games have expressed their visions of wanting these games to be much more open world. ;) #15.1
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Sony's Yoshida and Microsofts Phil Spencer have gone on to praise Nintendo and in someways mention that competition is good so please stop with the conspiracies.

Various game types? Like what exactly platformers, jrpgs? Nintendo is aiming towards the family friendly crowd if anything they need to branch out and stop playing it safe. ;) #9.1
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I'll be playing for fun not really into the competitive scene. I'll most likely main Sonic (if I like his move set), Mario or Bowser/jr. ;) #3
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Got this message on the WiiU even though I have all those discounted games I hope they do more of these down the line for every character ;) #6
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Why do YOU guys always have to drag Sony into this or another company?

Hardly anyone asks Sony for a fighter because whether you hate 3rd parties or not they have that area covered (Tekken 7, SF, MK10) same goes for every gaming genre out there coupled with Sony's own original ip's. Sadly enough the same can't be said about Nintendo and it all falls down to their incompetence and broken promises of securing multiplatform games.

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Agreed the gore is expected to be over the top with this franchise and thats what I love about it. So whether it is with Kung Lao's hat slice or Kano's simple heart rip people will always complain. ;) #1.1
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We don't hate Nintendo we just want them to do better. They seriously need to drop this whole kid/family friendly image because as we have seen in their statistics and transition from Wii to WiiU is that casuals are not loyal and you can't depend on them.

They need to approach their future console with 3rd parties in mind I'm not saying give us a super computer but something that can compete. And don't give me that BS that devs still wouldn't support them... #11
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$13 for a figurine that is tied to ONE game each? Is in no doubt expensive! You can spin it however you want ;) #1.2.1
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I have both you really can't go wrong by going with a PS4 ;) #2.1
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Sony should bundle these too at a reduced price. It would really help garner awareness towards the little handheld and its library. Anyone know if you can play PS4 online multiplayer games via remote play? ;) #1
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I enjoyed it very much for the PS4 on hard difficulty and being ultra stealthy but I just didn't like the Left Behind DLC. With that said Congrats to ND and Sony! ;) #3.1
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Pretty much any big AAA game exclusive or multiplatform ;) #12
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L.C.H.C was great in GTA4 lots of hardcore PUNK/Thrash it definitely made driving around more fun same with the classic rock station ;) #7.1.2
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Just give me some Black Sabbath or some heavy psychedelic and i'm good ;) #1.1.6
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The packaging looks great and so do the figurines I just can't understand how they wouldn't allow the same one to be used for various games? I'm not into toys but i'm sure these would look great as a collectors item ;) #11
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Exactly they're trying to rejuvenate the handled market but at the same time alienating their 40million old 3DS install base. Why not just introduce its successor? Instead of trying to rip off their user base ;) #12.1.4
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Agreed it's heading there with some nice increases in sales and some good upcoming releases 2nd spot for them is inevitable it'll EXPOSE many ;) #24.1
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