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I'll take the developers word over anyone here ;)

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The Switch's graphics capabilities were highly exaggerated IMO ;)

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You can always close your account and go join a pro Nintendo website, just an idea ;)

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This right here! ;)

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Nintendo had plenty of time to think about their next system. It's not EA's fault that Nintendo didn't seem to keep devs in mind when they developed the Switch. Nintendo burned many bridges with the WiiU; it's time for them to their act together. ;)

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If I where them, I'd throw in 1, 2 Switch for free. That game can't possibly cost $60 ;)

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LOL ;)

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Funny how they complain about rumors and "misinformation" but when something is presented to them with facts they're nowhere to be found. ;)

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I don't know about you, but I think the Switch's graphical capabilities were greatly exaggerated ;)

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It didn't look good for Nintendo when they brought on stage those two developers who had no games to show. All they did was talk about a concept for a game or how easy it might be developing for the Switch.

It reminded me of the WiiU dev diaries ;)

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"We'll be different. Even if it kills us." -Nintendo ;)

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It better be like the tech demo I want to see what the system is capable of ;)

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That's true there's always the option to implement these at later time but I honestly believe Nintendo should've been better prepared. That is unless they're planning on having us use our phone to launch a multimedia app ;)

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Agreed. That's why I expect them to do the right thing and price the online subscription accordingly ;)

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Well, there really isn't that much positive things to say about the system. Whether it's the launch lineup, features, online etc ;)

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I am just as I did with the WiiU. The only difference between me and you is that I'm not corporate slave like you ;)

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Well you get what you pay for... ;)

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Over "80" games in development ;)

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Might as well not pay for online ;)

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Its not even the PS4/X1 version LOL ;)

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