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They already tried that when they offered an online infrastructure ;)

More effort wouldn't hurt

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"For us, it's not about specs" ;)

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Next year ;)

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You should start taking your own advice ;)

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It was less ambitious than previous entries. It wasn't a bad game by any means but it certainly wasn't the 3D Mario game we all wanted. ;)

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Yeah well i noticed them. Im sure quite a few people did too ;)

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Let me guess, they held back on optimizing the Zelda demo too because they didn't want to spoil anything by doing so, right? ;)

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The second one didn't do well at all not sure if this is a wise decision even if it wasn't an exclusive ;)

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Sounds like they were... ouch ;)

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Notice how none of them are here admitting how wrong they were? They can only disagree ;)

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And people will still say otherwise lol ;)

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Not as long as their fanbase keeps cheering them on, they'll never change. ;)

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We've heard that before. ;)

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That's what i'm hoping they do. It would be amazing ;)

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"A New kind of Mario" Hmm I'm not liking the sound of that. Normally when Nintendo uses that word, it's usually applied towards some gimmick. I guess we'll just have to wait and see ;)

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Go on tell me what YOU really feel! ;)

When someone mentions a game they are looking forward to at E3, 90% of the time it's for a console title. No one gets hyped for E3 just to watch some niche handheld game get announced. So have that seat and eat your crow.

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Brilliant, just brilliant. They're after the casuals again. Did they not learn anything from this generation and the WiiU? ;)

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Speak for yourself. I enjoy reading what he has to say about the gaming industry ;)

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Did they bring anything new to E3??????? ;)

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