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Its campy, just like the old G4 shows. Thats part of why I love it so much. That and the brutally honest reviews. #1.1
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Its satire bro. Satire. #2.1
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And ND can EASILY create a new cast that Sony fans will scoop up like mint chocolate chip ice cream.

UC4 could have had a brand new cast and it would be getting just as many pre-orders only for the fact that ND made it and the graphics look "purdy". #8.1.1
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I don't see the issue with UC5...it just can't have Nate as the lead anymore. ND has made it clear that this is the end of the Drake storyline.

UC3 should've ended Nate's story IMO, but ND has proven they can create compelling storylines. Nate will have a VERY good reason to be back for a new adventure. #8.2
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I enjoyed UC3's campaign. Those gameplay sections in the desert were EPIC! Multiplayer was garbage though. Unbalanced mess. #4.1
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That too. These are extremely isolated incidents that are blown out of proportion by gaming media to get hits from hardcore Sony fanatics who will, as usual, defend their exclusives.

From what I'm seeing in the comments, it seems to be working.

I feel that there can be legit reasons to discourage someone from purchasing something. I tried to steer people away from buying Ground Zeroes because that would set a dangerous precedent for the industry that coul... #4.2.1
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A lot of these people have very little in life going for them outside of gaming. They use gaming to vent about non-gaming related problems. When someone gets THAT heated over a game, theres almost always a reason for that...and its not the game. #4.1
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Black Flag is an incredible game. Was playing through it for the second time to today. Very excited for Unity. I'm not really sure if I will like the online part of the game, but thats okay. The meaty 100 hour long campaign will be worth my $60. #1.1.2
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I'm getting the game for my birthday in two weeks. Fortunately I don't have to spend my own money on a game I already bought last year. It will be very nice to be able to play Left Behind for the first time.

I simply want gaming journalists to employ more investigative journalism. Give us some type of exclusive information about the game that we can't find anywhere else. Exclusive content should be the meat of any successful gaming website. #1.6.1
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No one made me click this link. I did so out of free will to express my dissatisfaction with gaming journalism's tendency to overhype/over report a game as opposed to gathering exclusive tidbits on games we know next to nothing about.

I'm "clicking" to express my opinion because without expressing opinions on things we dislike, nothing changes. #1.1.3
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Nope. Exposure is meant for consumers who know nothing about the product. If you're educated enough to know about gaming sites like N4G, Dualshockers etc., its pretty much guaranteed that you know that the most awarded game of 2013 will be getting a PS4 revamp.

This is just overkill. #1.1.1
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Because its N4G and TLOU Remastered is a Sony exclusive. Simple answer to a simple question.


XiNaruto, link me to ONE instance where I complained about Sony being silent about games. Just one.

Also, I didn't click on the article. I clicked on the link to get to the comment section. #1.2
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But most people would say that the shadow on the 30fps screenshot looks more visually appealing due to its crispness. It may not be realistic, but this is a videogame. #8.1
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So for the normal people on N4G, who actually sees the HUGE difference? I notice slightly deeper blacks on the 30 fps screenshot but thats it. I'm sure theres a difference, but I feel I need to see the game in motion to notice it. #7
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My bad. UC4 will be an early 2016 title. So excited for what the future holds for my PS4! #7.1.1
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Thats happening. No questions. Way too many people haven't owned a PS console since the PS2 days. Heck, not even half of the PS3 userbase bought an Uncharted game if we are to go by the numbers.

It would be an excellent move to remaster all three Uncharted games. I'd gladly rebuy them for the 1080p/60fps upgrade. And the chance to play UC2 again? Oh boy!

Once ND sees that more people are choosing to play UC2 multiplayer as opposed to UC3, the only log... #7.1
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I don't remember the PS3 version being that blurry when I played it. It's pretty easy for some kid to take a single image, duplicate it, and make one of the images look more blurry than the other. But hey, you're entitled to believe whatever you want. #1.2.2
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Well, its clearly a huge difference...for you.

@Uncle Buck- I'm actually glad ND didn't fully remake everything. I'd rather they put that energy into UC4. #1.1.1
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I'm 100% sure its not worth me upgrading personally. But the PS4 version is the no brainer if you've never experienced the game before. #1.2
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True. If the Apple Store/Play Store popped up on that screen the reaction would have been the same. These people are literally that stupid to whine about something that doesn't affect them. #1.3.3
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