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2015 and N4Gers are still complaining about 8/10 scores. I rarely comment anymore, but this is a special type of stupid. #1.5
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I wonder the same. I think it has a lot to do with how parents raise their kids these days. They try to make them as comfortable as possible with "If you treat people nicely, they will do the same in return" motto. They often fail to teach their kids that there will ALWAYS be people who will dislike them for no logical reason whatsoever.

I kept mostly to myself in high school and was friendly to everyone, yet there were a clique of kids that simply didn't like m... #2.1
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Obvs they're gunna do it. I'd buy it if they SOMEHOW remade each entry in the series where they all looked equal or BETTER than Uncharted 3. #1.1.3
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^^Its an agenda in the sense that this is CLEARLY being done for publicity. Its a fighting game LOL! Sexual orientation...gay OR straight should be pretty irrelevant. #1.2.2
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Agreed. I touched GTA Online ONCE and lost interest after 20 minutes. #6.1
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I dont see anything "wrong" about this. Each console has exclusive content that you won't get on other consoles or will have to WAIT to get on other consoles. If it didn't work this way, there would be no competition and we would all be taken advantage of by whoever monopolized the industry. #2.1
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Easy no buy for me. This is how paid DLC hurts EVERYONE even if you don't buy it. #4
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What made the old series great thats missing from the new DMC is the gothic/horror vibe and environments. Also the bosses were tough in the original DMC games. The new DmC can be beaten simply by spamming Arbiter over and over again.

DmC is still an enjoyable action game and I appreciate that more thought went into the story this time around, but for it to be enjoyable to a person that regularly plays hack n slash games...you NEED to crank it up to the higher difficulties. <... #2.1
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^^This. I've enjoyed every DMC game Ive played(DMC1, DMC3, and DmC)

Still, DmC on Hard Mode(Nephlim) without the modifiers is WAAAAY TOO EASY. I was shocked at how easy it was and Im not even that big of a fan of frustratingly hard games.

I understand the hate it got when it originally released. I expect my second run through to be awesome once I turn on Hardcore Mode modifier and take on Dante Must Die difficulty. #1.1.3
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Wow thats pretty impressive. Must have played through each game dozens of times to memorize the puzzle solutions and boss attacks. #2
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I have a feeling Sony will remaster Ascension and release it during E3 as a promotion for GOW4. "Buy Ascension remastered to get early MP access to GOW4" or something of that nature.

I actually wouldnt be surprised if it ended up being heavily discounted for Plus subscribers. #2.1.2
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You know what the funny thing is? If Bloodborne was a multiplatform game created by a studio OTHER than From Software, it would be bashed on N4G for being a ripoff lol.

The fact that the "From Software" label is on the box led to more pre-orders of Bloodborne than if it was made from an unknown studio. Guess that means everyone who pre-ordered Bloodborne given From Software's track record are "sheeps" according to corroios. #1.2.1
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"There many gamers that are like sheeps, they buy games because of the label and not what the game brings."

Can't you say the same thing about people who claim any game that comes out of Guerilla Games/Naughty Dog will be a masterpiece even though they haven't played it yet?

Killzone: Shadowfall arguably had the worst campaign in the main series history, despite KZ2 being the best FPS of last gen IMO.

Btw, go check the PS St... #1.6
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Maybe he enjoyed it first a did the speed run afterwards, which he also found enjoyable? Who the hell are you to say what the "right" way to enjoy a game is? #5.3
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Thats a GOOD thing. Ur getting a ton of bang for ur buck! #3.2
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PLEASE cancel it. We don't need more whiners playing online. #1.2
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This is the fastest growing console generation ever. Which would suggest that there are more new gamers buying these consoles than ever before. Remasters make all the sense in the world. #4.1
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I played both DMC 1 and DMC 3 on the PS2. I enjoyed them both, but I like the new DMC better than both. DMC3 in particular was frustratingly hard to the point where I was afraid to try S rank type combos for fear of dying.

I'll admit that beating bosses felt more rewarding in DMC1 than the new DMC due to the ACTUAL challenge, but the better story, writing, and platforming makes up for this IMO. #3.3
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U won't regret it. Tons of content and replay value. The only "issue" is that if you come back to the game after a week or so, ull forget all the button combinations. The training mode doesnt make this a huge problem though. #1.1
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LOL, xHeavyx criticizing fanboyism

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