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Understandable. Just keep in mind that you aren't upgrading just for the 4K. I've been playing Infamous: Second Son using HDR along with the "Better Framerate" option and it's like I'm playing the game for the first time. Much more enjoyable gaming experience IMO.

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You're entitled to your opinion, but I think it'll be fantastic. I plan on pre-ordering along with Spiderman.

We already know the A.I. is FAR above average. Zombies will surround you from all angles, zombie dogs will chase while on your bike, other humans will lay traps for you.

What I would like to know is how deep the RPG/Crafting/Basebuilding goes. Can you upgrade your safe house? Get new clothes? Do you have to eat to survive?

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KZ3 with the Move/Sharpshooter combo was awesome, but that's the only game I used with it. Then need to bring that back for the next Killzone.

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@Death- Worldwide, the One X isn't outselling any iteration of the PS4. Sony won this gen and I'm happy they handed MS that ass whooping that reigignited the fire the Xbox brand used to have.

As a gamer, I hope the One X is a massive success for MS. If mid-gen upgrades are going to be a thing, then the upgrades have to be worth it. The One X is an upgrade that's worth it.

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Enjoy those 4K assets friend :) I'm looking forward to playing the WHOLE Halo saga on my One X via Xbox Game Pass. It's gonna look awesome on my 940e!

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Whatever you decide to get, I would suggest not getting anything under 65 inches. 75 inches would be ideal.

Usually the larger the screen, the worse the picture looks because the pixels are being spread out over a larger area. 4K and HDR combat this.

The larger the screen, the more of a benefit you get from a 4KTV.

At 60 inches and under is when you'll get into diminishing returns territory. You'll be hard pressed to see the di...

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Not everyone who will take advantage of playing PS4 games on PS Now are "waiting". In a few years there will be a new generation of gamers that have never owned a PS console.

PS Now will be a low cost way for them to introduce themselves to the PS family. Imagine someone playing through the entire God of War saga back to back for the first time. Sick!

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That's a good idea, but people would abuse it somehow

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Agreed. Xbox Game Pass is an incredible opportunity for non-Xbox gamers like me to play what we've been missing all these years. The last Halo game I played was Halo 2 and the last Gears I played was Gears 1. Very excited to be able to catch up with these series for only $10 a month.

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That's not true. Phils only been Head of Xbox for 3-4 years. Building first-party relationships/games takes time. So

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Yup, I'm on the 4th palace now at 60+ hours. I played so much that I got burned out and haven't played for a month. I'm gunna start playing again tonight though. Game of the generation for me personally.

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The story is surprisingly good. I actually wouldn't have traded it in so quickly if I had known New Game + was coming. It was a strange omission from the title at launch.

U'll have a lot of fun playing the game in God Mode once you have all the overrides. Definitely recommended!

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Nah bro. It's N4G. Everyone here has high-end need for the One X /S

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What fool expected every One X game (or every Pro game for that matter) to be 60fps/native 4K? You can't force all devs to make their games native 4K/60fps. That's a creative decision.

The only thing MS promised is that the One X will be native 4K CAPABLE. It's no different than me getting a pair of $400 Bose headphones and being upset when I listen to low bit rate MP3 files.

Ultimately, no matter how powerful the hardware is, the source code ...

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November can't come soon enough!

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They don't see the long-term vision. Because of Phil, the Xbox is going back to it's roots and focusing on power (something that he admitted that they lost for two generations). When you have power and make that power easily accessible to devs, they will WANT to make games for your console.

MS showed that they want to cater to different types of gamers at their conference: From racing (Forza 7), to platforming (Super Lucky's Tale), to zombie apocalypse simulator...

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It's been a broken record since E3. I'd never spend this much time researching a product I wasn't interested in. Not referring to you personally, but I'm just wondering what the purpose is behind repeating "IT HAS NO EXCLUSIVES..." in every Xbox article.

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It's not odd when you have a 75 inch Sony 4KTV with HDR and full array backlighting. I've run 720p content on it and I'm flabbergasted as to how my tv upscales it to look like an Ultra 4K Blu-Ray.

When you have a gaming console that takes advantage of this technology, it makes the experience MUCH more me. It makes you want to rewatch all the seasons of your favorite shows on it and replay your old games.

Before I got my 4KTV,...

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@Lovable- Riiight, everyone here has easy access to a suped up PC that exceeds X1X's specs....

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