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Thats a FANTASTIC thing. Day 1 for me! #3
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The Order is CURRENTLY selling well(present tense), however it will STOP selling well(future tense) relatively soon. THEREFORE, the price will drop quickly. #8.1.2
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In a game that relies heavily on story and cinematics, pacing is very important to me. I would consider bad pacing to be a glaring flaw in a game like this. Obviously if we were talking about a racing sim, pacing wouldnt matter since story rarely matters in racing sims. #6.1.1
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Lol, of course its selling well. Its the first AAA exclusive of the new year for the fastest selling console of all time. In the short term it will sell due to a combination of two years of hype and the lack of other choices in terms of AAA PS4 exclusives.

It CAN reach the lengths of Uncharted IF RAD listens to the criticism the game has received to create an improved sequel. #8.1
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$20. Everyone who wanted the game will have it within a week of launch. Beyond that, Sony will try to sell the game to people on the fence or people who previously weren't interested in the game. This will be very difficult to do given the poor review scores the game has received.

The price will drop quickly due to low sales. $20 is all I'm willing to pay for an 8-10 hour game that has glaring flaws. #6
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Every AAA release for every major console has had its trolls and detractors. The Order just happens to be the latest...thats the only difference. #3.2
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Agree wholeheartedly. The funny thing is that the same people who have been bashing critics for their negative The Order reviews will be praising the same critics when they give Bloodborne and Uncharted 4 positive reviews.

Ironic isn't it? #1.12.1
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Disagree. KZ3 and Move was an amazing experience for me. Sony's biggest mistake with Killzone this gen was letting go of Move support. It enhances the game tremendously. #10.3
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"I found Infamous, while fun, to be severely lacking in content as well."


Shadowfall's single player was mediocre as well. NOTHING compared to Killzone 2.

Also as Bigpappy mentioned, the issues with DriveClub.

Now The Order is the latest culprit.

Anyone who doesn't see a trend going on is either purposely ignoring it or isn't actually interested in PS4 exclusives to care enough abo... #1.2.5
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^I agree, that breathing article is dumb lol. #3.1.3
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Sony and RAD played a role in this as well. If they had made this game episodic, the reviews would have been much better. Btw, I'm GLAD its getting trashed. That means we're getting a BETTER product next time. Even if you thought the game was decent, wouldn't you welcome a BETTER product in the future?

I enjoyed the MP of KZ:Shadowfall, but I wish the single player got trashed more from critics since I KNOW that Guerilla Games can do BETTER. Its called tough love.... #3.1
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Most of the scores are 6.5 and below. Thats not divisive. Thats a mutual agreement that the game is slightly above average...at best.

Notice how the few higher scores it has received are from reviewers that mention the "hate" the game has been getting in their reviews.

Its as if they gave the game an underserved boost in order to make a statement to the people who have been criticizing the game for the past year. #8.2
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Glad u enjoyed it. Is there any bonus content you unlock after you beat the game? #2.1.1
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....over a videogame?

U might need to take a break from this place for a while. Ur starting to mirror ur own feelings onto others.

And before the inevitable "You're a troll, MS fanboy, Sony hater" rebuttle, I'm ready to buy this game this week if reviews confirm this is a 10-12 hour game. The only reason Im doing so is because I wholeheartedly enjoyed the GOW PSP titles. RAD gets the benef... #2.1.3
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Even if what you wrote made a lick of sense(it doesn't), shouldn't the "small part" they're giving us be priced accordingly?

Does it make sense to charge us $60 for 30% of the game and $60 again two years later for the remaining 70%? #1.1.2
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Thanks for the info William. I was considering picking this one up, but its probably better to rent it. Too many people are saying the same thing in regards to game length for it to be b.s.

I really don't think 10 hours minimum is too much to ask for in a TPS. It looks like this won't even reach that for seasoned shooter gamers(most people who are purchasing this game).

Hopefully this one sells well enough so RAD can give us a better and more substan... #1.1.2
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"The game clocks in at just above a handful of hours if you breeze through it, but could take longer depending on your skill and play-style. The Order 1886 walkthrough covers the PS4 exclusive from start to finish."

Hmmm...I was expecting somewhere in the realm of 10-12 hours. I don't think that's unreasonable. #1
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@SoapShoes- I would say anyone who wants to PLAY those games you mentioned has good taste in games. I don't see what owning them has to do with anything. For example, the last movie I've seen in theaters was the Equalizer. I enjoyed it, but I don't see the purpose of buying it. I accept it for what it was, an enjoyable experience.

I don't see the need to repeat EVERY single enjoyable experience...because there are so many NEW enjoyable experiences out there to... #1.1.6
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You mean just like every other console game that wasn't made from the ground up with the PC in mind? It hasn't been a problem for the past three decades, so why would it be a problem now? #1.3
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@Pedro-Gamers will post a ton of reviews after they've had time with the game. Ull have plenty to read. At the moment, those are the only people I trust with game reviews.

@Abash- Same here. As you know, the older we get, the busier we are. As a gamer with a busy life, I'm okay with spending $60 for an 8-12 hour experience because it fits within my lifestyle. I got GTA5 Remastered on launch week and I'm not even halfway through the story yet. #1.1.4
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