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As long as they keep pumping out quality titles and keeping their fanbase happy, if you're a gamer, who cares how long it takes them? Just enjoy the ride.

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Very smart purchase.

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Or Sony could kill two birds with one stone and make these features exclusive to Xperia phones. This would appease handheld gamers while also giving their mobile sector a much needed boost...but this makes too much sense, so it won't happen.

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Not in this case. You can't get GWG on the PS4, you can only get PS Plus on the PS4. It's pointless to compare both, especially if you're like most people and don't own both next-gen consoles.

It's like comparing Pizza Hut and Taco Bell. Yes, both offer fast food...but different types of food. You can't compare them.

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I don't think PS Plus is a ripoff at all, but it can be better in terms of giving gamers more choice in what their yearly fee goes towards. Instead of getting indies that I know I'm never going to play, I'd rather get 10-15% off new Sony releases for a limited time(first week of launch) and access to random flash sales.

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Thisgengaming, in the future when you want to criticize a service, there's no need to compare it to a competing service(some idiot in the comments section will do it for you anyways). There's a ton of things to criticize regarding PS Plus without having to bring GWG into the equation.

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I played the demo yesterday and I was considering rebuying it as well lol. Actually yeah, I'm buying it. I just HAVE to replay UC1 again with all the visual updates.

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How were you able to get an early copy of the game?

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@Outside_ofthe_Box- I said "inevitable" in the not too distant future. Nintendos success in the handheld market won't last for much longer unless they somehow adapt by pandering to the smartphone crowd. Just like Sony will have to do if they want to survive in the portable gaming space.

"I think many of the masses who are now cutting their teeth on mobile games will similarly graduate to more sophisticated games."


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"Sony should merge their mobile and handheld devices together. A Playstation phone the size of an iphone 6 plus that had access to PSN would help both divisions"

Death we've been asking for this for YEARS. It would be an excellent idea. You can already play games on the Xperia Z3, but only via remote play from what I understand. You can't save digital PSN titles in the phones memory card and play them.

For some reason, Sony has issues strik...

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I think Sony should revitalize the Vita by simply making it a 6 inch 1080p touchscreen that attaches itself to the DS4 and sell it for $99. The catch is that you would have to supply the controller and it would only play digital and remote play titles.

That would fix the controller issue that people are having while giving the mainstream an attractive price point.

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Precisely. Any way you slice it, the market has spoken. Most people prefer cheap or free shallow gaming experiences on their phone compared to paying top dollar for a premium portable gaming experience on a separate device. Period. Game over.

It doesn't matter how much BETTER gaming is on the PS Vita compared to a smartphone, 90% of people DON'T care. Hence, the inevitable demise of the Vita....and handheld gaming in general.

Doesn't matter if you...

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Same. I have some Amazon credit for that very reason.

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Sleeping Dogs was under 25 hours from what I remember....and I LOVED it. But for $60, there are open world games that offer more value. The Bloodbornes, Fallouts, Witchers, Batmans, and GTAs of the world all offer a helluva lot more than 25 hours of content AND a great story and solid gameplay.

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Open world games should be 50-60 hours minimum.

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Sony's doing a great job of promoting this.

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Yes! Sleeping Dogs and Black Flag were more fun open world games than GTAV IMO. The fun of playing GTA just isn't there anymore. Played RDR at a friend's house recently and its awesome! Would def buy a remastered version if it came out on PS4.

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$60 is still too much IMO. 30 to 40 bucks is the sweet spot.

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It has the best fighting of any AC to date from what I saw. Grapple hook looks fun to use as well.

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Felt the same way when Shenmue 2 went to Xbox. Then I just sucked it up and bought an Xbox. I suggest you do the same thing with the PS4. Shenmue is one of the few franchises I'd buy a console for.

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